Import tasks from Wunderlist

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Switching task managers is hard. That's why we created a Wunderlist importer tool so you can transfer all your tasks, projects, reminders, and notes to Todoist in just minutes. Once you start the import:

  • A new project called Wunderlist import will be created in your Todoist.
  • All your Wunderlist folders and projects will appear as sub-projects under this parent project.
  • All your Wunderlist tasks, sub-tasks, reminders, notes, and files will be imported to their corresponding projects.
  • You'll be able to re-arrange and edit all your imported projects as you would with other Todoist projects.

How to start the import

  1. Open the Wunderlist Importer on your computer.
  2. Click Start Import.
  3. Sign in to your Wunderlist account (if you haven’t already).
  4. You’ll be asked to authorize access to Wunderlist. Click Authorizeauthorize.png
  5. Todoist will start importing your tasks from Wunderlist. It should only take a few minutes at the most. import_tasks.png
  6. When the upload is complete, you will see the completion screen. success.png
  7. You’re done! Your Wunderlist tasks, folders, comments, reminders and more will now be in the Wunderlist import project in Todoist. If you have any questions about the specifics of the import, check out the FAQ below.


Q: What happens when I import my Wunderlist tasks to Todoist?

A: Once the import is complete, you’ll find a new project called Wunderlist Import in your Todoist. Your Wunderlist folders and projects will appear underneath as Todoist sub-projects. You’ll find all your Wunderlist tasks, notes, and files inside those sub-projects. Learn more about the import process, please read this help center article.

Q: How long will the import take?

A: The import takes a few minutes in most cases. If your Wunderlist account has an exceptionally large number of tasks, it may take a bit longer.

Q: What happens to my Wunderlist folders?

A: Your Wunderlist folders will transfer intuitively to become parent projects in Todoist, with all your sub-folders listed as sub-projects in Todoist.

If you have over 200 tasks in a folder in Wunderlist, the folder will be split into multiple projects when transferred over to Todoist, with a numbered naming convention like “Folder (1)”, “Folder (2)”, “Folder (3)”, etc. From there, you can easily rename these projects in Todoist to suit your needs.

Q: What happens to my Wunderlist reminders?

A: Your reminders are transferred over to Todoist just as they are. You can read more about how reminders work in Todoist here.

Q: What happens to my Wunderlist repeated/recurrent tasks?

A: While your Wunderlist repeated/recurrent tasks will transfer, their recurrence is unfortunately lost. Only the first task is imported and the task will lose their recurrence/repeated status. However, you can easily re-add the recurrence using the instructions here.

Q: What happens to my Wunderlist subtasks?

A: Sub-tasks will be carried over naturally as child tasks to the parent task. You can read about how subtasks work in Todoist here.

Q: What happens to my Wunderlist attachments?

A: Attachments will be ported over to Todoist as comments that include a link to the attachment file.

Note that the attachment files will be linked to the Wunderlist server, so it’s best to download them and re-upload them as Todoist task file attachments.

Q: Will my Wunderlist tasks still show who they are assigned to?

A: Unfortunately, the assignment information will not be carried over in the import. However, you can re-assign the tasks once you're in Todoist and have shared the project with your team.

Q: What happens to my Wunderlist shared projects?

A: When you import, your Wunderlist shared projects will be converted to single person projects in Todoist. However, you can easily re-share them in Todoist.

Q: What happens to my Wunderlist task comments?

A: Your task comments will be imported into their respective Todoist tasks.

However, if you were working on a shared project with others, all of their comments will have you as the author. All comment times will be set to the time of the import.

Q: What happens to my Wunderlist starred tasks?

A: The tasks themselves will be transferred over, but unfortunately the starred status will not be carried over in Todoist. However, you can set priority levels or add custom labels like "@important" to tasks in Todoist. You can quickly pull up all tasks with a certain priority level or label. 

Q: What happens to my Wunderlist Inbox?

A: In Todoist, these tasks will be transferred to a project called “inbox”, which will be a sub-project of your Wunderlist project. They won't automatically be transferred into your Todoist Inbox, but you can move the entire group of tasks to your Inbox easily.

Q: What happens to my completed tasks in Wunderlist?

A: Unfortunately, Todoist won't be able to import your completed tasks from Wunderlist. However, you will be able to view any future completed tasks in Todoist.

Q: The importer seems to be getting stuck in a loop. What should I do?

A: If you're having this problem, we can manually trigger the import. Please submit a support ticket to our support team and we'll help you out with it.

Q: The importer is having trouble importing all my Wunderlist projects. How can I import them all?

A: If you have more Wunderlist projects than Todoist can support for your account (see the active project limits here), you can solve it in two ways.

1. You can reduce the number of Wunderlist projects. You can do that by moving tasks between projects and deleting the empty projects in Wunderlist.

2. Another way to import all your projects would be to archive the first half your projects and run the importer on the second half. Then archive the second half, unarchive the first half and run the importer again. That way, all your projects get into Todoist. Of course, you can do this in three parts if you have even more projects