Todoist for Web Changelog

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This changelog includes details for the web, plugin and desktop versions of Todoist.  

Version 926 (2018/12/06)

  • ūüźõOn Firefox, you can once again edit a project or look at the Labels list.
  • ūüźõYou can now properly drag a task into any project on your favorites list.
  • ūüźõYou can once again add a task from the Today view using the keyboard shortcut "a".
  • ūüźõWhen you postpone a task using the scheduler, your due time will no longer be lost.

Version 925 (2018/12/03)

  • ‚≠ź¬†With the redesigned task scheduler, you can now schedule tasks more easily using shortcuts like Today, Next Week, etc. within one tap; That includes adding a new time. Thanks to everyone who took the time to provide feedback!
  • ūüźõYou'll now see the right task count beside each of your favorite projects, labels and filters.
  • ūüźõIf you keep Todoist open overnight, your view will be properly updated to reflect the new date.

Version 924 (2018/11/06)

  • ūüźõWhen using the gold theme, you couldn't log in to Todoist. That's been fixed and you can once again log into your (luxurious) task list.

Version 923 (2018/11/06)

  • ‚≠ź¬†Enjoy the updated illustrations that display in empty screens like when you complete all your tasks or open a new project.
  • ūüźõTask comments will now properly show up even if the task's original project was archived.
  • ūüźõYou can click on the "New version update" item in¬†the Chrome/Firefox extension.
  • ūüźõEmojis in comments now show up¬†properly in the Dark theme. This little one looks particularly good: ūüėé.

Version 922 (2018/11/01)

  • ūüźõNo more seeing double: You'll no longer see duplicate projects in Todoist.

Version 921 (2018/10/30)

  • ūüźõWhen updating the date of an overdue task, the new date will now save properly.
  • ūüźõA few visual updates to some user interface glitches.

Version 920 (2018/10/19)

  • ūüźõSearching for a task was displaying an error by mistake, but it's been fixed. Sorry about the temporary inconvenience: You can now search just fine.
  • ūüźõYou can now properly see task comments on Internet Explorer 11.

Version 919 (2018/10/15)

  • ūüźõ¬†When you updated a due date using natural language, it wouldn‚Äôt save properly. This has been fixed.
  • ūüźõ¬†When clicking on the project name next to a task, you'll be taken to that project with the task highlighted again.
  • ūüźõ¬†Your cursor should no longer jump around when editing a task in Microsoft Edge.¬†

Version 918 (2018/10/10)

  • ‚≠ź¬†You can now reschedule all your overdue tasks for today. To do this, simply click on¬†Reschedule overdue¬†and select¬†Move to Today.
  • ūüźõ¬†Squashed a bug which prevented some users from logging in.

Version 917 (2018/10/02)

  • ūüźõ Editing an overdue task would sometimes randomly change the date. Not anymore.

Version 916 (2018/10/02)

  • ‚öô When opening various empty views in Todoist, including Today, Next 7 Days, a project and more, you'll see updated illustrations and tips.
  • ūüźõ¬†Dark theme is a bit more polished thanks to a bunch of little fixes to icons, fonts and alignment.

Version 915 (2018/09/27) 

  • ūüźõ¬†Sometimes, a task's due time would be lost when rescheduling a task. Don't worry - your times aren't going anywhere, anymore.

Version 914 (2018/09/25) 

  • ‚≠ź¬†Dark Theme for Todoist has (finally) arrived!¬†ūüéČ The new theme revamps every color, icon, and font in the app for a completely, well, darker look. To turn it on, simply open your Settings, select Themes, and choose Dark from the options.¬†


Version 913 (2018/08/17) 

  • ūüźõ¬†There used to be a blank actions menu in the top right of your labels and filters -- it's now gone.

Version 912 (2018/08/14)

  • ‚öô You can choose to¬†Print¬†from the menu in the top right of any view in Todoist - whether that's a project, the Today view, a filter or anything else.
  • ‚öô When choosing a color for your project, you'll notice a slight change to the color picker. Also, the black project color has been changed to dark grey.¬†This is all in preparation for an exciting new feature coming soon. Stay tuned, and sorry for any inconvenience.
  • ūüźõ¬†When printing a project, you'll now print your sub-projects, too.
  • ūüźõ¬†You'll now see the correct number of tasks to the right of the¬†Today¬†title in the top left.

Version 911 (2018/07/26)

  • ūüźõ¬†You can once again properly¬†Disable Karma. Our apologies if this caused some trouble with your streaks.
  • ‚öôÔłŹÔłŹ¬†Enjoy the subtle new icons for the¬†Inbox,¬†Today¬†and¬†Next 7 Days¬†views in your navigation pane to the left.
  • ‚öôÔłŹÔłŹ If you're using Todoist Business, you'll notice a new design for the¬†Team Inbox¬†icon.

Version 910 (2018/07/11)

  • ‚≠ź¬†In your navigation pane to the left, the category headers¬†Projects,¬†Labels¬†and¬†Filters¬†will no longer disappear from view when scrolling. They'll now stick to the top of your view.


  • ‚öô You'll have an easier time searching for a comment now that your results will be organized by task and by project.
  • ūüźõ You may have experienced some sync issues when using the Mac app. That's been fixed.
  • ūüźõ When using a filter, tasks will now properly be sorted by priority.

Version 909 (2018/06/29)

  • ‚öô When label view contains tasks from several different projects, the order of the projects will now be the same as your projects list.
  • ūüźõ Todoist occasionally had trouble syncing with the server. That's been fixed and everything is running smoothly again.

Version 908 (2018/06/25)

  • ‚≠ź When viewing a project with several sub-projects, you can now choose whether you want to see¬†all¬†the projects and their tasks, or just the one parent project. Simply click on the project name in the left nav menu again to toggle between the two views.
  • ūüźõ¬†Your task count for the Today and Next 7 Days views will be properly updated right as the day changes at midnight.
  • ūüźõ¬†Projects will now stay put after you move them to a new position in your projects list.

Version 907 (2018/06/12)

  • ūüźõ¬†The task count next to Today and Next 7 Days sometimes displayed incorrect values. We did the math -- these numbers now add up.

Version 906 (2018/06/06)

  • ūüźõ¬†If you were still having trouble re-ordering tasks in some filters, a few more bugs have been fixed and it should work properly.
  • ūüźõ Deleting an archived project wouldn't actually remove the project from your list. This has been fixed.

Version 905 (2018/06/05)

  • ūüźõ¬†When using some¬†filters that include a query like "today", "next 7 days" or anything with "day" in it, tasks could not be re-ordered properly. Now they can.

Version 904 (2018/05/23)

  • ‚öô By default, filters and labels will now include all tasks regardless of who they‚Äôre assigned to. Specifically, you‚Äôll see every task that is assigned to you, assigned to other people and unassigned. This will give you a more complete overview of your personal and shared projects.
    • If you want your filters to only list tasks assigned to you, you can narrow things down with the filter query assigned to: me.
    • To see tasks assigned to you or unassigned (and ignore tasks assigned to others), you can use !assigned to: others. This is useful if you want to revert to how filters used to work.
    • Learn more about filters.
  • ‚öô¬†We‚Äôve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for greater control and transparency in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can review and accept the changes when you next open Todoist.
  • ūüźõ¬†Team members would occasionally be randomly removed from shared projects. That won't happen anymore -- your teammates are here to stay.

Version 903 (2018/05/22)

  • ūüźõ¬†People in a shared project would randomly get removed from the project, but that's been fixed up.

Version 902 (2018/05/15)

  • ‚≠ź¬†When you achieve your weekly goal, you'll now see a new congratulations message in the top right.
  • ūüźõ¬†Receiving a shared project notification using Todoist in a language other than English will now look fine.

Version 901 (2018/04/27)

  • ūüźõ You may have noticed a few missing task and project comments. They're back!

Version 900 (2018/04/24)

  • ūüźõ There was a problem when trying to view older project comments. They'll now show up just fine.

Version 899 (2018/04/17)

  • ūüźõ If you've got a lot of tasks and projects, you'll notice that things move a little faster.

Version 898 (2018/04/08)

  • ūüźõ Labels were occasionally being hidden when starting up Todoist. That's been fixed.

Version 897 (2018/04/05)

  • ūüźõYou might have experienced some slowdown when completing a task, but that‚Äôs been fixed.
  • ūüźõYour Todoist experience should be smoother now that we‚Äôve squashed a bunch of smaller bugs across the app.

Version 896 (2018/03/30)

  • ūüźõ Completing a task wasn't always working properly, but the bugs have been fixed and you can continue knocking off those tasks.

Version 895 (2018/03/15)

  • ‚≠źÔłŹ You can now add your most important projects, labels, and filters to your favorites, so they‚Äôll be close at hand whenever you need themHC_-_Favorite_a_project__small_.gif
  • ‚≠źÔłŹ Find what you‚Äôre looking for faster with our completely redesigned search. It‚Äôs now much easier to search for tasks as well as comments.
  • ‚öôÔłŹÔłŹ You‚Äôll now see the number of tasks in a filter.

Version 894 (2018/03/08)

  • ūüźõ You'll no longer see tasks assigned to other people in your Today and Next 7 Days views. Sorry about that ‚Äď you've got enough to do as it is!

Version 893

  • ūüźõ¬†The task count shown beside a project will accurately show the total number of tasks in the project and will no longer count sections.

Version 892 (2018/02/12)

  • ūüźõ¬†Some filters were not properly displaying tasks from sub-projects. That's been fixed.

Version 891 (2018/02/06)

  • ūüźõ¬†When you tried to quick add a task from the Labels¬†view, Todoist would crash.¬†That's been fixed.
  • ūüźõ¬†Your archived projects¬†will now be displayed correctly.
  • ūüźõ¬†The order of your project list was not being synced properly, but now it is.

Version 890 (2018/02/03)

  • ūüźõ There was a bug where trying to add tasks in a variety of situations, including quick add and adding by email, wouldn't work. You can now add your tasks just fine.
  • ‚öôÔłŹÔłŹ A bunch of under-the-hood performance improvements to keep Todoist running smoothly.

Version 889 (2018/02/01)

  • ūüźõ¬†You can now properly archive a project. Thanks to everyone who reported this issue!

Version 888 (2018/01/23)

  • ‚≠źÔłŹ Review your progress and stay motivated with the revamped Your Productivity view. To check your productivity¬†click your Karma score in the top right. You can now see your daily and weekly progress as well as your Karma points by switching between the three tabs.
  • ‚≠źÔłŹ You can now check your progress towards your daily task goal by glancing at the pie chart icon in the top right: It will slowly fill up as you complete tasks throughout the day.¬†


Version 887 (2018/01/04)

  • ūüźõ The filter list would crash whenever you tried to move a new filter.¬†That's been fixed.

Version 886 (2017/12/27)

  • ūüźõ You can now properly create default reminders.

Version 885 (2017/12/22)

  • ūüźõ Drag-and-drop will again work properly. Thank you to everyone who reported those issues
  • ūüźõ¬†Some filter queries that included a project name with accented letters weren't functioning properly. That's now been fixed.

Version 884 (2017/12/19)

  • ‚≠źÔłŹ¬†When you right click on a task or project, the options menu now has a more spacious, easier to read layout.
  • ‚≠źÔłŹ¬†The drag-and-drop handle to the left of your tasks has been updated to a bolder, six-dot icon.
  • ūüźõ¬†When you change your Todoist theme, the app will now always update to your new look.

Version 883 (2017/12/07)

  • ūüźõ On the chrome extension, setting a task's due date would accidentally postpone the task by a year.

Version 882 (2017/11/30)

  • ūüźõ Todoist was occasionally failing to sync, but no longer.
  • ‚öôÔłŹÔłŹ For those of you who like to hold lengthy conversations with your team, we've raised the comment limit on tasks.

Version 881 (2017/11/17)

  • ūüźõ Todoist Business users were having trouble adding or editing filters.
  • ūüźõ The Smart Date Recognition wasn't being quite smart enough and couldn't understand a few types of dates.

Version 880 (2017/11/16)

  • ūüźõ A bug was preventing you from dragging-and-dropping attachments into tasks. That's been taken care of.

Version 879 (2017/11/01)

  • ūüźõ Todoist was occasionally failing to refresh, but that's been fixed up.

Version 878 (2017/10/25)

Version 877 (2017/10/23)

  • ūüźõ The smart scheduler was occasionally failing, and that's been fixed.

Version 876 (2017/10/02)

  • ūüÜē You can now copy and paste images directly into Todoist comments.
  • ūüźõ If you use the Bear note taking app, when you paste links into Todoist comments they'll show up as "Open Bear" rather than a long unattractive URL.
  • ūüźõ Fixed a critical issue where some labels would return a empty task list

Version 875 (2017/10/02)

  • ¬†New!¬†Todoist now uses your system font as its default so your to-do list will be nicely coordinated with your system
  • ¬†New!¬†You can now delegate a group of tasks to someone else by selecting multiple tasks and choosing Assign to person from the menu that appears at the top of your Todoist.
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Older comments were occasionally disappearing when you tried to view them. Now they‚Äôre here to stay. Permanently.
  • ¬†Fixed 1288¬†Localization: In Polish, we no longer automatically recognize 2 papryki as a date.
  • ¬†Fixed 1277¬†Localization: In Polish, we added support for kaŇľdy wiecz√≥r.
  • ¬†Fixed 1266¬†Localization: In Italian, we now support sentences like ogni giorno dal 10 Maggio al 20 Maggio.
  • ¬†Fixed 640¬†Localization: In Russian, when entering times, we now support –ü–ü and –Ē–ü.

Version 874 (2017/08/03)

  • ¬†Fixed HOT¬†Fixed issues where Windows and Outlook app crashed when printing the task list

Version 873 (2017/07/27)

  • ¬†Fixed HOT¬†Fixed malfunction of recurring tasks with shorthand AM/PM syntax (i.e. 'everyday 4p')

Version 872 (2017/07/24)

  • ¬†Fixed¬†Emoji: a few emoji were not rendering properly
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Improved filter support for the Polish language
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Comments were missing from the print page in free accounts

Version 871 (2017/07/17)

  • ¬†Fixed¬†Archived project view sometimes was rendered as a blank page
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Exit Quick Comment should make cursor focus on task content box

Version 870 (2017/07/11)

  • ¬†New!¬†Added support for emoji reactions on comments
  • ¬†New!¬†Project color is not synced anymore in shared projects. This lets every member pick their own color.
  • ¬†Fixed¬†ūüá®ūüá≥ Fixed an issue with parsing śĮŹŚÄč1śúą27Ťôü
  • ¬†Fixed¬†ūüá™ūüáł Support `un mes` as a date
  • ¬†Fixed¬†ūüáęūüá∑ Support `tous les!` date format
  • ¬†Fixed¬†ūüáęūüá∑ Support `tous les 8 heures √† partir de 14:00`
  • ¬†Fixed¬†ūüáĶūüáĪ Don't parse `kilka` as a date
  • ¬†Fixed¬†ūüáĶūüáĪ Support `pojutrze` as a date
  • ¬†Fixed¬†ūüáĶūüáĪ Don't parse `opier` as a date
  • ¬†Fixed¬†ūüá©ūüá™ Support `16.07.` date format
  • ¬†Fixed¬†ūüá∑ūüáļ Fixed an issue regarding parsing a date from `–°–Ķ–≥–ĺ–ī–Ĺ—Ź –≤ 11 –≤—Ā—ā—Ä–Ķ—á–į`
  • ¬†Fixed¬†ūüáģūüáĻ `Prossima settimana` was parsed as yesterday
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Task content edit issue with "Korean 2-set" keyboard input

Version 869 (2017/06/23)

  • ¬†New!¬†More visual improvements to our new Notifications window
  • ¬†New!¬†You can now peek at a linked task's address -- simply hover your mouse over the linked task and a link address tooltip will appear.
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Task complete actions failed to respond

Version 868 (2017/06/01)

  • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed a critical issue where the app failed to receive sync update
  • ¬†Fixed¬†QuickFind did not include filters in the auto-complete suggestion list

Version 867 (2017/05/22)

  • ¬†New!¬†Beta test Todoist easily. Simply go to Settings -> Preferences -> Scroll down to Beta access. Note that our beta version might be unstable.
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Printing:¬†Removed a colored footer. Sorry about that!
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Various other smaller fixes and improvements.

Version 866 (2017/05/17)

  • ¬†New!¬†Redesigned and improved our Notifications window, now with unread status per notification.

Version 865/8807 (2017/05/15)

  • ¬†New!¬†Confirm dialogs are much more userfriendly (e.g. instead of `Ok` we use `Delete task` as the confirm button).
  • ¬†New!¬†We simplified the left menu in the plugin versions of Todoist.

Version 864 (2017/04/28)

  • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed a critical issue where the web app failed to load.
  • ¬†New!¬†A real-time, 2-way integration with Google Calendar. In the web app, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Connect.¬†Learn how it works

Version 863/8800 (2017/04/23)

  • ¬†New!¬†Updates to the Settings to make it that much easier to set up your Todoist exactly the way you want.
  • ¬†Fixed 1140¬†When someone was removed from a project, their name wasn‚Äôt showing up on past comments. These ghost commenters are now shown ūüĎĽ
  • ¬†Fixed 1134¬†We shrunk the due date field in our extensions to make adding dates via smart¬†Quick Addmore comfortable.
  • ¬†Fixed 1128¬†`biweekly` and `bimonthly` are now automatically recognized as valid recurring dates.
  • ¬†Fixed 1130¬†ūüáßūüá∑ The smart Quick Add was parsing "Outlander" as a date ūüĎÄ
  • ¬†Fixed 1119¬†Saving a parent task caused its sub-tasks to be shown in the comments view, which is of course not where they‚Äôre supposed to be. We put them back.
  • ¬†Fixed 1109¬†Project names were getting cut off in printed lists, but no longer.
  • ¬†Fixed 1079¬†ūüá©ūüá™ `jeden Morgen` is now recognized as a recurring due date so you can keep track of even the most fastidious of German morning routines.
  • ¬†Fixed 1065¬†There were some troubles recognizing typed due dates in different languages. Smart Quick Add is now fully multi-lingual again.

Version 861 (2017/04/11)

  • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed a critical issue with failure to load cached application data in Firefox/Outlook

Version 860 (2017/03/29)

  • ¬†New!¬†More optimizations on how we show the Settings window
  • ¬†Fixed 1099¬†Pasting some text with > < gets convereted into some strange symbols.
  • ¬†Fixed 1096¬†ūüáģūüáĻ dopodomani is set for the wrong day.
  • ¬†Fixed 1077¬†The who to notify checkbox on the comment view is now an easy access to notify everyone.
  • ¬†Fixed 1075¬†ūüá®ūüá≥ Support śĮŹťÄĪ
  • ¬†Fixed 1075¬†ūüá®ūüá≥ Support AM/PM format, e.g. 5śúą1śó•@5am
  • ¬†Fixed 1075¬†ūüá®ūüá≥ Support unicode colon, e.g. 5śúą1śó•16Ôľö00
  • ¬†Fixed 1070¬†ūüá≥ūüáĪ the word "afstuderen" is mistakenly parsed as a due date.
  • ¬†Fixed 998¬†Fixed a bunch of Firefox input issues (especially when using shift select using the keyboard)

Version 859 (2017/03/22)

  • ¬†Fixed HOT¬†Fixed a critical issue with labels and priority auto-completion in Firefox and Edge. Sorry about that! ūüėě

Version 857, 858 (2017/03/17)

  • ¬†Changed¬†Your authorized app integrations now have their very own tab inside your Settings where you can enable, disable, and edit them to your heart‚Äôs content.
  • ¬†Changed¬†Karma's¬†View all completed tasks¬†link now shows the activity log filtered for all completed tasks instead of using its own special page. Because consistency.
  • ¬†Changed¬†We removed hyperlink and inline code formatting from project and filter names ‚Äď it was getting rather messy. Formatting is now the same across platforms.
  • ¬†Fixed 1057¬†The print option is again available in Karma > View all completed tasks. So you can again hang your accomplishments on your fridge for the world to see!
  • ¬†Fixed 1041¬†Once in print mode, you will no longer be able to edit your tasks ‚Äď this was also getting rather messy.
  • ¬†Fixed 1038¬†The print menu will now automatically close after you‚Äôve sent your list to print.
  • ¬†Fixed 447¬†The¬†Add Website as Task¬†button in the Todoist web browser plugins will no longer break links by converting certain combinations of URL characters into entirely different ones for no apparent reason.

Version 856 (2017/03/01)

  • ¬†Fixed HOT¬†Notifications window not being displayed in some cases
  • ¬†Fixed 1047¬†ūüá≥ūüáĪ "Dagelijks" is recognized as "today" instead of "daily"
  • ¬†Fixed 1045¬†ūüáęūüáģ Support Finnish shortcuts, e.g. `23 tam` or `23 maa`
  • ¬†Fixed 1037¬†ūüáĶūüáĪ `kaŇľdego tygodnia` isn't parsed as a date
  • ¬†Fixed 1035¬†ūüáĶūüáĪ `poczta list` (and variants) is recognized as a date

Version 855 (2017/02/22)

  • ¬†New!¬†Improved label auto-completer UI
  • ¬†Fixed 1005¬†Fixed an issue with German date filter query

Version 854 (2017/02/19)

  • ¬†Fixed HOT¬†Fixed an issue with deleting reminders
  • ¬†Fixed HOT¬†Fixed an issue with the new section syntax
  • ¬†Fixed HOT¬†Fixed an issue with bad rendering of the daily views after viewing completed tasks

Version 853 (2017/02/18)

  • ¬†New!¬†We simplified the menu options and made the¬†Print option¬†more accessible. You can now find the print option in the "Actions" or "Project actions" menu
  • ¬†New!¬†To create a section you can now use `Section name:`. We still support the old `* Section name` format
  • ¬†New!¬†Quickly see a task's reminders by hovering over the reminder icon
  • ¬†New!¬†Optimization on how we show the Settings window
  • ¬†Fixed 1032¬†Support "+me" to assign a task to yourself
  • ¬†Fixed 1016¬†Issue with assigning a task if its name has + in it
  • ¬†Fixed 1010¬†Impossible to copy a project's email address or calendar feed via keyboard shortcuts

Version 852 (2017/02/03)

  • ¬†New!¬†We now compress the local storage, fixing some critical issues with big accounts
  • ¬†New!¬†Spoken date formats, e.g. `December twenty fifth`, useful in our¬†Alexa integration
  • ¬†New!¬†When you duplicate tasks we now also duplicate reminders
  • ¬†Fixed 1002¬†Until May (or any other month) sets a date as the last day of this month
  • ¬†Fixed 997¬†Settings menu (when opened) doesn't get resized when resizing a window/app
  • ¬†Fixed 994¬†Tasks added through the Gmail extension are not sorted by name
  • ¬†Fixed 992¬†ūüáĶūüáĪ Words starting with "wcz" trigger "yesterday" (wczoraj) due date
  • ¬†Fixed 990¬†Project markdown issue when rendering bold **Project names**
  • ¬†Fixed 967¬†Deleting multiple comments on the web messes up the scroll
  • ¬†Fixed 970¬†Empty attachment on task created through email (if the email has no body text)
  • ¬†Fixed 969¬†ūüáłūüá™ Word "dag" is parsed as "today" date

Version 851 (2017/01/11)

  • ¬†New!¬†We take feedback very seriosuly and after some consideration we reverted this change: The count on `Today`, `Next 7 Days` now include sub-tasks
  • ¬†Fixed 981¬†Support semicolons delimiters for CSV templates
  • ¬†Fixed 979¬†Mini calendar has issues with February and leap years (in some rare cases)
  • ¬†Fixed 978¬†Archived projects are shown as grey bars in Karma graphs
  • ¬†Fixed 958¬†Multiple dialogs with task limit reached on duplicate
  • ¬†Fixed 957¬†Conflict with asterisk and italic syntax
  • ¬†Fixed 956¬†ūüáęūüáģ "3 hei 2017" sets a task to January 3rd, instead of July 3rd
  • ¬†Fixed 953¬†ūüá∑ūüáļ Words "–ľ–į—Ä–ļ–ł", "–ľ–į—Ä–ļ—ā–ł–Ĺ–≥", "–ľ–į—Ä–ļ–Ķ—Ä" are parsed as a due date "March"
  • ¬†Fixed 953¬†ūüá∑ūüáļ "–Ņ—Ź—ā–Ĺ–ĺ–≤—č–≤–ĺ–ī–ł—ā–Ķ–Ľ—Ć" is parsed as a due date "–Ņ—Ź—ā–Ĺ–ł—Ü–į" (Friday)
  • ¬†Fixed 951¬†On updating the due date of multiple selected tasks the first task will disappear from view right away but all others - with a few seconds delay
  • ¬†Fixed 945¬†ūüáĶūüáĪ Issue with parsing "13 gr"

Version 850 (2017/01/09)

  • ¬†New!¬†We wish you a happy (and productive) new year! ūüéČ ‚úÖ
  • ¬†New!¬†Perfomance improvements and general speedups in the UI
  • ¬†Fixed¬†We now copy labels when you duplicate tasks

Version 848 (2016/12/20)

  • ¬†New!¬†Ability to duplicate a task and its sub-tasks. You requested this a lot. Enjoy! ūüéČ
  • ¬†New!¬†Accesss to the Activity log is moved from the menus and to the comments view. A small change that is paving the way for the upcoming task details view ūüėģ
  • ¬†New!¬†We made interface refreshing more snappy
  • ¬†New!¬†Better support for larger accounts (that include thousands of tasks/comments)
  • ¬†Fixed 947¬†Non-functioning "a" shortcut in Today/7 Days view
  • ¬†Fixed 940¬†HTML text shown in "Your Productivity" popup
  • ¬†Fixed 937¬†Weird Ctrl+Enter behavior when a task has children
  • ¬†Fixed 934¬†Add support for "in a week" date
  • ¬†Fixed 929¬†Agenda menu stays open when editing a task on Safari and Firefox
  • ¬†Fixed¬†When you unarchive a project, it doesn't show up in the list of regular projects
  • ¬†Fixed¬†When you archive a project and navigate to it, it becomes empty after a sec

Version 847 (2016/12/09)

  • ¬†New!¬†The count on `Today`, `Next 7 Days` now include sub-tasks (making it consistent with project counts)
  • ¬†Fixed 935¬†Multi-select broken in some cases
  • ¬†Fixed 930¬†Issue with Text Drafts and editing comments
  • ¬†Fixed 924¬†Certain changes on iOS don't get synced to the web version without manual syncing
  • ¬†Fixed 921¬†Shift + Click multiple selection not working on some filtered views
  • ¬†Fixed 920¬†Lack of error message when adding a label with the same name, if it starts with an underscore

Version 845 (2016/12/01)

  • ¬†New!¬†The auto-completer displays more data and is much smarter in more cases.
  • ¬†New!¬†Image previews are shown more nicely (we respect ratios).
  • ¬†Fixed 927¬†Not all labels are displayed in the drop-down when adding a label in a task.
  • ¬†Fixed 923¬†Project selection drop-down shows data in wrong order.
  • ¬†Fixed 922¬†Stars are too big on the choose theme dialog.

Version 843-844 (2016/11/30)

  • ¬†Fixed HOT¬†For English users dates were rendred as YYYY-MM-DD.
  • ¬†Fixed HOT¬†Fixed an issue with some icons that would not load properly.
  • ¬†Fixed HOT¬†ūüá∑ūüáļ Fixed an issue with parsing MM-DD dates, e.g. `–Ĺ–ĺ—Ź 30`

Version 842 (2016/11/29)

  • ¬†New!¬†ūüďÖ View and share any project in calendar form. Keep track of important dates and milestones for any project with anyone ‚Äď clients, teammates, family members ‚Äď with shareable calendar feeds for any Todoist project.
  • ¬†New!¬†‚úČÔłŹ We‚Äôve completely updated our Email to Todoist feature to make sure that emails and attachments appear beautifully organized in your task comments. Forwarding tasks to Todoist projects is faster and easier than ever.
  • ¬†New!¬†‚úČÔłŹ Now you can send and forward emails as task and project comments, perfect for adding new information to a task or project that already exists.
  • ¬†New!¬†Comment drafts! We'll auto save your comment as a draft, so you don't lose it accidentialy. The local copy will be kept in the local storage until you submit that comment.
  • ¬†New!¬†Ability to delete and archive tasks from the comments view.
  • ¬†New!¬†ūüĆö We reverted back night owls change (it had a lot of issues and we are back at the drawing board! ūüėĘ).
  • ¬†Fixed 917¬†Ampersand is accepted when creating a new label.
  • ¬†Fixed 916¬†ūüá©ūüá™ "jeden 26 des Monats" doesn't recur on the right dates.
  • ¬†Fixed 914¬†ūüáęūüáģ Due date issues with "2.1.2017" and "Joka 3 p√§iv√§".
  • ¬†Fixed 913¬†"Annually starting..." doesn't work if the start date is this year.
  • ¬†Fixed 912¬†Unable to select a contiguous set of tasks in the new today view.
  • ¬†Fixed 909¬†ūüáęūüáģ Due date issue with "Marras/Mar".
  • ¬†Fixed 892¬†ūüáģūüáĻ "Quintale" is recognized as Saturday.
  • ¬†Fixed 801¬†Print view doesn't update data before it's generated.

Version 841 (2016/11/21)

  • ¬†Fixed¬†Ordering issue of overdue tasks in the Today/Next 7 days view

Version 840 (2016/11/16)

  • ¬†New!¬†Introducing Smart Schedule! A more intelligent way to plan your day¬†Read more...
  • ¬†New!¬†Redesign of "Today" and "Next 7 days" views
  • ¬†New!¬†Ability to remove your current avatar
  • ¬†Fixed 902¬†Wrong info reg. Karma points loss for overdue tasks
  • ¬†Fixed 900¬†Long project names cover 3-dot menu
  • ¬†Fixed 899¬†Invalid date field entry cancels adding on daily views
  • ¬†Fixed 898¬†Handle empty lines when pasting tasks in.¬†Reference
  • ¬†Fixed 897¬†When multi selecting tasks the comments icon shouldn't popup the comment view
  • ¬†Fixed 871¬†Issue with changing a label at the front of the text when editing a task
  • ¬†Fixed 892¬†Issues with project autocompleting with projects that start with the same name
  • ¬†Fixed 891¬†When you select multiple tasks, but the window is scorlled down you could not see any labels when you use the `Add Label` feature
  • ¬†Fixed 883¬†Not possible to edit a task with two email hyperlinks
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Disable automatic jumping to the project of the newly created task when adding it via the Quick Add

Version 834 (2016/11/02)

  • ¬†Fixed¬†Filters that contain label query are not showing result correctly

Version 833 (2016/11/02)

  • ¬†New!¬†ūüĆö For Nightowls: Between 00:00 and 03:00 we'll treat `tomorrow` as the next day
  • ¬†Fixed 882¬†ūüá∑ūüáļ Russian: "–ú–į—Ä–į—Ą–ĺ–Ĺ 800" is recognized as a due date
  • ¬†Fixed 881¬†"Delete" option in the comment window sometimes appears, sometimes not
  • ¬†Fixed 878¬†Keep the images dimension proportions in the emails
  • ¬†Fixed 872¬†Remove markup code from the delete dialog
  • ¬†Fixed 870¬†ūüáęūüá∑ French: It's not possible to scroll down to the karma setting option
  • ¬†Fixed 864¬†Can't copy iCal feed URL in Safari for iOS
  • ¬†Fixed 801¬†Print view doesn't update data before it's generated

Version 832 (2016/10/25)

  • ¬†New!¬†We properly unfurl links to Todoist tasks (displaying their content instead of just an URL)
  • ¬†Fixed 869¬†[ūüáęūüáģ Finnish] October due dates are set to Jan 2017
  • ¬†Fixed 865¬†[ūüáĶūüáĪ Polish] Polish word "konkursie" is parsed as August ("sierpieŇĄ")
  • ¬†Fixed 852¬†Overlapping pop-up menus
  • ¬†Fixed 850¬†Dutch: Support "overmorgen" (day after tomorrow)
  • ¬†Fixed 847¬†Quick add it pre-filled with the selected filter even if a new list is active
  • ¬†Fixed 845¬†After changing the language, the app should refresh to update to the new language
  • ¬†Fixed 841¬†Updating the project of a task in comments view is not immediately visible
  • ¬†Fixed 837¬†Links parsed from certain tweets are broken in Todoist
  • ¬†Fixed 833¬†Moving tasks between projects breaking parent/child tasks
  • ¬†Fixed 831¬†"friends on friday" parsed as a due date ūüė≥
  • ¬†Fixed 830¬†Task is not highlighted when getting to a project view from search results
  • ¬†Fixed 826¬†Quick comment disappears when clicking on the due date field
  • ¬†Fixed 825¬†Calendar shows not the current month, but the last selected (three-dot icon)
  • ¬†Fixed 815¬†Postpone option doesn't work for "every x hours" tasks
  • ¬†Fixed 799¬†[ūüáĶūüáĪ Polish] "w kaŇľdy dzieŇĄ powszedni" (every weekday) doesn't work

Version 831 (2016/10/03)

  • ¬†Fixed 824¬†Label and filter input fields can be indented using keyboard shortcuts
  • ¬†Fixed 823¬†Setting a reminder for another user doesn't sync/work
  • ¬†Fixed 822¬†Emoji's not displaying on work computer
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Use `5+` to indicate that there's more than 5 comments

Version 830 (2016/10/03)

  • ¬†New!¬†Add or remove labels to more than one task at a time!
    ūüí° How? Select tasks via Command or Ctrl click ‚Üí More... ‚Üí Add/Remove label
  • ¬†New!¬†Todoist is now more polished (and dare we say) beautiful ūüėĽ
  • ¬†New!¬†We now show label colors when you use label auto completion. Quickly find the label you are looking for ūüéĮ
  • ¬†New!¬†A karma vacation icon is displayed when vacation mode is turned on. Enjoy your vacations in peace! ūüŹĖ
  • ¬†Fixed¬†Caching issue fixed with sometimes empty labels or filters list

Version 820 (2016/9/22)

    • ¬†New!¬†A small encouraging nudge when you hit your daily goal
    • ¬†Fixed 810¬†Project tag loses highlighting when tabbing to the due date field
    • ¬†New!¬†We've added a new postpone icon to our multi-item scheduler, which allows you to select multiple items and postpone their due date simultaneously.
    • ¬†New!¬†We now support inviting collaborators from other shared projects
    • ¬†New!¬†Ability to copy and paste a text list and add them as tasks
    • ¬†New!¬†Much improved automatic link expanding
    • ¬†Fixed 812¬†Previously the quick schedule menus disappeared from above the calendar, that is no longer the case
    • ¬†Fixed 811¬†Bug with number of tasks completed between Karma chart and #TodoistZero screen
    • ¬†Fixed 806¬†Labels with / in them have an URL decoding problem
    • ¬†Fixed 804¬†Hovering over an URL in a task with multiple URLs will highlight/underline both
    • ¬†Fixed 802¬†"Fetch older comments" removes due date from the task (visually)
    • ¬†Fixed 797¬†Temporary visual duplication of task (when collapsing tasks on the daily views)
    • ¬†Fixed 796¬†Persistent tooltip after closing modal window
    • ¬†Fixed 795¬†Tomorrow + label @evening = recognized due date
    • ¬†Fixed 792¬†Support of x-devonthink-item://252DB3D8-2DF0-4CEB-917E-1732A9867CA1 links
    • ¬†Fixed 791¬†When setting a reminder on an assigned task, it still triggers for a task creator (not assignee)
    • ¬†Fixed 786¬†Spanish: using "Todoist" with the due date creates a yearly task
    • ¬†Fixed 779¬†German: "nachziehen" interpreted as a date
    • ¬†Fixed 778¬†Project names with & incorrectly selected when typing & after #
    • ¬†Fixed 788¬†Add a task as a file pop-up shows shortly when dragging a due date field
    • ¬†Fixed 738¬†Project name doesn't update in search results after moving task to a different project

    Version 818 (2016/9/13)

    • ¬†New!¬†We redesigned the way attachments are previewed in your comments to make your comment threads easier to skim and read.
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Editing comments sometimes randomly rearranged your comment threads. Your comments will now always be in chronological order.
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Occasionally the web app, Mac app, and Chrome extension were loading with a blank page. That‚Äôs no longer the case.

    Version 817 (2016/8/30)

    • ¬†New!¬†Smarter label auto completion: We have done one more iteration on our auto completion. Thanks for the feedback!
    • ¬†New!¬†Smart scrolling when reordering projects or drag and dropping a task to a project
    • ¬†Fixed 773¬†Reminders aren't saved when added during the creation of the task in date-based views
    • ¬†Fixed 771¬†Allow label colors when printing
    • ¬†Fixed 770¬†"evening today" creates a recurring task, unlike "today evening"
    • ¬†Fixed 769¬†Add "File as Task" popup triggered wrongly on reoderings (somtimes)
    • ¬†Fixed 763¬†Mini calendar doesn't get closed when using Esc while adding a task in a date view
    • ¬†Fixed 762¬†Adding a project and date to an Inbox task works, but returns error message in German
    • ¬†Fixed 760¬†Polish "druga" in "2nd Sat in Sep" works like "czwarta" (4th)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Reminder notification fired off 1 minute before

    Version 816 (2016/7/24)

    • ¬†Fixed 758¬†"Next week" option doesn't work in the scheduler

    Version 815 (2016/7/24)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Todoist was English only due to a compiliation issue. Fixed now, sorry about that! ūüė≥

    Version 814 (2016/7/24)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Labels auto completion was case sensitive now
    • ¬†Fixed¬†When adding labels with @, the order of labels seems to be random, not the same as in the label menu
    • ¬†Fixed 757¬†Issue with the project menu when selecting one project after another
    • ¬†Fixed 756¬†Turning on karma on mobile, doesn't automatically show the karma on the web interface

    Version 813 (2016/7/23)

    • ¬†New!¬†Support for native Finnish date parsing. Thanks Patrik ūüĎŹ
    • ¬†Fixed 743¬†Label creation drop-down doesn't work with dashes in label names
    • ¬†Fixed 740¬†Comments don't wrap text
    • ¬†Fixed 717¬†Smarter label matching (e.g. `bug` will be before `mstf-bug`)
    • ¬†Fixed 702¬†Bug with assigning multiple labels (when they start with an `s`)

    Version 812 (2016/7/21)

    • ¬†Fixed 732¬†Commas in label names are accepted, but then cause issues
    • ¬†Fixed 731¬†Editing a task doesn't display the assignment

    Version 811 (2016/7/21)

    • ¬†New!¬†Feature 725¬†Add info regrading recurrence on mouse hover for recurring icon in non-project views
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Issue with icons on Windows 7. Affected our old Windows app and the Outlook plugin
    • ¬†Fixed 724¬†Russian: phrase "2016 –≥–ĺ–ī" (2016 year) sets a task to July 19, 4032 year
    • ¬†Fixed 726¬†Multi-select: priority and "more" dropdown options overlap when shown at the same time
    • ¬†Fixed 729¬†Using "evening" creates a regular task (today at 7 pm) but with the recurring icon

    Version 810 (2016/7/19)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Issues with arhived project view not showing any tasks.
    • ¬†Fixed 681¬†Issue with opening email attachment that have Excel filenames in their subject
    • ¬†Fixed 712¬†Several email addresses in a comment: some hyperlinked, some not
    • ¬†Fixed 713¬†When adding an assignment to an existing task, it doesn't stick
    • ¬†Fixed 715¬†Copy to clipboard link not working on Safari
    • ¬†Fixed 717¬†Smarter auto completion of labels and project names (for exact matches)
    • ¬†Fixed 718¬†Project link formatting wasn't correctly rendered on the comments view
    • ¬†Fixed 719¬†URLs with underscores get broken (_ changes to <em>)

    Version 809 (2016/7/15)

    • ¬†New!¬†We now export template files with proper encodings, so you can edit them in Excel!
    • ¬†New!¬†Perfomance and stability improvements!
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Issues with assigning multiple labels
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Unable to share projects or assign tasks in Microsoft Edge or Microsoft IE11

    Version 808 (2016/7/8)

    • ¬†New!¬†Mac App: Ability to add instant replies to project comment via notifications

    Version 807 (2016/7/8)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Issues on the Mac app notifications that caused the app to freeze

    Version 806 (2016/7/7)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Issues for some users adding tasks due to formatted project names. Sorry about this! ūüėě

    Version 805 (2016/7/7)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Not possible to drag and drop a task to another project

    Version 804 (2016/7/7)

    • ¬†New!¬†Auto Completetion does not require exact matches. You can now do `#Juno` to match `#Company Juno`. This works with people (`+Doe` to match `+John Doe`) and labels (`@depot` to match `@home_depot`).
    • ¬†New!¬†New Default Avatars: We added new default avatars that are more compatible with various Todoist Themes
    • ¬†Fixed 673¬†"every 6 months starting from 20 dec" now work
    • ¬†Fixed 683¬†Can't create a label if the label list is blank
    • ¬†Fixed 685¬†Delay in updating when changing a project with #
    • ¬†Fixed 688¬†Quick Add can't select Project with "&" in name
    • ¬†Fixed 692¬†Adding a task to a different project scrolls/switches the view
    • ¬†Fixed 693¬†New # project selection doesn't search in project's name and breaks when space is used
    • ¬†Fixed 694¬†UI breaks when pasting certain copied text as a project name
    • ¬†Fixed 690¬†Activity log doesn't allow access to comments
    • ¬†Fixed 697¬†When moving a parent task using the #, it moves to a different project without its sub-tasks
    • ¬†Fixed 700¬†Can't use # for sub-projects with a dash in their name

    Version 800, 801: New features! (2016/6/22)

    • ¬†New!¬†TEAM ACTIVITY LOGS make for totally transparent project management ‚Äď no need to constantly ask for status updates.
    • ¬†New!¬†PROJECT NOTES keep high-level information and files organized and easily accessible for the whole team.
    • ¬†New!¬†A MUCH SMARTER QUICK ADD ‚Äď including a smart shortcut for assigning tasks (eg, +Harry) ‚Äď makes adding and delegating tasks fast and easy.
    • ¬†New!¬†A SMARTER NOTIFICATION STREAM makes information about activity in your shared projects more beautiful, more glanceable, and much more useful.
    • ¬†New!¬†SIMPLIFIED PROJECT INVITES let you select collaborators from your contacts list, or from a list of previous collaborators, making sharing projects from your phone a breeze.
    • ¬†New!¬†AUTO-ACCEPT PROJECT INVITES from known collaborators so you can get right to work without missing a beat (possible to disable this from the settings)



    Version 802: Bug fixes

    • ¬†Fixed 669¬†Firefox: link "Move to another project" doesn't work from the comment window and time-based views
    • ¬†Fixed 667¬†New "Add task" links in "7 days" break task structures
    • ¬†Fixed 670¬†Search bar only accepts MM-DD format
    • ¬†Fixed 672¬†Search returns completed tasks when performed after loading them in a project
    • ¬†Fixed 675¬†Tasks linked to mails include parted dates in the name
    • ¬†Fixed 677¬†Issue with parsing numbers as priority levels

    Version 739 (2016/6/22)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Archive project was broken ‚ėĻÔłŹ ! If you experinced issues: no data was lost! Just logout and login to see your "lost" projects

    Version 738 (2016/6/21)

    • ¬†New!¬†You can now search in completed child tasks
    • ¬†New!¬†You can now search in tasks that are assigned to others
    • ¬†New!¬†Feature 637¬†Add "Copy to clipboard" for "Link to task"
    • ¬†Fixed 615¬†Undoing the completion of a task does not affect the "completed task" count
    • ¬†Fixed 647¬†"Undo" option can break the task order
    • ¬†Fixed 653¬†Drag & drop between projects ignores indent level
    • ¬†Fixed 660¬†When completing a parent task in Today, it disappears but the sub-tasks stay there unless refresh
    • ¬†Fixed 661¬†New "add task" links prevent moving tasks to projects when open
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Quick find no longer shows suggestions for task names
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed an issue with archiving a parent project and children (only the parent was archived)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese: Support properly 10śúą20śó•„Āč„āČ10śúą30śó•„Āĺ„ĀßśĮéśó•
    • ¬†Fixed 633¬†Polish: Don't parse STM32 and papier as dates (and many other dates that begin with stm or pap)

    Version 737 (2016/6/10)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed an issue where we could not parse due dates with time properly, e.g. `tomorrow at 2pm`
    • ¬†New!¬†Ability to specify if you want absolute or relative dates in templates

    Version 736 (2016/5/31)

    UI Update

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Removed "Add Task" option from overdue days
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Mac desktop notifications don't open a related task

    Version 735 (2016/5/30)

    UI Update

    • ¬†Improved¬†More simplified Quick Add
    • ¬†New!¬†Use #Project to add tasks to other projects (works from any add task input ūüôĆ!)
    • ¬†New!¬†Inline add tasks in the daily views

    Version 734

    UI Update

    • ¬†New!¬†Collapsable notifications
    • ¬†New!¬†Added icons to notifications
    • ¬†New!¬†New collapse/uncollapse icon

    Version 733

    • ¬†Fixed 623¬†"ev 1st friday of April" results in "3 Mar 2017"
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fix notification out of order and recurring unread icon problem

    Version 732 (2016/5/17)

    • ¬†New!¬†`every 1st workday` is parsed as every first workday in the month. Use `every 2 workdays` for the old behvior. This will work in all the other languages as well.
    • ¬†New!¬†`next week` date is a lot smarter (and uses your settings)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†When editing a parent task in Today view, its sub-tasks become invisible
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Properly set the staring date of `every other Thursday at 8pm starting 21 Apr`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Properly the starting date of `every mon, fri`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Korean: Ability to parse `Žß§ žõĒžöĒžĚľ, žąėžöĒžĚľ`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese: Properly support the `after` syntax, e.g. `śĮé!śó•`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese: Properly support the `10śúą20śó•„Āč„āČ10śúą30śó•„Āĺ„ĀßśĮéśó•`

    Version 731 (2016/4/27)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed an issue with searching for completed tasks (backend search)
    • ¬†Fixed 592¬†Emojis entered manually as a code are not displayed in projects when creating a task
    • ¬†Fixed 594¬†Recurring events skip the first day of the pattern in Google Cal
    • ¬†Fixed 599¬†Priority parsing from subject is too aggressive in the forwarded email
    • ¬†Fixed 605¬†Make "When I arrive" the default option when using location reminders

    Version 730 (2016/4/22)

    • ¬†New!¬†New Filter Engine: that fixes a ton of issues. Also includes some new queries (more about this soon!). For now please keep an eye on¬†on our filtering help page
    • ¬†New!¬†v7 Sync API: Cleanup of our sync API that should offer a faster and more reliable service
    • ¬†New!¬†Improved Unfurling: Add a link as a comment and get a beatiful visual repsentation of the resource.¬†Example

    This changes many internal things! If you spot any problems, please ping us at¬†Todoist Support. Thanks ūüôĆ

    Version 726 (2016/4/12)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†v725 crashes older versions of Mac App, Safari and Internet Explorer 9 and 10. v726 fixes this! Sorry about this! ūüėį

    Version 725 (2016/4/11)

    • ¬†New!¬†Always ensure that the indent hierarchy is correct when editing parent-child relationships
    • ¬†New!¬†Ability to print the filtered completed task view (e.g. by label or project)
    • ¬†Fixed 475¬†Removing a user from a project keeps the task from this project on their list
    • ¬†Fixed 558¬†Uploading Pages or Number files in notes saved in iCloud results to an error
    • ¬†Fixed 563¬†German: w√∂chentlich is seen as a recurring date
    • ¬†Fixed 564¬†The assignee icon is missing when printing an assigned task
    • ¬†Fixed 569¬†Russian: Don't parse –Ę—Ä–Ķ—ā–ł–Ĺ–ĺ–ł–Ĺ as a date
    • ¬†Fixed 580¬†When moving sub-tasks in Today/7 days views, they become parent tasks of other unrelated tasks

    Version 724 (2016/4/1)

    • ¬†New!¬†Shift+Left Click to select multiple tasks at once
    • ¬†New!¬†Unifed emojis for non-Mac platforms
    • ¬†New!¬†When printing tasks with notes, the comments' authors are now displayed
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed a serious issue that could result in the wrong children being completed. This seems to only have affected a few users.
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese: Support 3śúą10śó•13śôā15ŚąÜ format
    • ¬†Fixed¬†German: Support "Do 19:00" format
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Bug when deleting a comment from an uncompleted task
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Glitch after adding an audio comment, app becomes unresposive
    • ¬†Fixed¬†English: Support Sept abbrv, e.g. `every 5th Sept`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Carrey jumps to the beginning of task content after picking an assignee

    Version 723 (2016/2/26)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Support p1 etc. when forwarding emails in
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Support having `C++` as a project name
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Schedule field doesn't correctly ignore inline date entry
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Can't add relative reminders for the newly created tasks (sometimes)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†German: Support √úbermorgen
    • ¬†Fixed¬†German: Support 5.5 format
    • ¬†Fixed¬†German: Support `Um zw√∂lf uhr`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Chinese: Bug fix regarding label similar to @m1-3
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese: Support Ôľö, e.g. "15Ôľö00"
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Shortcuts stopped working: "s", "p" (in projects) and / for moving cursor to the query box
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Formatting doesn't work for email tasks from Outlook
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Clicking on a project name in Today view doesn't get you to a specific task

    Version 721 (2016/1/14)

    • ¬†New!¬†Yearly review:¬†
    • ¬†New!¬†Gold theme for Todoist 1% users:¬†
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed a formatting issues related to some links that include a @
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed critical issues in accepting an invitation for a shared project. In rare cases this could fail and produce an empty project.
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Ability to set a due date in the past via the mini calendar

    Version 720 (2016/1/5)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed an issue where the interface would not update when you postpone tasks via the multi select option (CTRL+Click)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: `—á–Ķ—Ä–Ķ–∑ –Ĺ–Ķ–ī–Ķ–Ľ—é` should mean in 1 week.
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: `–ü–ĺ–∑–≤–ĺ–Ĺ–ł—ā—Ć –≤ —Ā–Ī–Ķ—Ä 89267862345` is not being parsed as a date any more.
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Swedish: Don't parse `Torka k√∂ksbordet` as a date.
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Polish: Various bug fixes regarding detecting months and weekdays wrongly.

    Version 719 (2015/12/24)

    • ¬†New!¬†Updated and added new file icons (such as .PSD and .AI)
    • ¬†New!¬†New animation when you finish the day and reach Todoist Zero
    • ¬†New!¬†New shorcut:¬†r¬†sort by responsible
    • ¬†New!¬†New shorcut:¬†u¬†undo last action, where possible
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Critical bug fix where tasks where missing from daily views (was related to shared projects and only affected some users)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Removed the option to delete all of project's completed tasks (very expensive for our backend)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Mini-Calendar: Fixed an issue with selecting some dates in 2016
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Mini-Calendar: When picking Jan 1 from the calendar, it sets a task to Feb 1

    Version 718 (2015/12/07)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Show completed tasks and notes in archived projects
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Support again Onenote links, e.g. `onenote:`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Lots of stability improvements
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese: Support `after` syntax, e.g. `3śó•śĮé!`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†English: Don't parse `Evan Monday` (and similar) as recurring dates
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: In Chrome Extension "notify people about a comment" are off the window

    Version 717 (2015/11/25)

    • ¬†New!¬†Unread handling of notifications in shared projects should be better
    • ¬†New!¬†Notifications posted to the same task are now "collapsed":¬†Image
    • ¬†New!¬†Better handling of page breaks when printing tasks out
    • ¬†New!¬†Possible to drag and drop tasks to the Team Inbox
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Re-added support for !!1, !p1 priority setting
    • ¬†Fixed¬†When editing an existing task with a label and adding a new label with Tab, the label gets broken
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: Don't parse "—Ä–į–Ī–ĺ—á–ł–Ļ" as today
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: –ē–∂–Ķ–ľ–Ķ—Ā—Ź—á–Ĺ–ĺ and –Ķ–∂–Ķ–≥–ĺ–ī–Ĺ–ĺ are recurring dates
    • ¬†Fixed¬†French: Support `19h30m` format fully

    Version 716 (2015/11/19)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†Don't parse `p105` as p1 priority
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: Don't parse `–°–Ī–Ķ—Ä–Ī–į–Ĺ–ļ` as a date
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: Don't parse `—Ā—Ä–Ķ–ī—Ā—ā–≤–į` as a date
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: Don't parse `–ļ–ĺ–Ĺ—Ü–Ķ–Ņ—ā` as a date
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Spanish: Don't parse `cuarto` as date (and similar words)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Portuguese: Don't parse `quarto` as date (and similar words)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese: Support `śĮé!śó•`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Emoji: Accept custom skin tones
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Emoji: Issue fixed regarding page title and emojis (when they are used for projects)

    Version 715 (2015/11/17)

    • ¬†New!¬†Simplified Markdown support!¬†More info...
    • ¬†New!¬†Using OS emojis instead of Todoist's own
    • ¬†New!¬†Support for emoji shortcuts from¬†
    • ¬†New!¬†Improved the workflow of marking unread comments as read
    • ¬†New!¬†Pasting "<task>" in the quick add converts it to ">task<"
    • ¬†Fixed¬†After maximizing the app and then restoring it, the layout is broken (in some cases)

    Version 711 (2015/11/02)

    • ¬†New!¬†Ability to get a direct link to an audio attachment
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Premium Only: Open the Notes view when selecting a task from the Quick Find
    • ¬†Fixed¬†After assigning a label the focus is missed in the entry field, no space after the label
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed an issue where label editor would stop working after a few edits
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Firefox extension: in the "popout in a window" mouse scrolling doesn't work
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Complete count does not automatically increment
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Templates: Support Windows newline
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed issue with temporary missing comments when un-completing a task from history
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Using the "Undo" option on completed tasks did not remove them from the "All completed tasks" section
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Firefox: when adding a label with the @ icon, it's combined with the task name
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: Support `+100 –ī–Ĺ–Ķ–Ļ`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: "–Ķ–∂–Ķ–≥–ĺ–ī–Ĺ–ĺ", "–Ķ–∂–Ķ–Ĺ–Ķ–ī–Ķ–Ľ—Ć–Ĺ–ĺ", "–Ķ–∂–Ķ–ľ–Ķ—Ā—Ź—á–Ĺ–ĺ are all recognized as "—Ā–Ķ–≥–ĺ–ī–Ĺ—Ź" (today)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: Support win1251 encoding in comments (when posting links)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†German: Parse properly `alle 28 Tage ab 18. Okt 2015`

    Version 710 (2015/10/28)

    • ¬†New!¬†CSV based templates (Premium Only)
    • ¬†New!¬†Drag and drop a template onto a project (Premium Only)
    • ¬†New!¬†Export template as a shareable URL (Premium Only)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†MS Edge: Fixed focus issue when typing text in the due date field
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Labels are sorted the same way in the auto complete as in the left menu
    • ¬†Fixed¬†After assigning a label the focus is missed in the entry field, no space after the label
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Labels won't export/import when using CSV templates

    Version 705 (2015/10/16)

    • ¬†New!¬†Drag and drop a file into a project to add it as a task
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Searching for completed sub-tasks is now possible
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed so Ctrl+F does not trigger Quick Find in Firefox
    • ¬†Fixed¬†+ replaced with _ in project names
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Quick Add includes project name as label when opened with "Labels" tab active
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Search by keyword in notes of completed tasks doesn't work
    • ¬†Fixed¬†"Paste" option not available when right-clicking on suggested task name text
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese dates such as `2śó•śĮé` got broken and are now fixed
    • ¬†Fixed¬†A smarter `Next week` calculation that takes weeks into consideration. If you have trouble with this, please make sure that your start day is set properly (Settings : General : Start day)

    Version 704 (2015/10/12)

    • ¬†New!¬†A quick way to select `Query all tasks` in the Quick Find: Type your query and press¬†UP¬†or¬†LEFTarrow keys
    • ¬†New!¬†New welcome screen for new users
    • ¬†New!¬†New icon for Safari when Todoist is pinned
    • ¬†New!¬†Cleaned up the share project icons
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Re-added support for querying "+100 days" (or more)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed an issue completing a task from the notifications view in the Mac app
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese: Fixed an issue with text input inside the due date field
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Italian: `non` is no longer parsed as a date
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Label input jump to the beginning of a task when using the @ icon
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Cursor jumping when adding multiple spaces in succession
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Order of labels is respected when selecting and rendering them, it's not any more sorted alphabetically

    Version 703 (2015/09/30)

    • ¬†Fixed¬†In Russian, every word that starts with "–Ņ–ĺ–Ĺ" is parsed as "Monday"
    • ¬†Fixed¬†User sells car parts and can't enter engine size such as 4.4 as it becomes a date
    • ¬†Fixed¬†A user has issues with editing overdue tasks. The task was named "Monthly admin" and was overdue, when he saved the edits, it became a "Monthly" task called "admin" because the parser always re-parses everything each time you edit the task
    • ¬†Fixed¬†A writer or editor types "do that for each 2 columns" and gets a "do that for columns" task due on "each 2nd day of a month"
    • ¬†Fixed¬†A writer types "First draft of Chapter 1" and gets a task due 1 Oct called "draft of Chapter 1"
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Ability to disable inline date parsing
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Cannot tab between fields in quick add task modal
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Comment notification doesn't work if "Notify following people" is not checked even though a user's name is already checked
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Live update of Karma
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Not possible to copy the text of completed tasks in completed tasks
    • ¬†Fixed¬†If you enter a date into the "schedule" field, then this date is considered and nothing from the task name should be parsed as a due date
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Not possible to select text inside notes or completed tasks
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese: Stop parsing weekday shortcuts as dates, e.g. `ÁĀę`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese, Chinese, Korean: The date format 2015.09.17 needs to be clicked multiple times in order to be cancelled
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Chrome plugin: Fixed issue with attaching websites as notes
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Improved selection of people to notify in notes section
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Show task count in the team inbox
    • ¬†Fixed¬†When accessing print from desktop app, the print is initiated before data is refreshed
    • ¬†Fixed¬†German: Stop parsing `auf 75` as a date
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Russian: Support parsing `–ļ–į–∂–ī–ĺ–Ķ –≤–ĺ—Ā–ļ—Ä–Ķ—Ā–Ķ–Ĺ–ł–Ķ –Ĺ–į—á–ł–Ĺ–į—Ź —Ā 1 –į–≤–≥—É—Ā—ā–į –ł –∑–į–ļ–į–Ĺ—á–ł–≤–į—Ź 1 –Ĺ–ĺ—Ź–Ī—Ä—Ź`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Not possible to ignore a date that includes '
    • ¬†Fixed¬†`n√§chsten Montag` parsed incorrectly
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Not possible to unassigne a person after removing the date
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed `–ļ–į–∂–ī—č–Ļ –≤—ā–ĺ—Ä–ĺ–Ļ –ł —á–Ķ—ā–≤—Ď—Ä—ā—č–Ļ –Ņ–ĺ–Ĺ–Ķ–ī–Ķ–Ľ—Ć–Ĺ–ł–ļ –≤ 14:30`
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Task with active sub-tasks can't be deleted in Today view
    • ¬†Fixed¬†When completed tasks are filtered by project, note icon doesn't indicate notes are present
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Cursor jumping while editing tasks (with video)

    Version 702 (2015/09/19)

    • ¬†New!¬†Pressing ESC/backspace cancels the natural language highlighting
    • ¬†New!¬†Pressing on top logo goes to the start page
    • ¬†New!¬†CTRL+M opens the quick note
    • ¬†New!¬†Ability to get the traceback from the sync error screen
    • ¬†New!¬†Big performance improvements to natural language parsing
    • ¬†New!¬†New images for #TodoistZero
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Rendering fixes to the mini version (affecting mainly Gmail and Outlook)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Improvements for touch (on mobile web and Windows 10+Edge)
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Stop parsing dates like Jan as dates in all languages
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Support J√§nner in German
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Fixed a lot of date parsing issues in Russian
    • ¬†Fixed¬†For Asian language: ability to use double space
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Stop parsing international phone numbers as due dates
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Japanese: Evernote links triggers due date parsing, needs to be clicked 8 times
    • ¬†Fixed¬†‚Äútod" worked as a filter query before, now it doesn't
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Video on /gmail page doesn't work
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Parser recognizes phone numbers as dates and put them as "NaN undefined NaN NaN:NaN AM" date
    • ¬†Fixed¬†When adding a label after the date, a cursor will stay in the middle of the label name
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Calendar icon gets stuck on backspace
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Search bar includes Outlook-based ID data
    • ¬†Fixed¬†@ icon in Quick Add inserts @ then moves cursor before it
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Hitting space twice moves cursor to the beginning of the line
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Today/Tomorrow is case sensitive
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Issues with adding multiple labels
    • ¬†Fixed¬†The label icon under the due date field is not clickable
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Uppercase queries don't work in filters in v700
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Spanish: task "Zapatillas Dexter lunes" sets a due date as Dexter lunes and makes it recurring
    • ¬†Fixed¬†"h√¶ng billeder op i skur" (danish) in a todo. The lowercase i will be highlighted in red.
    • ¬†Fixed¬† is added to every task created with the Gmail plugin
    • ¬†Fixed¬†Google default avatar is ignored

    Version 700 and 701 (2015/09/16)