Todoist for Windows Changelog

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This changelog only includes details specifically for the Windows 10 app 

2.0.6101.0 (Nov 1)

  • 🆕 You can now right-click on a task to see task options like Edit task, re-schedule or Reminders
  • 🆕 Added delightful images to any empty screens, for example when looking at a project with no tasks.
  • ⚙ Your Karma level pie chart will now show you how far you have to go in the level you’re in
  • ⚙ The activity notification icons look nicer
  • ⚙ Logging out will now completely reload the app
  • ⚙ The task scheduler’s calendar will now reflect the first day of the week you chose in Settings
  • ⚙ Twist is a bit more fluent with improved translations in a few languages
  • 🐛 You can properly add a task due today even if the app was left open overnight
  • 🐛 When you start editing a task and cancel without making a change, you won’t see a confirmation popup
  • 🐛 You can properly use filters that include “every!” for durations less than a day. For instance, “every! 2 hours” will cause the next recurring task to trigger 2 hours after the task is completed
  • 🐛 If you were getting a blank activity log even though you’ve been completing tasks, it won’t happen anymore
  • 🐛 The notifications disabled message will now only be displayed at the right time
  • 🐛 A few cosmetic touches to keep the Dark theme polished and the Activities blade looking right

v2.0.6005.0 (Oct 5)

  • ⚙ You can now copy and paste any file from the file explorer directly into a task’s comment input box
  • 🐛 Dark theme got a few subtle visual flourishes
  • 🐛 You’ll be asked to confirm when you cancel adding a new comment or reminder
  • 🐛 You’ll see your project list correctly after first signing into Todoist
  • 🐛 The context menu will show up when hovering over completed tasks in your project list
  • 🐛 When a new update is installed you won’t lose your settings - Don’t worry, your theme is safe
  • 🐛 You can now reschedule overdue items to Today without a hitch
  • 🐛 When you press Escape while editing a task in the task details view, the entire blade won’t accidentally close
  • 🐛 Deleted sub-tasks disappear as they should
  • 🐛 Quick add looks nicer on mobile and narrow displays
  • 🐛 No more bugs on toast pop-up notifications
  • 🐛 Signing out, well, signs you out bug-free
  • 🐛 Free users mistakenly had the ability to export and important project templates - that’s been fixed (try Premium if you liked it)
  • 🐛 After you complete your first task, you can now properly dismiss the celebratory message - not that it isn’t a big deal to start your journey with Todoist.

v2.0.5918.0 (Sept 18)

  • 🆕 You can now search for completed tasks
  • 🆕 Have an overdue task? Use the new “reschedule to today” option
  • ⚙ The Support settings now have a button to clear your cache and perform a full sync
  • ⚙ When you cancel adding a task, you’ll be asked to confirm
  • ⚙ You can access your activity log from your avatar
  • ⚙ You can turn on/off whether to sync your theme across platforms
  • ⚙ When viewing your activity log, you’ll see an offline indicator
  • 🐛 When you switch between projects, no task will be in edit mode
  • 🐛 No more crashes using F12, Ctrl+Q or popping the comments out of a task
  • 🐛 If a project is deleted on another platform it is immediately removed from view
  • 🐛 Your completed tasks per day is reset when a new day starts
  • 🐛 The “View all” filter now displays projects in the correct order
  • 🐛 The previous commenters are properly set to be notified when a comment is added
  • 🐛 When uploading an attachment, you’ll see the preview
  • 🐛 Filters work properly in Dutch
  • 🐛 If you add a label while looking at task details, it is immediately added to the list of labels
  • 🐛 No more crashes when uncompleting an item, adding anything to the Windows Timeline or pressing ESC when comments were showing
  • 🐛 When looking at the comments panel, task edits will show up properly
  • 🐛 Random times will no longer show on tasks with no time set
  • 🐛 “1st working day” now works properly
  • 🐛 Archived projects are listed in the same order as other platforms

2.0.5607.0 - Jun 7, 2018

  • 🆕 UIs to ensure GDPR compliance
  • ⚙ Performance improvements to make the app run faster. Filtering, opening larger projects, typing out task content as well as adding multiple tasks in a row should now feel significantly faster.
  • ⚙ Polishes the new scheduler both in terms of visuals as well as minor behavior changes and bug fixes
  • ⚙ Adds local logging files to help us fix issues when users report them
  • ⚙ Enables In-App-Purchase of Todoist Premium subscription
  • 🐛 Fixes a bug where the user theme would not be correctly applied after login
  • 🐛 Fixes filtering behavior for filters containing a priority as well as a due date
  • 🐛 Live tile now shows the correct number of tasks due today
  • 🐛 Adding new projects from natural parsing suggestions now works
  • 🐛 Other minor fixes
  • 🐛 Fixes user-reported crashes
  • 🐛 Fixes freezes that could occur after using the app for a while
  • 🐛 Fixes incorrect behavior when inputting dates using scheduler’s date field


V2.0.5516 - May 22 2018

  • 🆕 Revamped synchronization – A much more robust synchronization to keep your data safe and consistent
  • 🆕 Favorites – Pin projects, labels and filters to your navigation panel
  • 🆕 A simpler, more intuitive task scheduler
  • 🆕 New Todoist Karma visualizations to help you stay motivated
  • ⚙ New local logging to help us quickly pinpoint and fix issues if you encounter any
  • 🐛 A boatload of small fixes to make the app more stable

V1.3.5111 (Jan 17 2018)

  • ⭐️ Year in Review banner can be displayed to users
  • 🐛 Fixes a crash if you try and change any settings when offline
  • 🐛 Syncs non-uploaded attachments when syncing
  • 🐛 Fixes a crash for Danish users
  • 🐛 Fixes blurry Todoist Zero images
  • 🐛 Fixes a startup crash caused by a 3rd party component
  • ⚙ Improvements to activity log

V1.2.6031 (Oct 31 2017)

  • ⭐️ Revamped settings – new settings options to bring parity with other platforms, beautiful design and more logical setting categories
  • ⭐️ New first run experience
  • ⭐️ Adds support for adding and removing labels during multiselect
  • ⚙ Re-adds support for changing theme in real time
  • 🐛 Bug fixes for filter query parsing and date parsing
  • 🐛 Fixes an issue for users with multiple devices where some devices would not be automatically synced
  • 🐛⚙ Lots of crash fixes, bug fixes and minor UI polish

V1.2.18 - May 8 2017

  • 🐛Fixes the Google login issue

V1.2.17 - April 25 2017

  • 🐛Fixes a bug where reminders added to a task would always use the due date of the task they relate to
  • 🐛Fixes several issues related to editing task due using the inline editor
  • 🐛Fixes several issues related to date parsing
  • 🐛Brings filtering up to date with other platforms
  • 🐛Minor UI polish.

V1.2.15 (production, March 23)

  • Fixes a crash that occurs when the user resizes the window while an inline task edit is happening.• Fixes AI scheduling.

V1.2.14 (production, March 16)

  • Fixes issues related to collapsing and moving nested structures in the project view.
  • Support for syncing “collapsed” status of tasks.
  • Better UI for project drag&drop.
  • Tuned font sizes and spacing in inline add UI.
  • Crash fixes that can occur on certain devices that don’t support network profile detection.

V1.2.6 (production, February 15)

  • Completely revamped task editing experience. Create and edit tasks without leaving the task list. The intelligent parsing has a substantially improved performance, so typing in task’s text field should feel much more fluent.
  • Redesigned scheduler. The scheduling UI is now simpler, more mouse-friendly and contains a calendar for quickly picking a date.
  • Much improved filtering. Filtering should now be more consistent with other platforms. The filtering screen now refreshes more reliably, does not reset the scrolling position and doesn’t flicker while it’s doing the filtering.
  • Improved sync status reporting. A dedicated screen where you can see the current status of syncing. If you have issues with syncing, the app now contains a dedicated tool that can help ypi resolve syncing issues quickly and send information about the issue to help us fix it permanently.
  • As always, more minor bug fixes and user experience polish.

V1.2.7 (production, February 16)

  • Fixes a bug for we’ve had for a while where if you opened the app after a few days, some task would not disappear from Today or Next 7 Days. You had to restart the app to get rid of them. This bug also affected the project list, where projects you’ve deleted on other platforms while the app was closed could in some cases no immediately disappear from the project list after syncing.
  • Fixes a bug where non-premium users could add labels from the task editor. This would subsequently cause syncing issues.• Updates task editor icons with a new look.
  • A few other minor under the hood fixes.

V1.2.11 (production, February 24)

  • Fixes notifications (new notifications were not showing up). You will possibly see all notifications as unread the first time you open the new version of the app.
  • Updates design of the left pane, makes sure everything is aligned properly
  • Moves logout button to settings
  • More reliable automatic sync recovery when the device disconnects and reconnects to a network
  • Fixes a crash that could occur when the user very quickly resized the projects list
  • Minor UI polish

V1.1.90 (production January 11) – 1.1.80 up to 1.1.88 rollup

  • Improved project creation experience – invite people to your projects without any extra steps.
  • (based on feedback) Ability to reorder filters and labels.
  • (based on feedback) Ctrl + Click to initiate multi-select.
  • Support for archived projects (premium).
  • Support for project import / export.
  • (based on feedback) Adds “postpone” option to task rescheduling.
  • Improved sync reliability.
  • Improves reliability of reordering and re-indenting of projects.
  • Integrates with feedback hub.
  • Tons of fixes and minor UI improvements.

V1.1.95 (production, January 26) – 1.1.91 up to 1.1.94 rollup

  • Redesigns project options
  • Support for Facebook Login
  • Bug fixes