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Todoist's limits for tasks, projects, files and more

Available for:

Subscription plans

  • Beginner: A free plan that enables you to use most of Todoist’s features, but in a limited capacity. As a free user, you can only create one free team.
  • Pro: An account specific plan that enables you to use Pro features in your personal projects. As a Pro subscriber, you can only create one free team.
  • Business: A team-specific plan that gives your team access to more advanced Business features. Any user can have as many paid team workspaces as they need.
Any Todoist user who joins or upgrades a team to Business will automatically get free access to Pro features across all their personal projects.

Personal project limits

Your personal project limits are determined by whether you’re a Beginner (free) user or a Pro (paid) user. Remember: If you’re part of any team that’s subscribed to the Business plan, you’ll automatically gain access to Pro features across all your personal projects for free.

Project limits

Number of Beginner Pro
Active personal projects


Projects joined (includes both personal and team projects)

up to 500

up to 500

Users per project 5 5
Active tasks per project 300 300

Additional limits

Number of Beginner Pro

Activity history

1 week Unlimited


3 150

File size for comment attachments

5 MB 100 MB

File size for email attachments

5 MB 25 MB

Team limits

Beginner and Pro users can only create one free team. If you upgrade your team to the Business plan, you'll get:

  • Additional features and increased limits (listed in the overview below).
  • Pro features for all team members across all their personal projects.
  • One additional free team.

Additional features

Features Free Business
Task reminders Not included Included (maximum 700 reminders)
Task duration Not included Included
Themes Not included Included
Auto backups Not included Included
Permission settings Not included Included
Security controls Not included Included

Increased team limits

Features Free Business
Active projects in a team workspace

up to 500

Team members



People per team project



Guests per team project

5 1000


3 150 per member

File size for comment attachments

5 MB 100 MB

File size for email attachments

5 MB 25 MB

General limits

Some limits apply to all Todoist accounts (whether free or paid): 

Feature and size limits

Feature Maximum limit

Sections per project

Labels 500
Attachments Unlimited
File size of avatar 4MB

Character limits

Feature Maximum character limit
Task name 500
Task description 16384
Section name 2048
Project name 120
Filter name 60
Filter query 512
Label name 60
Task comment 15000


If your question isn't listed below, it may be listed in our Teams FAQ.

How much does each plan cost?

You can view our pricing page here!

Why have you set a project limit of 500 projects?

When you log into Todoist, your app should automatically do a full sync. A full sync means that our servers check your whole account (including projects, tasks, filters, labels, etc) for updates. The more items you have in your account, the longer a full sync will take, and the higher the risk of a sync issue occurring. We have therefore set the limit of 500 projects in order to make sure that Todoist can sync quickly and successfully.

That being said, we are hoping to soon make some behind-the-scenes improvements, which would make it possible for us to increase project limits. Please stay tuned!

I have created a free team, but I have also been invited to another team. Will I need to upgrade my free team to a paid plan in order to accept the other team invite?

No. Although you can only create one free team at a time, you can join as many teams as you want.

Do archived tasks, sections, and projects count towards these limits?

No, the limits only apply to active tasks, sections and projects.

I have hit a limit. Would you be able to increase this limit for me?

No, we are not able to increase limits for individual accounts.