Text Formatting

Available for:

Make your task stand out in bold, spice up your project names with emojis 🎉 , or change the hyperlinked text in your comments.

Hypertext, bold text, italic text, and emojis are all supported in task names, project names, and comments. Emojis are also supported in label names 👏

Todoist uses the CommonMark specification across all platforms.

Formatting options

In task names, project names, and comments we support:

  • Bold: **bold** or __bold__



  • Italic: *italic* or _italic_



  • Bold & italic: ***bold & italic*** or ___bold & italic___



In comments we also support:

  • Inline code: `insert code here`



  • Code block: ```insert code here```


Emoji-fy your Todoist


In task names, project names, task comments, and label names we support all the standard emojis you’ve come to know and ❤️.

Emoji Master Tip #1: Copy and paste an emoji directly from a site like getemoji.

Emoji Master Tip #2: Use the little-known-but-highly-useful emoji shortcuts for macOS and Windows to add any emoji to the Todoist web, macOS, and Windows apps fast 💨


Q: How can I add a link that includes a parenthesis, like http://www.test.com/types_of_apples(fruit)?

A: You have to encode the parenthesis in the URL using percent encoding. For this link, "(" should be replaced with "%28" and ")" should be replaced with "%29". So the URL to use in Todoist would be:


This tool makes it easy to convert your URL.