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Text formatting

Available for:

Make your task stand out in bold, spice up your project names with emojis 🎉 or change the hyperlinked text in your comments.


Todoist uses the CommonMark specification across all platforms.

Formatting options

In task names and comments Todoist supports:

  • Bold: **This text will be bold** or __This text will be bold__
  • Italic: *This text will be italic* or _This text will be italic_
  • Bold & italic: ***This text will be bold & italic*** or ___This text will be bold & italic___

In comments Todoist also supports:

  • Inline code: `Code` becomes code
  • Code block: ```code block``` becomes code block
Add emoji to task names, project names, task comments, label names, and filter names. Todoist supports all the standard emoji you’ve come to know and ❤️ Learn more.


Can I format project names, label names, and filter names as well?

No, hypertext, bold text, and italic text are all only supported in task names and comments.

How can I add a link that includes a parenthesis, like http://www.test.com/types_of_apples(fruit)?

You have to encode the parenthesis in the URL using percent-encoding. For this link, "(" should be replaced with "%28" and ")" should be replaced with "%29". So the URL to use in Todoist would be: http://www.test.com/types_of_apples%28fruit%29