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Todoist Business helps teams stay organized and accountable without all the usual bureaucracy. It’s the simple yet powerful task management you’ve come to expect from Todoist, adapted for team collaboration. And with apps for all the devices your team already uses.

Some things your team can do with Todoist Business:

  • Assign tasks and set due dates so everyone knows who’s responsible for what.
  • Share files, discuss details, and keep all the relevant information organized in one place.
  • Get a clear overview of what’s happening in each project – what’s already happened and what’s coming up next.

And a whole lot more.

Curious about how Todoist Business can help your team stay organized and accountable? Learn more about Todoist Business, or sign up for a free 30-day trial to try it out with your team.


What’s the difference between Todoist Pro and Todoist Business?

Todoist Business includes all of the features of Todoist Pro – like reminders, comments, file uploads, and more – in addition to a few handy capabilities for team users and admins:

  • Add and manage users from one central place.
  • Manage payments and invoices in one central place.
  • Remove users from shared projects (for example, when an employee leaves the company).
  • Set project sharing permissions (for example, only make it possible to share projects with others who are part of the same account).
  • Easily share projects with others inside the account using names instead of typing each teammate’s email (each user has access to their team’s contact list).

I’m already a Pro user. How do I switch to Business?

You can change your account status from Pro to Business anytime without losing any of your data or having to pay again for upgraded accounts. Just go to https://todoist.com/business and start the trial.

Our system will automatically check if you or any invited accounts are Pro and will convert the value of the remaining Pro time into an account balance for your Business team. This balance will then be used to partially or completely cover your first Business invoice.