How can I use Todoist with TimeCamp?

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What is TimeCamp?

TimeCamp is an automatic time-tracking software that tracks website and application usage, users' productivity, projects and helps understand how the time is spent.

What does the integration do?

TimeCamp lets you log hours for your Todoist tasks by automatically synchronizing them with your projects list in TimeCamp. You can then count up the time spent on each task from Todoist in TimeCamp's timesheets, desktop or mobile applications.

How to connect Todoist with TimeCamp?

  1. Log into your TimeCamp account, go to the Settings, navigate to the Add-ons tab.
  2. Find Todoist in the list of available add-ons and click the Enable button.
  3. Click the Enable the integration button. You'll be asked to grant TimeCamp authorization to access data from your account. To continue, proceed with authorization.

How to use the integration?

  1. Open the Timesheet tab.
  2. Type the task and click the Start tracking button.