How can I use Todoist with Google Now?

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Todoist with Google Now is currently only available in English.

What is Google Now?

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant that includes Now cards, voice search and commands.

What does the integration do?

Google Now allows you to dictate Todoist tasks into your mobile device without opening the Todoist app.

How to connect Todoist with Google Now?

No further actions needed. Todoist is connected with Google Now completely automatically.

How to use the integration?

Open Google Now (or just say “OK Google” in Android 5.0+) and say "Note to self" or "Take a note" followed by your task information, with something like “Buy bread tomorrow”. When the speech recognition is complete, just choose Todoist from the list of apps that appears. (Note: you will only have to choose Todoist the first time). A “Buy bread” task will be created automatically in your Todoist inbox with a due date of tomorrow.

Google Now + Todoist