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Filter for tasks by label

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When you want to see tasks with a given label or set of labels, you can search for them by typing the label into the search bar at the top of your Todoist. For example, "@email".


You can also open the label list and click or tap on any label to pull up a list of all the associated tasks.

Here are some other handy search queries to use with labels:

Query What it does
@email Shows all tasks with the label @email
@home* Shows all tasks with any label that starts with "home". For example, @homework and @home
@email & @waiting Shows all tasks that are labeled both @email and @waiting
@email, @waiting Shows all tasks that are labeled @email or @waiting
(today | overdue) & @email Shows all tasks that are either due today or overdue with the label @email
7 days & @waiting Shows all tasks due in the next 7 days with the label @waiting
no labels Shows all tasks that don't have any labels
You can save your favorite searches as filters for easy access later.