How can I use Todoist with Google Maps & Apple Maps?

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What are Google Maps & Apple Maps?

Google Maps and Apple Maps are mapping apps.

What do the integrations do?

Todoist’s location-based reminders are available on Android and iOS and are integrated with Google Maps and Apple Maps, respectively. Thanks to these integrations, you can set task alerts to trigger when you’re arriving or leaving a certain place by selecting locations in either Google Maps or Apple Maps. Todoist saves the addresses of your last 10 locations, so that you can easily select the ones you use most frequently.

How to connect Todoist with Google Maps & Apple Maps?

Location-based reminders can be managed from any platform (including Gmail or Outlook), but they will only trigger a notification on-the-go when using Todoist on a GPS-enabled iOS or Android device. To activate location-based reminders on iOS, tap Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn on Location Services and Reminders. On Android, everything is setup automatically.

How to use the integrations?

Learn how to use location-based reminders with Google Maps on Android or Apple Maps on iOS.


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