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How to earn/lose Karma

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You earn Karma when:

  • You add tasks.
  • You complete tasks on time.
  • You use advanced features such as labels, recurring due dates, and reminders.
  • You reach self-set goals regarding the number of tasks you want to complete either daily or weekly.
  • You achieve ongoing "streaks" by attaining your goals for several days/weeks in a row.
  • Karma points are added throughout the day.
  • There's a maximum amount of points that can be added to your account in a given update, based on your actions.
  • The higher the Karma level you have, the smaller amount of points will be given.

You lose Karma when:

  • You have tasks that are 4 or more days overdue.

You can change your Karma settings to customize your daily and weekly task goals, choose which days of the week won't count towards those goals (like weekends), and turn on vacation mode so that your streaks don't break while you're away.