Release Notes - Android Beta

Available for:

11-beta3 (Oct 25)

  • New: Share to Quick Add
  • New: App shortcuts (Nougat only)
  • Fixed: Multiple Quick Add improvements
  • Fixed: App widget overflow menu

11-beta2 (Oct 22)

  • New: Round app icon on Google Pixel (Nougat only)
  • Fixed: Crash on login screen

11-beta (Oct 21)

  • New: Quick Add everywhere
  • New: "Add task" Quick settings tile (Nougat only)
  • New: Quick reply in notifications (Nougat only)
  • New: Multi-window support (Nougat only)
  • New: Keyboard shortcuts (Nougat only)
  • New: In-apps search
  • New: Snackbar when user reaches the daily goal
  • New: Task info in comments
  • Fixed: Updating profile picture
  • Fixed: Accessing pending local attachments
  • Fixed: "Next week" date to respect user setting

10-beta2 (Jun 25)

  • New: Added automatic link parsing in tasks and projects
  • Fixed: Bug fixes and stability improvements

10-beta (Jun 21)

  • New: Activity Log
  • New: Project Comments
  • New: Collapsing of similar notifications
  • New: Greatly improved task menu with additional options
  • New: Much simplified workflow in date / time picker
  • New: Scheduler option to remove dates
  • New: Improved Android N multi-window support
  • New: Improved workflow with comments in archived projects
  • New: New drag & drop to make it much more smooth and reliable
  • New: Added hint when managing projects / labels / filters
  • Fixed: Multiple bug fixes and performance improvements