How can I use Todoist with Amazon Echo?

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We are currently experiencing sync issues with Amazon Echo. Items added via Alexa may not appear in Todoist.

To solve this, we've decided to create a new version of the integration. To test it, please follow the instructions in this article.

Manage your Todoist tasks on any Amazon Echo device hands-free with a little help from Alexa. With voice commands, you can ask Alexa to add new tasks to your Todoist, update your shopping list, or read out your tasks that are due today.

Some things you can ask Alexa to do:

  •  “Alexa, add buy coffee to my shopping list”.

The task “buy coffee” will be added to the Alexa Shopping List project in Todoist. The due date will be set to today by default.

  • “Alexa, add pick up the kids tomorrow at 6 pm to my to-do list”.

“Pick up the kids” will be added to your Todoist Inbox with the date and time "tomorrow at 6 pm".

  •  “Alexa, what's on my to-do list today?”

Alexa will read out your tasks for today.

  • “Alexa, add pay the rent every first of the month to my to-do list.”

A recurring task called “pay the rent” will be added to your Todoist Inbox, due on the first of every month.

How to connect Todoist and Alexa:

To connect Todoist to Alexa, enable the Todoist Alexa Skill in one of two ways:

  1. Simply ask Alexa to “Enable Todoist skill”.
  2. You can also enable it directly from by following the instructions on the help page.

Learn more about how to enable Alexa Skills.

How to disable/disconnect the Alexa integration:

To disable the integration, you can:

  1. Ask Alexa to “Disable Todoist”.
  2. Manage your skills and remove Todoist manually by following the instructions on the Amazon help page.

How the integration works:

  • Every morning, your Todoist tasks that are due today are added to your Alexa to-do list.
  • Every new task on your Alexa to-do list is also added to your Todoist Inbox with today’s due date.
  • All the tasks in your Alexa’s Shopping List are added to Todoist’s Alexa Shopping List project and vice versa.
  • Any tasks you edit, complete, or delete in Todoist will be automatically updated on your Alexa to-do list and vice versa.
  • If an Alexa shopping list is shared with another user, Alexa will not sync the shopping list to your Alexa Shopping List project in Todoist.


Q: What languages are supported for Alexa?

A: At this time, Alexa is only supported in English.

Q: Can I complete tasks using Alexa?

A: Unfortunately, it’s not possible to ask Alexa to complete tasks for the time being.