Search for tasks assigned to a certain person

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Get a clear overview of all the tasks assigned to someone you're collaborating with. Just click or tap on the search icon at the top of your Todoist and use the search query `assigned to: person's full name`.

For example, the search `assigned to: Galina Jones` will return all tasks assigned to Galina Jones. Here are some other search queries you might find helpful when collaborating with others:

If you find yourself running the same search often, you can save it as a custom filter for easy access later.


What it does

assigned to: others

Shows all tasks that have been assigned to others

assigned by: Steven Gray

Shows all tasks assigned by Steven Gray

assigned by: me

Shows all tasks that you have assigned to others


Shows all tasks that have been assigned to anyone (yourself and others)


Shows all tasks that have not been assigned to anyone


Shows all tasks in shared projects

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