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How to best use labels

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Create a label

Labels let you group tasks together in ways that make sense for your workflow. For example, sometimes you only want to see the tasks you have to work on at night, other times you may want to only look at tasks you can do at home.

Let’s say you wanted to keep track of nighttime tasks. Create a label called “Night” by typing @Night into the task field when adding a new task. You’ll see the option to create a new label in the drop-down menu.

If you'd like to use labels with other collaborators, you can create shared labels.

Add labels to your tasks

Using the example from above, for every task that you have to do at night, add the label @Night by typing it into the task name.

You can also add a label to an already existing task, by opening the task's task view and tapping the Label chip if you're using Todoist on your phone, or by clicking Labels in the right-hand side if you're on your computer.

View all labelled tasks

You can find a full list of your labels by accessing the Filters & Labels view (this will be located right under your Upcoming view) in the navigation pane. Once you've opened this view, scroll down to Labels. Select any label you want to get a full list of all tasks with that assigned label.

Different ways of using labels

There are endless ways to use labels. Here are a few examples to inspire you:

How long will your tasks take to complete?

  • @5min
  • @30min
  • @60min
You can add these labels to every task in the project to make it easier to estimate the total project completion time. Labels_30min.png


When do you want to work on this task?

  • @day
  • @afternoon
  • @night
  • @waiting (if you’re waiting for something to happen before you can start)

What type of work are you doing?

  • @email
  • @writing
  • @design
  • @dev

How much progress have you made with this task?

  • @25_percent
  • @50_percent
  • @75_percent

Is this a home project, a personal project or a work project?

  • @home
  • @personal
  • @work

Where do you want to work on this task?

  • @office
  • @house
  • @gym
If you add a space in your label's name, the space will automatically be replaced by an underscore. For example, if you try to create a label with the name Work Emails, your label will instead be called Work_Emails

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