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How to best use filters

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When there’s a filter you find yourself checking often, add it to your Favorites.

As your Todoist gets filled up with tasks, it gets harder to find what you need. That’s where filters come in handy.

Filters let you create custom views for your tasks based on their name, due date, project, label, priority, date created and more. It’s a completely customizable way to find the most relevant tasks at any given moment.

For example, to see every task in Todoist without a due date, click on the No due date filter available under Filters in your Filters & Labels view.

Get the hang of using filters by trying out a few of the defaults in your navigation pane under Filters:

  • The No due date filter displays every task in Todoist without a due date.
  • The Priority 1 filter shows you every task in Todoist with priority 1.
  • The View all filter shows you every single task in Todoist in one long list.

Now create your own filters to see the tasks that are important to you. Here are a few suggestions to start:

Filter name Filter query Filter description
Unscheduled work tasks #Work & no due date View every unscheduled task in your #Work project.
Important tasks in the next 2 weeks (P1 | P2) & 14 days See every high priority task in the next two weeks.
Older than a month Created before: -30 days You want to make sure old tasks don’t slip through the cracks. To do that, use a filter that looks at tasks that were created before 30 days ago.
Saturday night Saturday & @night You can use labels in filters, too. So if you use labels like @night to keep track of tasks you work on at night, check out if you’re free on Saturday night with this filter.
Assigned to me #project & assigned to: me If you’re working with a team on a shared project, you’ll find that you’re assigned to some tasks. A quick way to see every task you’re assigned to in a project is a project and assignment filter.

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