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How to collaborate with others

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Some projects are too big to tackle alone. Share your projects with others so you can work on completing them together.

Start by tidying up the project you want to share. Teamwork depends on clear communication. So before you invite your teammates to your Todoist project, make sure it’s well-named and well-organized so people aren’t overwhelmed when they show up.

Organize your Todoist project using the quick and easy guide to completing a project in Todoist.

Share your project with your teammates. With everything in place, you’re ready to invite your teammates to collaborate on your project.


When a teammate accepts the invitation, they’ll see everything in the project: the tasks, the due dates, the priorities, the comments and more.

Assign them their first task. Make sure your teammates are clear about what they’re working on by assigning them tasks. They’ll get a notification about the task and can get to it when they’re ready.

To make sure your teammates complete their task on time, give the task a due date and the task will show up in their Today view when the due date arrives.

Discuss tasks together using comments. Whenever you or a team member want to bounce ideas off of one and another or discuss a task’s details, simply add a comment to the task.


With comments, anyone can ask questions, discuss the task at hand and also attach any supporting documentationwhether those are photos, PDFs, videos or the like.

Build a weekly rhythm. To make sure things are progressing well, check on your shared projects every week. There are a few things to look out for:

  • Make sure every task has been properly assigned.
  • Make sure every task has a due date.
  • Complete any tasks that have been finished but not marked as complete yet.

Once everything is assigned, dated and prioritized, you’ll have no trouble checking the progress of your project and making sure everything stays on track.

Never forget to check on your shared projects by adding a recurring weekly task called “Review shared projects”.

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