How can I use Todoist with Outlook?

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Easily turn an Outlook email into a new Todoist task or comment with the Todoist for Outlook add-in.

First, a quick note from Doist's Head of Windows, Jan Kratochvíl:

"Thanks for using the Todoist for Outlook add-in. Unfortunately, we don't plan to develop this add-in any further. Instead, we hope to bring you a new, better way of supporting Outlook in the future. We can't commit to any deadlines at this point, however, so we appreciate your patience."

Here’s how the add-in works:

Adding an email as a task


  1. From Outlook, select the email you want to turn into a task.
  2. In the Home tab, click on Create Task under the Todoist icon in the top right.
  3. A new task will be loaded into Todoist on the right. The task will consist of the email title and a link to the email as the content.
  4. You can fill out any additional details about the task including labels, priorities, dates or assignments by using the quick add options.
  5. Click Add Task.

Attaching an email to a comment

  1. From Outlook, select the email you want to attach to a comment.
  2. In the Todoist add-in, go to the comments of the task you’d like to attach the email to.
  3. Click the + button to attach the email to your comment.
  4. You can write any additional notes in the comments field.
  5. Click Add Comment.
After you install the plugin, you can use Todoist from directly within Outlook by clicking Todoist in the top right. You'll have full access to Todoist so you can add, complete, view your tasks and more, all without having to open a new window.


Q: What are the requirements for running the add-in?

A: Todoist for Outlook will only work in Outlook 2007 or higher and only supports 32-bit Outlook.

Q: The add-in is appearing outside or on the wrong side of Outlook. How can I fix this?

A: This can be fixed by turning on the Optimize for compatibility setting in Outlook:

Go to File → Options → General → User Interface options → select Optimize for compatibility → click OK → restart Outlook.

Q: I'm having trouble adding Todoist for Outlook. What should I do?

A: Here are a few tips that might help you get Todoist for Outlook up and running:

  • Clear your add-in cache in C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Todoist\Outlook\ (default folder). You can simply delete all the contents of this folder as it will be just recreated once you log in again.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Todoist for Outlook add-in.
  • If the add-in causes Outlook to crash, disable other add-ins to identify if a conflict is causing the problem.

Q: I’m getting a white, empty panel where the add-in should be. What can I do to fix it?

A: Here are a few things you can try:

  • Try changing your proxy settings if the default Windows proxy settings don’t apply - incorrect proxy settings prevent the add-in from loading.
  • Check with IT for any firewall/VPN restrictions that would block todoist.* or cloudfront.* – however, if Todoist works in the web, this shouldn’t be the case.
  • Check if you’re in an Active Directory environment and running Group Policy. If so, you would need to set the following files to Unrestricted: adxregistrator.exe and Todoist.Helper.exe.
  • As a test, disable any anti-malware software that's running and see if that allows the add-in to load.
  • Disable all other add-ins to identify if this problem is caused by a conflict with other add-ins.
  • Try installing an older version of the add-in.

Q: When I click an Outlook-based task on Todoist for web or mobile, it won’t go anywhere. Why is nothing happening?

A: Outlook-based email tasks can only be accessed from within the Outlook add-in, not anywhere else.

If you want to access the content of your emails on all platforms, try forwarding emails instead. 

Q: Sometimes I’ll click an email link but it won’t access properly, or the add-in searches forever.

A: If you’ve moved the linked email out of the folder which it was in when creating the task, then the link has become invalid and you won’t be able to use it anymore. If this is the case, you can create a new task from the email’s new location (and you may also want to delete the old task with the broken link).

Q: Why can’t I uninstall the Todoist for Outlook add-in?

A: This could be caused by programs running in the background, here are a few ways to fix this:

  • Close Outlook and check the Task Manager to ensure that all instances of Todoist processes are ended. Next, try to uninstall the add-in.
  • Restart your computer into safe mode and then uninstall the add-in from the Windows Control Panel.
  • Try installing the add-in again and then attempt to uninstall it from the Windows Control Panel.