How can I use Todoist with Pleexy?

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What is Pleexy?

Pleexy is an automation tool that turns Todoist into your central hub for all the services you use around the web, from email, note-taking, collaboration, tracking services and more.

What does the Todoist with Pleexy integration do?

With Pleexy, you can connect Todoist to apps like Evernote, Gmail, and Trello to turn your emails and notes into Todoist tasks.

How do I connect Todoist with Pleexy?

  1. Visit

  2. Click on Todoist.

  3. Authorize your Todoist account to grant Pleexy access to your Todoist data.

  4. Select the app you’d like to connect to Todoist from the list, and then follow the steps to set up the connection through Pleexy.


How do I use Todoist with Pleexy?

Here are some of the things you can set up with Pleexy:

Create a connection between Todoist and Gmail

  • Pleexy will search for Starred emails in Inbox and will create tasks for them in your Todoist Inbox view.

  • Set task's priority according to the priority of the email.

  • Add the body of the email to the task in Todoist.

Create a connection between Todoist and Trello

  • Pleexy will take Trello cards assigned to you from all boards and all lists and create tasks in your Todoist Inbox project.

  • Take Trello checklists and turn them into Todoist sub-tasks.

Create a connection between Todoist and Evernote

  • Pleexy will take to-dos from your Evernote notebooks and turn them into Todoist tasks in your selected project.

  • Group all to-dos from one note as sub-tasks under one parent task in Todoist.