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Set up notification channels on Android

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Choose the way you receive different types of notifications from Todoist on your Android device. You can choose between a sound, a vibration, or neither when you get a reminder. Here’s how you can customize your notification channels:

Notification channels are only supported on Android Oreo 8.0 and above.
    1. Open the Todoist app on your Android device.
    2. Drag the bottom app bar up your screen. This will open the menu.
    3. Tap the settings icon
    4. Tap Notifications.
    5. Tap Go to primary settings to go to your Android notification channels page.
    6. Here you can toggle on the notifications that you'd like to receive on your device:
      • Stay on task settings for the morning and evening task overview.
      • File upload is a notification that appears while a file is uploading to a comment. It disappears after the file is successfully uploaded.
      • Sharing is all the notifications from shared projects, like comments, task assignments and more.
      • Onboarding assistant for the onboarding tips. 
      • Reminders are all the notifications you get from Todoist reminders.
      • Test notifications for sending test notifications when troubleshooting this feature
      • Allow notification dot for the Todoist icon. 
      • Additional settings in the app.
    7. Simply tap any notification type to set whether you’ll receive sound, vibration, a visual display or several other options. For more detail on the various notification options, read the "How we can set things up" section of this article at Androidcentral.com.