Learn more about new task priority colors and task checkboxes on iOS/Android

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In the first quarter of 2019, we made two significant updates to Todoist: new task priority colors and task checkboxes on iOS/Android. If you're looking for more information about the changes, you're in the right place.

🎨 New Task Priority Colors

Your task priorities are now easier to distinguish thanks to a new color scheme:

  • P1 - Red
  • P2 - Orange
  • P3 - Blue
  • P4 - No color


Learn more about assigning priorities to your tasks.

Q: Why have the task priority colors changed?

A: The prior yellow was too similar to the orange, making it difficult for users with color blindness and other visual challenges to distinguish between P3 and P2 tasks. That’s why we’ve changed P3 to blue rather than yellow.

Q: Didn't you change the task priority colors before? Why are you changing it again?

A: Yes. In fact, when Todoist first launched, P3 was originally blue. When we changed P3 to yellow for aesthetic reasons, we didn’t properly gauge the impact it would have on people with color blindness and other visual impairments. We’re constantly improving the Todoist apps, but sometimes we make the wrong call. That’s why we’re reversing the change and going back to the original blue.

Our team is working toward making Todoist as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. Have an idea for how we could do better? Reach out to our support team with your suggestions!

✅ Checkboxes on iOS and Android

Task checkboxes are now available across all platforms including iOS and Android. With the new checkboxes, you can now complete your to-dos with a tap rather than a swipe.


Q: Can I still swipe to complete my tasks on Todoist for iOS and Android?

A: Absolutely! While the default behavior for swiping right is now to select tasks, you can customize this. To change what happens when you swipe over a task, go to Settings → General and choose the desired action.