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Customization for any Workflow

All-new themes, oodles of sorting options, and the new sound of getting things done.

The makers behind your to-do list have been hard at work to turn the delight dial up to full blast. Whether you get your kicks from switching the color of your theme every day*, reordering your tasks in a click, or pretending it’s finally 2021 with new goal templates — we’ve got you covered.


*On Wednesdays we wear pink.


Pick the palette of your productivity

There are now more ways to personalize the look of your app. Match your outfit, workflow, or mood thanks to three new Premium themes. Look pretty in pink, feel like blue royalty, or guess the mystery color you have to earn to use.

Want to share your guess? Head to Twitter — you could make 2021 your most productive year yet by winning a full year of Premium.

Gain perspective with new sorting and grouping options

You can look at a task list from many angles. Need an alphabetical list to keep track of everyone in a Zoom class? Got it. What about a project-by-project look at the day ahead? Yep. A view of the top priority tasks broken out by assignee in your work project? That too.

Here’s even more inspiration (and a how-to).

Amp up the satisfaction of checking things off with (optional) sound

Completing tasks is even more satisfying now that your click is accompanied by a cheerful *bloop*. Try it yourself by heading to Settings then General.

Unfortunately there's no sound of procrastination. Unless there's a whooshing sound when I move all my tasks to the next day.

— Mathias (@CrazyDriverSwed) November 3, 2020

Find tasks, projects, views, and old searches so much faster

Most people move to a digital to-do list because paper lists make it way too easy to lose tasks. (Where did that deep cleaning list go?) The same problem shouldn’t be happening in Todoist! That’s why search needed an upgrade. When you next use search, you’ll see recently visited projects, views, and searches — along with far more scannable results.


Hey Google?

Todoist for Google Assistant 2.0 has arrived! Which means it’s way easier to be productive while holding groceries, walking the dog, eating a dripping ice cream cone, and more. When you want to use Todoist with your voice, just say, “Let me talk to Todoist.”

If you can say it, you can probably Todoist it via Google Assistant now that there are so many options to add, access, and complete tasks. To learn more, head to our in-depth article.


Unfinished business stays that way with uncompletable tasks

Maybe you want to make sure you don’t accidentally complete parent tasks chock full of sub-tasks. Or perhaps you have an essential document to share at the top of a group project (like Hype-up coworking playlist). Whatever your reason, just add * and a space before your task name to create an uncompletable task.

Already using them? Make sure that you are using an asterisk (*) and not a colon (:) — the colon was used mistakenly far too often, so it’s no longer supported.

Rename headers in one click

It’s zippier than ever to edit the name of lists on your desktop. Simply click the name of any project, label, or filter and make a change. We’re thinking it’s perfect for that Epic 2020 Vacay Plans project. 😅

A Few More Things

An integrations glow up: An updated integrations catalog makes it nicer than ever to connect your list with all the apps in your workflow. 

Set your intentions: Now that we’re right around the bend from a new year (we won’t miss 2020, will we?), it’s time to think about the future. We make it easy with brand new, better than ever Todoist goals templates. Start a side hustle, organize your finances, cook more from home, and more...

A boatload of bug squishes: We counted 245! We should be called exterminators at this rate. Take a deep dive into our changelogs.

Here’s hoping that more themes, more sorting, and more searching makes the last few weeks of 2020 a little bit easier. And the year ahead better than the last.

- December 2020

New in Todoist: Get Sorted

Keep your tasks in perfect order with new sorting options


There’s more than one way to look at your task list. Whether you need to see your important to-dos first or sort your task list alphabetically, Todoist has you covered with powerful new sorting and grouping options.

You can now easily rearrange your task list based on the due date, priority, label, and many other options. For example, you can now see a calendar-like view of your project:


Here’s how it works:

  • On the web, press the new sort icon in the top right, and select Sort by date.
  • On iOS/Android, tap the three dots icon in the top right, and tap Sort > By due date.


To learn more about sorting options including a handful of useful examples, check out our the sorting options launch blog post . If you want to learn how to use the feature in depth, you can head over to the How to sort page on the help center, or watch the video below.

- November 2020

Introducing Todoist Boards

A more visual way to move your projects forward


Introducing Boards, a more visual way to organize your Todoist projects.

From weekly meal plans to five-year business strategies, this new layout makes it easy to see the big picture of your projects and make progress from start to finish.

Boards flip the traditional to-do list on its head by visualizing tasks as cards that can be dragged across customizable sections.


Open any project in Todoist, press the three dots icon in the top right, and select View as board. You’ll be able to rearrange your sections, create new ones, and drag your tasks to anywhere on your board.

🏃‍♀️ Kickstart your next project with Boards templates to help you write a book, manage social media, develop an app, and more.

Get some more tips, tutorials and examples on the Boards launch blog post or dive into all the details on the Boards help center page.

We hope Boards gives you a new perspective on how to achieve your goals, both big and small.

- September 2020

Sizzling Summer 2020 Edition

Redesigned task editor, shortcuts for sections, unreads in one place, and so much more

The latest Todoist updates are making staying organized 11.2% easier and 3.5% more fun* — whether you want to move tasks to a section via a shortcut or check all of your unread notifications at a glance.

See every detail with the redesigned Quick Add and task editor for the web


It’s now easier than ever to get a quick overview of what you need to know about a task as you’re adding or editing it. The spacious new layout in Quick Add and the task editor clearly shows the due date and assignee — plus they’re both completely keyboard accessible, so you can swiftly tab through, add, and edit every task’s details.

Quickly add a task to any section with a forward slash


Sections help group tasks together, break up gigantic projects into parts, and give you an easy-to-scan view of everything that needs to be done. And they just got more powerful: You can now type “/” into a new task to quickly add it to any section of any project. The forward slash works when you edit a task name, too!

Not ready for a yearly commitment to add filters, reminders, labels, comments, and more into your life? Todoist Premium is now available for just $4/month — no yearly subscription required.

Keep track of all your unread notifications in one place


Feel confident that nothing has slipped through the cracks, at work or in your shared family project. The new Unread tab makes it easy to find just the comments, assigned tasks, and updates that you haven’t seen yet. You can still switch over to the Notifications tab to see all of your notifications — read or unread — in chronological order.

Smartly schedule tasks with later this week and this weekend options


Since life happens on the weekends too, we’ve made scheduling or postponing a task in one click a little easier with brand-new scheduler shortcuts: this weekend or next weekend. Between Monday and Wednesday, you’ll also see a new shortcut to schedule a task for later this week.

Don’t want to open the scheduler? You can type these shortcuts directly into the task field too. Todoist will automatically highlight the due date and add it when you save the task.

Save time with (even more) iOS shortcuts for Siri


More Siri Shortcuts mean more on-the-go organization and prioritization. You can now ask Siri to open any project, label, filter, or view. Gearing up for a busy day? Have Siri read off what’s on your list for today at work. Want to decompress in the evening? Ask Siri to open your guilty pleasures reading list as you cozy up the couch. Customize your commands to fit your workflow and routines.

Simplify task editing with new context menus for iOS (plus mouse and trackpad options!)


Tapping is good, but long-pressing can be faster. On iOS and iPadOS 13+ simply touch and hold any task to open a handy context menu where you can schedule, prioritize, duplicate, delete, and more. A similar context menu will pop up when you long-press projects, labels, and filters too.

Using your iPad with a mouse or trackpad? Right-click instead of tapping to pull up the context menus.

Add Google Drive files to tasks on Android


Task and project comments let you add important details right where you need them most. Now that Android has caught up to the rest of the Todoist platforms, you can attach any Google Drive file to any comment for you (or your teammates) to easily reference later. Simply tap the paperclip icon in a task or project’s comments and select Google Drive.

Cultivate collaboration by using Zoho Cliq with Todoist


Zoho Cliq helps streamline your team communication through organized and searchable conversations, instant virtual meetings, and connections with the tools you already use (like Todoist!). Stay on top of shared work by connecting Zoho Cliq and Todoist to easily view all of your tasks and projects, find the files you need in tasks, and add and check things off your list.

Curious about using Zoho Cliq for team communication? They’re even offering Todoist users a deal to try it out — sign up with this link and get an automatic $100 credit.

What’s next?


Boards are just around the corner. Can’t wait any longer? Take a test drive yourself right now. Sign up for our beta program and help shape the feature with your feedback.

P.S. To keep up-to-date about all things related to Todoist, subscribe to our blog, Ambition & Balance. We offer up in-depth guides, productivity profiles, and product tips.

- August 2020


Get Todoist Premium for just $4/month

Power up with reminders, labels, comments, filters, and more 🚀

If you're using these uncertain times to double down and pursue bigger goals, we’re here to help. Todoist Premium is now available for just $4/month — no yearly subscription required.

Boost your productivity and stay calmer with Reminders to keep track of everything, Labels to group tasks easily, Comments and uploads to add important info, and Filters to see custom views.


You’ll also get pre-built templates, colorful themes, automatic backups, personalized productivity trends, calendar sync, and much more.

It’s possible to achieve your goals while keeping your peace of mind — and Todoist Premium can help.

- July 2020

Plan Ahead with Upcoming View

Stay on top of all your tasks due today, this week — or any week


Feel in control of your schedule with new Upcoming View: a bird’s eye look at all your future tasks. You can now easily preview your upcoming workload and jump to any date in seconds. Save time when adding or rescheduling a task, too, by simply dragging and dropping tasks to their new date.


To get started, find Upcoming under Today in your navigation menu, or learn more about Upcoming View on the help center.

💻 Plus: A spacious new layout for big screens

In case you missed it, Todoist for Web and Desktop recently released an edge-to-edge layout that works seamlessly with Upcoming View. It gives you more visual space to work with and lets you completely hide the left navigation menu when it’s time to focus. To learn more, catch up with all the latest Todoist for Web design changes on our help center.

-April 2020


The Completely Redesigned Android Widget — Now with Compact Mode

Plus: Custom widget themes, preset styles, and adjustable opacity

See a few tasks in Today view in Android widget

Introducing a completely redesigned widget for Android that gives you full control of your tasks while also including a flexible look and an efficient new compact mode.

👆 Manage your tasks with a tap: Add and complete tasks right from the widget. Edit a task by simply tapping it — you’ll open task view and can update the details there.

See any task list: Tap the drop-down in the top left to select any view like Today or a specific project, filter, or label.

📱 See more with compact mode: Have a lot on your plate? With the new compact mode, you’ll be able to see even more tasks at once.

Themes and transparency: Give your widget a custom look by choosing a theme from Todoist red to Sunflower yellow and more. Coordinate with your wallpaper by changing the opacity from fully opaque to fully transparent.

To set up your widget in seconds, long press an empty space on your home screen, select Widgets, then drag and drop the Todoist task view widget wherever you want it.

👉 Set up your widget in seconds with this step-by-step guide in our Help Center.

Bonus: For a super coordinated style, our designer Alex Muench has created some beautiful Android wallpapers that go perfectly with the widget .

- March 2020

Time-saving iOS workflows, a new Gmail add-on and more ✨

See what we’ve been working on since Foundations


After the pedal-to-the-floor launch of Todoist Foundations, our product teams have been hard at work on a handful of smaller Todoist updates. Here’s what’s new:

🚀 Build time-saving workflows with updated iOS 13 Shortcuts


With updated iOS Shortcuts for Todoist, you can save time on repetitive actions. For example, you could create a shortcut called “Add a work task” that automatically moves a new task to your Work project and sets the due date to Monday. (Perfect for keeping your mind in weekend mode 🌞)

⚫ Let Todoist go dark along with your iOS and Android Dark Mode


We’re happy to report that you no longer have to be unexpectedly blinded by your task lists. Whenever Dark Mode is activated on your iOS or Android device, Todoist will automatically switch to Dark theme, too.

📅 Manage your time better by syncing multiple Google Calendars to Todoist


Syncing Todoist with Google Calendar is one of our most popular integrations, and you can now sync multiple Todoist projects to multiple Calendars. You’ll have fine tuned control over which tasks you want to see in Google Calendar, and any updates on either side will be reflected in both apps.

📧 Add emails as tasks from Gmail – on the web and from the mobile app


With the new Todoist for Gmail add-on, you can now add tasks from Gmail on any web browser (not just Chrome!) and from the Gmail app on any mobile device. When looking at an email, simply press the Todoist icon to the right on the web or at the bottom of the Gmail app on mobile.

🗣️ Stay more organized with the revamped Todoist Alexa integration


It’s easier than ever to use Todoist hands-free with our redesigned Todoist for Alexa integration. Simply say “Alexa, add a task” and Alexa will prompt you to add all the details. Check out a few more examples above.

✅ See your progress more easily by viewing completed tasks in Task View


To make it easier to keep track of your sub-tasks, you’ll now see completed sub-tasks in Task View by default. So whenever you complete a task from Task View, the completed task will remain visible instead of disappearing.

📆 See your Todoist tasks in your Fantastical calendar


When you’ve got a lot of scheduling to manage, Fantastical brings all your calendars together in one place (on Mac or iOS). And now you can see your Todoist tasks in Fantastical too.

These updates are just the start: We’re currently working on more features and new workflows to help you save time, stay organized, and accomplish more. To keep up-to-date with everything Todoist, subscribe to our blog, Ambition & Balance.

- February 2020

Say hello to Todoist Foundations 🎉

A faster, more intuitive, more reliable way to get things done.


Over the last two years, the Todoist team has been meticulously rebuilding Todoist’s foundation to help you get things done in a faster, more intuitive, and more reliable way. And it’s finally time to share this new chapter with you:

Say hello to Todoist Foundations. 🎉

Todoist Foundations is an inside and out update that introduces useful new features and adds polish to the ones you already use every day. Dive into the details below. 👇

💪 Divide and conquer your projects with Sections

When you’re planning out a project, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks. To make life easier, split your project into Sections and take your tasks on in parts.


Split a project into sections so you can take it on in parts.

Add a Section from the three dots menu in the top right of any project, then add tasks by dragging them in or adding them manually.

GIF_HAB_Add_Section_2x.gifAdd a Section in seconds and drag in a task.

Try using Sections to arrange your project by type of task (Copy, Research, Design), stage of the project (Research, Planning, Launch), or by timeline (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3).

Learn more about Sections…

💡 Manage every detail in one place with Task View

The secret to getting things done is to pay attention to the details. The good news is you can now manage everything from one place with the new Task view.

Task_View_Comments_2x.jpgTask View lets you manage due dates, projects, sub-tasks and more in one spot.

Simply tap the task on mobile or click the information icon when you hover over a task on desktop.

GIF_Task_View_2x.gifSee the task info you’re looking for in seconds.

Learn more about Task View…

🔨 Break down your tasks with the Sub-tasks View

Sometimes a task is so intimidating you don’t even know where to start. Make those first steps easier by breaking it down with the new Sub-tasks View within Task View.

GIF_Task_View_Add_Sub-task_2x.gifUse the Sub-tasks View to break tasks down quickly.

You’ll now have a dedicated space where you can add, complete, or rearrange your sub-tasks, so you can keep track of and check off each step along the way.

Learn more about how to use Sub-tasks…

➕ Add tasks more intuitively with the redesigned Quick Add (on iOS & Android)

Adding a new task from your phone is more intuitive (not to mention better looking) with the redesigned Quick Add. Keep track of your new task’s details with helpful buttons that display the due date, project and assignee.


Quick add a task with easy access to all the info you need.

Plus, for those tasks that you’ll probably forget like picking up the groceries after a busy day of work, you can now add reminders right from Quick Add.

Learn more about how to use Quick Add...

👇 Add a task wherever you need it with the Dynamic Add button (on iOS and Android)

It’s always been a breeze to add a task from mobile - but it wasn’t as easy to add the task or sub-task right where you wanted it in the middle of a project list. Now it’s as simple as drag-and-drop, thanks to the new Dynamic Add button on iOS and Android.

GIF_FAB_Add_Tasks_2x.gifAdd a task wherever you need it by dragging the add button.

Simply press and hold the Add button (the big plus sign button), and drag it to the spot where you want to add your new task or sub-task. You can even add a new Section by dragging to the far left of any project.

GIF_FAB_Add_Sections_2x.gifAdd a Section by dragging the add button to the left of the screen.

Learn more about the Dynamic Add button…

✅ See your completed tasks in context

You can now see completed tasks right inside your project. Simply open up a project, select “Show completed tasks” from the three dots menu in the top right, and you’ll see checked-off tasks below where they were completed.


You can now see your completed tasks below where they were checked off.

You’ll now be able to reference and uncomplete tasks in seconds rather than minutes.

🎨 New icons everywhere you look

You’ll notice new icons with a more colorful palette throughout the app, designed to aid navigation and create a more friendly experience.


Todoist’s new icons offer a cleaner, color-coordinated look and help with navigation.

🚀 Faster and more reliable on every device

You won’t be able to see some of the biggest changes in Todoist Foundations, but you’ll be able to feel them. People that have been using the beta for weeks noted that Todoist is noticeably snappier and more stable. Thanks to a major clean up of technical debt (accumulated from ten years of development), Foundations is the best performing Todoist ever, no matter what device you’re using.

And we’re just getting started: These under-the-hood changes lay the groundwork for powerful new features coming next -- including Boards and Upcoming View. 🚀 We appreciate your patience as we finalize our roadmap and make sure to get these just right.

☝ And in case you missed it...

We’ve been building Todoist Foundations brick by brick for the past few years; Here are some handy features you may have missed along the way:

  • 🌙 Dark theme: Ease your eyes with this new theme, perfect for the night.
  • 🧡 Favorites: Keep your most important projects, labels or filters close at hand.
  • 🎯 Templates: Kickstart your next project using templates for all sorts of projects.
  • 🔎 Improved search: It’s now easier to find tasks, comments and more.
  • Due date time zones: You can keep your task scheduled correctly across the globe.
  • ✏ Guide illustrations: You’ll spot beautiful illustrations with helpful tips in all the blank screens in Todoist.

There’s a lot more to Todoist Foundations, and the best way to see it is to dive in yourself. And if you want to read some more details about the release, jump over to our announcement on the blog:


Say hello to Todoist Foundations 🎉 A faster, more intuitive, more reliable way to get things done.

- October 2019