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Read all about the latest Todoist updates and bug squishes here every two weeks. While we update Todoist apps at superspeed, we take a little longer on our extensive release notes.

Fine Tuning: June 16


Nothing much to see here. Just the regular aligning and refining you’ve come to expect. Your Todoist is now running smoother and looking even more polished in many oh-so-subtle ways.


Have you ever thought of becoming a Todoist Experimentalist? 🧬


⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Small design tweaks to make Todoist easier on the eyes.
  • Breadcrumbs stay clickable on completed tasks, making it possible to navigate back to parent tasks or projects.
  • When inviting multiple collaborators to a project, you can now add them at once by inserting a comma between each name or email address. 👯

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • You can once again type !!1, !!2, !!3, or !!4 to set your task priority, and it will save as expected.
  • You can now also type your priorities in as P1, P2, P3, or P4 in either uppercase or lowercase, and Todoist will understand.
  • A few small bugs that popped up when typing in due dates across multiple languages have now been squished.
  • If you spotted some odd color choices in Todoist lately, we were just testing you. All is now looking as it should. 🎨

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • A few of you encountered weird login issues, but that was quickly fixed.
  • Tapping on a task that had been indented a few times was making some apps crash. No one needs that, so the bug has been squashed.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Reminders are working once again for rescheduled tasks on Android Wear. Phew! ⏰

🔢 Versions

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2178; iOS 22.6.4; Android v9878; Android Wear w9837; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.7

Introducing New Task View: May 24 ✨


Smarter, bigger, faster, longer… Not how the song goes exactly, but precisely what you’ll find with the launch of the all-new task view! 🥳 If you value hyper-speed task navigation, beautiful design, and accessibility as a core function, you’re in for a treat.

The Todoist team has taken years of feedback and spent months perfecting every pixel to bring this task view to life. A special shout-out also goes to the Experimentalist community, whose road testing has been fundamental to developing this feature.

In fact, there are so many updates to obsess over that there is an entire blog post published to walk you through it. So settle in, and let Alex show you all the details.

Read the blog (English)

If you dream a little dream of being part of the Doist team (and are better at writing accidental rhymes than that rubbish)... We’re hiring!

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Small visual improvements to keep Todoist looking polished.
  • On iOS, you can now end those repeat tasks quicker by long pressing your task until the menu pops up, then selecting ‘Complete Forever’. A quick reminder that you can also do this on all devices from the three dots icon on your task. Oh, the satisfaction! 😌
  • Typing !! on web will now bring up the priority dropdown, just like all other platforms.
  • You can now strikethrough text on Android Wear by putting ~~ on either side of the word you’d like to strikethrough.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • If you moved a task from Upcoming/Today view to another project, then removed the due date, you may have experienced a crash. It’s a niche bug, but niche or not, it’s fixed.
  • When you react to comments with an emoji, your view will now stay put instead of an unsolicited scroll to the top.
  • When editing a task due date, if your scheduler went a little wonky, that won’t happen anymore.

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Dragging a subtask outside of the "Task Details" into a board no longer crashes the app. Phew!

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • On Android Wear, if a task has a scheduled time, that time will now show under the task. Handy to have this, especially on your watch, no?

🔢 Versions

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2083; iOS 22.5.9; Android v9730; Android Wear w9689; Windows 1.0.8; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

Little Flourishes and Keeping Bugs at Bay: May 11


Once in a while, it’s nice to switch focus from battling bugs and working on new features (🤫) to add a little flourish or two.

In Upcoming view on your desktop or browser, when you hover over a date in the future, you’ll see a tooltip showcasing the number of tasks due that day. You’ll also see a bar showcasing the colors of the projects you’re working on. Consider it your rainbow of future productivity! 🌈

There are also some exciting updates on Todoist Experimentalists! To learn more about that magic, visit the dedicated Experimentalists Features page. 🧙

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Sorting tasks just got quicker! You can now drag tasks into both your Inbox and your favorited projects.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Adding a project as a board view will stay as a board view. No more switching to list view nonsense.
  • Quick Add crashing when adding a new section to a new project is a thing of the past!
  • Todoist will once again recognize “no date” and “no due date” to mean exactly what they say.
  • Safari got lonely for a minute. When typing @, you’ll now see a list of your collaborators rather than an empty box.
  • If you tried opening comments on an archived project and hit a blank page, that won’t happen anymore.
  • You can discard your settings changes with reckless abandon again. Todoist won’t freeze in fear. Promise.
  • You can select the three dots icon on a completed task once again. No errors will show. Hopefully.

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • If you decided to move a task, your Inbox had done a disappearing act. You’ll now see Inbox appear again on the list of places to move it.
  • When using VoiceOver, your number of tasks in Inbox and Today View is now accurate.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Crashes on Android 7, widget functions, and reminders settings have been fixed. Crashes are annoying for all (Todoist developers included), so everyone can be happy they’re gone.
  • When you changed your avatar image, it’s probably because you wanted to change your avatar image, not have it stay the same. So that’s working as expected now.

🔢 Versions

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 2023; iOS 22.4.9; Android v9632; Android Wear w9591; Windows 1.0.7; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

Garden Friendly Bug Squashing: Apr 13


While it’s fun to share about fancy new features, sometimes, like hedges, trees and lawns, it’s all about the maintenance. And while there has been a ton of bug squashing going on at Todoist, please don’t apply that same logic to your horticulture. Let that ecosystem thrive. 🌸🐝🐞
Read on if you want the details of all of the (non-living) bugs exterminated.

You’ll find some exciting updates on Todoist Experimentalists! To learn more about that alchemy, visit the dedicated Experimentalists Features page. ⚗️

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Syncing tasks between web and mobile got glitchy. That’s not what you need while adding tasks on the go. It’s fixed now, so you can get back to seamlessly managing your to-do’s.

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • You can now use Tab on an iPad keyboard exactly how you’d use it on MacOS to jump from task title to description.
  • If you experienced a crash when you created a filter query that referred to a project, that’s fixed now. So you can filter away until your heart is content. 😌

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • When you tried to rename a project, you couldn’t see the update right away. That’s now back to updating at lighting speed. ⚡
  • You can once again move a task to another section within your projects without a hitch.

🔢 Versions

Latest versions at the time of publishing: Web 1988; iOS 22.3.19; Android v9460; Android Wear w9419; Windows 1.0.7; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

Spring Clean Your Todoist: Mar 30


Deleting tasks is an integral part of managing a healthy to-do list, and it’s now easier than ever with Todoist’s new swipe to delete action on mobile.

Whether some tasks are outdated, unlikely to be completed, or just don’t serve you anymore, the relief and clarity you can feel from deleting those redundant tasks are second to none. 😌 Of course, capturing tasks as soon as they pop into your head is a great thing, but reviewing your Todoist and keeping everything ship-shape and actionable is where the magic happens. ✨

You have complete control over your mobile swipe actions and can choose to either swipe left or right to select, complete, schedule or now… delete! Just go to Settings > General > Swipe Actions to set your preference.


There have been lots of updates for Todoist Experimentalists too. To keep on top of that magic, visit the dedicated Experimentalists Features page. 🧪


⚙️ Plus improvements

  • You can now start capturing tasks right away in board view, rather than having to add a section first. Smarter, better, faster task adding.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • You can once again duplicate any project from the project three dots icon.
  • In board view, completed tasks without a section did a disappearing act! Those are back now, so you can see completed tasks whether they’re in a section or not.
  • The copy link shortcut (⇧⌘, or ⇧Ctrl,) is back to working as expected.
  • Keyboard navigation just got smoother, with the focus remaining on a task once it’s been indented.
  • It’s now quicker to add tasks to an empty label screen with the addition of a new + Add task button.

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Emoji reactions to comments went a little awry, but they are back to working just as you’d expect.
  • When using Voice Control, you’ll now find it easier to complete a task with checkbox number tags in place.
  • If you were one of the few that experienced an app crash when adding tasks after sorting, don’t worry! That’s fixed now.
  • When you drag and drop a task to a label, this once again assigns the label to your task.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • You can drag and drop tasks to different sections, even when sorting is enabled.
  • Subtle fixes across the board to make Todoist faster, bug-free, and easier on the eyes.

🔢 Versions

Latest versions at the time of publishing:
Web 1977; iOS 22.3.8; Android v9378; Android Wear w9337; Windows 1.0.7; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

Experiment in progress: Mar 9


Todoist Experimentalists are currently testing out a new task view. Lately, there have been quantum leaps in bringing this updated task view to life. To see what all the fuss is about (and be among the first to access other test features), simply enable experimental features.

As for Todoist in general, spring cleaning has commenced (bugs begone!), and a few tweaks and improvements have everything feeling fresh. ✨


⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Subtle shortcut grouping makes finding the right action in the command menu ( K or Ctrl K) so much easier.
  • You can now reschedule your overdue tasks via the command menu by selecting ‘Reschedule overdue.’ 📅
  • The new option to ping Everyone from the notify bar in comments helps keep all of your task collaborators in the loop.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Your sub-tasks will now stay as sub-tasks when you duplicate a section within a project. No more manual rejigging.
  • Audio recordings for comments are now back on Safari, and you can once again playback your audio comments before sending them.
  • You can now navigate the command menu by using [Tab] to toggle down the list and [Shift+ Tab] to toggle up.
  • Dragging and dropping files into comments is working as you’d expect.
    If you complete a sub-task with labels, those labels will still show. Just like they should!

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • There have been a ton of small bug squashes and app improvements to keep Todoist in great shape.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Creating a project offline was a bit buggy. That’s fixed, so your projects will sync flawlessly offline and online.
  • If you input a word that could be a date like “May” and then add another letter like “o” to make “Mayo,” the task would break. That’s now fixed. So you can get back to making your grocery list in peace.

🔢 Versions

Latest versions at the time of publishing:
Web 1923; iOS 22.2.12; Android v9304; Android Wear w9263; Windows 1.0.7; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

New macOS widget: Feb 16

Introducing a brand new Today widget for macOS! Kickstart your day with a glance at your to-dos and keep on top of your priorities with this handy Apple companion. To install, simply:

  1. Select the time at the top corner of your screen
  2. Scroll, then select Edit Widgets
  3. Choose Todoist from the list, and now you have a birds-eye view of your day

Three sizes let you decide how detail-rich you want that view to be. Available on macOS Big Sur and above.

Don’t have the Todoist macOS app? Download it here or via the app store.


⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Smoothly move tasks to sections (and not just projects) from anywhere in Todoist on Android.
  • In the Filters & Labels view, if you select a filter or label then want to return to this view, we’ll bring you right back to where you left off. No more scrolling to find the right spot.
  • Navigate in your Filters & Labels view without leaving your keyboard. Press J, K, , to focus on the first item. Then J or to navigate down the list and K or to navigate back up.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • If you add and edit a task from Twist, the formatting stays just how you expect it.
  • A few other cosmetic touches to keep Todoist looking its best. 👑

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Your widget won’t crash anymore when there’s information missing. You’ll just get a prompt to add it instead.
  • If you add a location-based reminder but don’t have the right permissions set, you’ll now get a nudge that shows you how.
  • Today view will once again display tasks due today for both you and everyone else. Only want to see your tasks? Select View > Assigned to > Only me.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • When dragging tasks and projects, they didn’t always behave themselves. That’s fixed now.
  • You might have noticed that links to comments or tasks within tasks (how meta) didn’t open as expected. That was a bit silly; now it’s fixed.
  • No more scrolling to see the Save button. All action buttons are visible, so you can, well, take action!
  • When sharing a website from Chrome as a comment in Todoist, a link will auto-magically appear for you. ✨
  • You can now save and download images shared in the comments again.
  • When you sort something in order, you expect it to stay in that order. Thankfully, that’s once again the case.

🔢 Versions

Web 1827; iOS 22.2.9; Android 9172; Android Wear 9131; Windows 1.0.5; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.6

New in 2022: Feb 1

Getting focused for February? Well, that’s easier than ever with a heap of updates created to bring you more joy (hello reactions 🤩) and speed (like easy-to-learn keyboard shortcuts).

Comments: leveled up 🎮

Mention your collaborators in comments by typing @ and their name!

Commenting on tasks and projects keeps things moving forward with family, colleagues, and peers. Now you can keep everyone in the loop with new @mentions and a hyper intuitive notify field. Just start typing a collaborator’s name and select the person you want to ping!

The fun part? You can now also add every single emoji reaction to comments. Use this expanded power to acknowledge 👀, vote ✔️, celebrate 🎉, or thank 🙏🏻 your team.

Shortcut magic 🧞

Smooth, efficient, and — dare we say it — magical. That’s how you’ll feel when using the 39 new keyboard shortcuts. Add tasks, switch views, and open settings with just your fingertips.

Discover (and learn) every last shortcut with the all-new command menu. Hit K (macOS) or Ctrl K (Windows). Managing your tasks now feels like magic. 🔮

“Whatever you want to do in Todoist, there's probably a shortcut for it,” says Todoist Product Designer Alex. “And we couldn't have created the command menu without the help of our Todoist experimentalists, who shaped this feature with their feedback.”

Read the blog (English)

All-new views 👓

Find all your labels and filters in the view directly below Upcoming view.

Filters and labels give you control over how to view your tasks. You’ll now find them together in the main navigation menu, just after Upcoming. Favorite your filters to make finding them even speedier.

Views got an upgrade, too: Once in a project, you can now sort your tasks exactly how you like them with a single click of View. Naomi, the Todoist copywriter, uses the new option to group her tasks by priority to make sure she’s tackling what’s most important first. ✅


Super-smart Apple 🍎

Turn handwritten text into tasks by using the scan button in Quick Add on your iOS device.

Turn a scribbled note into a neat, organized task or description in Todoist. Simply use the scan button for Quick Add (it works with any other Live Text, too).

Plus, you can now copy and paste multiple tasks on the go. Turn ingredients lists from recipes into a shopping list on your way to the store. Or be like Todoist iOS Developer Carrasco and use it to gather all software bug reports into an Issues & Improvements project.

Award-winning Android 🏆

Hold down the menu icon to quickly switch between views on your Android device.

Navigating Todoist in Android just got faster. Hold down the menu icon to bring up Inbox, Today, and Upcoming, followed by your favorites or five recently opened views. Perfect for finding what you need on the go or taking a glance at your schedule, all in one super-swift action.

Speed up your capture and flows with new customization options for the buttons of your bottom app bar. It’s especially fantastic for lefties! In Todoist settings, select Bottom app bar to make it how you like it.

And don't forget to follow Todoist on Twitter. Did you see that the Android team won the 2021 Material Design Award?!

Last, but not least

P.S. Did you know we make another app? Twist is the only async work messaging app — built for teams burned out by real-time, all-the-time communication and ready for a new way of working together.


⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Navigate in your Filters & Labels view without leaving your keyboard. Press J, K, , to focus on the first item. Then J or to navigate down the list and K or to navigate back up.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Hit 0 to speedily open your Todoist app window on your macOS.
  • Take actions even faster! Now when you open the command menu ( K or Ctrl K) while focused on a task, the shortcuts shown are now tailored specifically for task actions, rather than any old action.
  • Caps lock frustration no more! Keyboard shortcuts now work whether you type in uppercase, lowercase, or both.
  • Plus, keyboard shortcuts now work better with Russian keyboard layouts.
  • If you delete an archived project, it’s now gone for good and won’t stay on your archived project list. Just like it should!

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Opening comments will no longer also open up the last attachment. That’s because Todoist should only do as told.
  • You’ll now see the right number of collaborators when editing a shared project.
  • Changing labels from private to shared and then managing those tasks works as expected — perfect for the super sharers out there!
  • The text color in your productivity widget once again matches your carefully chosen theme.
  • If you use Todoist Free, you can now view your activity for the last seven days rather than just the current week.

🔢 Versions

Web 1712; iOS 22.1.7; Android 9104; Android Wear 9063; Windows 1.0.5; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.5

Comments upgrade: Jan 19

Mention anyone directly inside a comment by simply typing @ and then their name!

Working on projects with colleagues, fellow students, or family members just got a whole lot easier. Discuss the finer details of any task — or even the whole shared project — now that comments let you get your team’s attention, quickly notify the right people, and add reactions. Plus, the entire comments tab now looks a little more modern.

  • Directly ping teammates inside comments with new @mentions*
  • Start typing a name inside your notify field and Todoist will quickly fill in the rest
  • React to comments with every emoji in the books 📚

*You can still use @ before your labels when you’re adding or editing the task itself.

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Turn tasks into sub-tasks (or sub-tasks into tasks) with your keyboard. Inside your project, use your arrows to focus on the task. Increase the indent of that task with . Decrease that indent with .

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • You’ll no longer be able to set reminders without a time. That just defeats the purpose!

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Customizing the buttons on your bottom app bar might have meant your buttons were roaming around of their own accord. That bug has been squashed! All your buttons now stay exactly where you want them. 😌

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Add a task and a little message appears at the top of your screen. You can once again open the task you just added directly from that message — rather than needing to search for it.

🔢 Versions

Web 1658; iOS 22.1.7; Android 9026; Android Wear 8985; Windows 1.0.3; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.4

Filters & Labels view: Jan 11

Find Filters and Labels view in your left-hand navigation.

Stop searching for filters and labels — now you’ll find them all in a single spot in your navigation menu! This not only clears up the clutter of your menu but also allows you to quickly scan one view to find what you're looking for.

Why filters and labels? They both let you sort your tasks so getting things checked off feels effortless.

Filters let you save your task searches so you can find exactly what you need in seconds — like all priority 1 work-related tasks due Monday. Labels, on the other hand, let you group similar tasks together, like every email you need to send or all tasks that take 15 minutes.

Customize your bottom app bar on Android

Customize your Android bottom bar and navigation in your Todoist settings.

Make your Todoist feel more like you by changing the location of your dynamic add button — you can choose to keep it in the center, move it to the right, or move it to the left. And there’s more: You can also change the order of the menu, search, and notification buttons. All this is available by going to Todoist settings then selecting Bottom app bar. Learn more.

Automatic Dark Mode for macOS

While ticking off task after task in Todoist can be a bright spot in your day, it shouldn't be glaring! Give your eyes a break with Dark Mode. Todoist now auto-switches between dark and light mode to match the rest of your macOS.

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Add a task on your desktop, see a little message at the bottom of your screen. Now you can open the task you just added directly from that message — rather than needing to search for it.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Tasks with links back to emails in Gmail were broken. No longer. Happy Inbox Zeroing!
  • Couldn’t access your settings? That’s fixed too.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Once again, when you open Todoist notifications you’ll end up in the correct task — even with your Android 12.
  • Tap more than twice when using Quick Add and Todoist will remain alive and well.
  • Add a color to your label, as usual. (Then take a look at it from your new Filters & Labels view!)

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Using VoiceOver in any other language than English occasionally caused English button titles to be read — but with your language’s pronunciation. That’s not good, so it’s fixed.
  • The beauty of Todoist is quickly adding task after task — which is harder if the app crashes when you’re doing just that. Not anymore!

🔢 Versions

Web 1644; iOS 22.1.2; Android 8988; Android Wear w8947; Windows 1.0.3; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.4

Season of giving: Dec 16

It’s the holiday season for many of us! But before we at team Todoist take time off, we wanted to gift a few presents of our own.

Paste all of your tasks in a flash

The need to add a bunch of tasks to Todoist at the same time doesn't stop when you're away from your computer. Now you can copy and paste the shopping list your partner texted you into multiple tasks in your Grocery project. (Of course, you could always convince them to sign up instead. 😉)

Note: On Android this feature will be available in the next few days.

Build your own integration

You may already be supercharging your task list with integrations like Google Calendar, Alexa, Toggl, and IFTTT. But if you’re thinking about creating one of your own, it’s now way more straightforward!

Our new SDKs simplify working with your data from Python, JavaScript, and Typescript. To get started, check out our new developer documentation. We can’t wait to see what you create.

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • macOS users asked to bring back Todoist in the menu bar, and we listened! You can once again hide Todoist from your Dock and just show it in your menu bar. Go to your Todoist settings and open the Advanced tab to find this option.
  • While ticking off task after task in Todoist can be a bright spot in your day, it shouldn't be glaring! Give your eyes a break with Dark Mode. Todoist now auto-switches between dark and light mode to match the rest of your macOS.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • For a moment there you couldn’t expand or collapse sub-tasks in your projects anymore. This is now fixed.
  • You were trying to upload a file in your task comments, but the button Select files to upload just wouldn’t cooperate. Not anymore, you can now upload your files smoothly once again.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • When your activity log shows your tasks in black while using dark mode, squinting your eyes is simply not enough. We fixed this, so you can now see your tasks again.

🔢 Versions

Web 1574; iOS 21.11.17; Android 8840; Android Wear w8799; Windows 1.0.3; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.4

Fast view switch: Dec 2

Move between your task lists at supersonic speed with the new fast view switch on Android.

You can now switch between the default Inbox, Today, and Upcoming views, and your five recently opened views. How? Simply tap and hold the menu icon until you see the list of destinations, then tap the view that you’d like to open. ⚡️

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Guess what’s back on the macOS app? Dragging an email from Apple Mail into Todoist! You can once again drag an email into the quick add or the inline task editor, and this will generate a link back to your email in the Apple Mail app.
  • Copying images and pasting them into your task comments is fully functional again.

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Links created by the Outlook add-in didn’t look their usual selves. This is now fixed.
  • If you are using an iPhone Mini, you might have noticed that the button to save your comments went missing for a while. It’s now back.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Links created by the Outlook add-in didn’t look their usual selves. This is now fixed.
  • Tired of getting the notification Location reminders are currently disabled? We fixed it, so you won’t see it anymore.

🔢 Versions

Web 1502; iOS 21.11.6; Android v8810; Android Wear w8769; Windows 1.0.2; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.2

New command menu: Nov 11

Ever wanted to switch between adding a new task to your Inbox, viewing what’s up next from your Home view, and popping over to your Learn sleight of hand project — with only a flourish of your fingertips? Now you can! We’re testing a brand new experimental feature: the command menu.

Use ⌘ + K (macOS) or Ctrl + K (Windows) to navigate your to-do list without ever touching your mouse.

Take it for a spin by becoming an experimental features tester.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Your tasks had so many identical reminders that it made your head spin. Luckily this is now fixed — your reminders won’t clone themselves anymore.
  • Your location reminders are working as expected again. No more missing your task to buy apples when you arrive at the supermarket.

🔢 Versions

Web 1450; iOS 21.10.15; Android v8756; Android Wear w8715; Windows 1.0.1; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.1

Updated view options: Oct 28

One view to include them all. By that we mean your view options are updated, so now you can choose to see your tasks as a list or boards, and choose your favorite sorting options — all in a single place. All you need to do is click View at the top-right of your projects.

Easy access to your filters & labels (experimental feature)

No more scrolling down below your main views, favorites, and projects to get to your labels and filters. Now, they’re both together, right at the top of your sidebar for super quick access. 🚀

Test experimental features now

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Opening the app now works on the first try. No need to tap twice anymore.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Your widget is as good as new: When completing a task it doesn’t flicker to the top anymore, and it always updates automatically.
  • If you’re using a Meizu phone you might have experienced an issue with the layout of your Todoist. This is fixed, and your Todoist now looks as beautiful as ever.
  • Completed sub-tasks did not always appear in the task view. This is now fixed.

🔢 Versions

Web 1412; iOS 21.10.6; Android 8660; Android Wear w8619; Windows 1.0.1; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.1

Running smoothly: Oct 21

We checked a few things off our to-do list so you could more easily check a few things off yours.

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • When using boards, moving tasks between columns didn’t always feel perfectly smooth. Not anymore, now you can move a task to another column by dragging it to the section header for an effortless experience.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • No matter what you tried, while in board view the Add task button wouldn’t work. This is now fixed, you can add new tasks once again whether viewing your tasks in a list or boards!

🔢 Versions

Web 1378; iOS 21.10.0; Android v8618; Android Wear w8577; Windows 1.0.1; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.1

Optimized for iOS 15: Sept 29

Todoist for iOS 15 showing the scan feature, notifications, an extra-large iPad widget, and adding a task to Quick Note.

How do we celebrate the launch of iOS and iPadOS 15? By optimizing Todoist for it, of course! Get the most out of your app with these handy new Apple-only features:

  • Turn handwritten notes and napkin scrawls directly into tasks or task descriptions. That’s thanks to the new scan button for Quick Add (it works with any other Live Text, too).
  • Save a few taps by linking back to any task right from Quick Note.
  • Never forget to complete a task again (even when you’re using Focus) by turning on Todoist reminders.
  • Get a complete overview of your day with an extra-large widget on your iPad home screen.
  • Quickly see who’s assigned which task (helpful for those less desirable shared home chores) right from your widget.

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • On Todoist for macOS and Windows 10, you’ll now find platform-specific settings in Settings > Advanced.
  • On Android, we’ve added a button in the task view for you to easily move it to a different project.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Tired of refreshing your Today view after rescheduling tasks? Us too! (The Today view now no longer freezes after rescheduling a task to a different date.)
  • After bulk-adding sub-tasks, you can now manually reorder them again.
  • Section names show up as intended once again, even when custom sorting your tasks in board view.
  • What joy is there in adding an emoji to your task name when they’re misaligned? Well, some joy still, but we can do better than that. And we did! (Emoji are now aligned with task names again.) 📐
  • We took care of a few tyopos typos.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • When you check a task with a lot of comments, you’ll be taken to the newest comment once again.
  • Plus, Todoist now shows the places nearest to you in the search results when adding a location-based reminder.

🔢 Versions

Web 1347; iOS 21.9.3; Android 8586; Android Wear 8545; Windows 1.0.1; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.1

A new Android design: Sept 16

Not just experimental anymore: The new design for the Todoist Android app is now available for everyone! That means all Todoisters get to enjoy comfier navigation thanks to the new bottom bar and delightful animations.

Did you know you can open the navigation bar simply by swiping up? 

Updated uploads

We've simplified our upload feature by removing the option to upload files from Google Drive or Dropbox, as this was only used by a very small number of users.

Instead, simply paste the link to your Google Drive or Dropbox files in your comment or task description, and you'll still be able to open your previously uploaded files.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • When you completed a task that had a URL in its name, the link was inactive and couldn’t be clicked on. No longer.
  • Shift + click to select multiple tasks now works smoothly in every scenario.
  • Recurring tasks weren’t updating as overdue when past their due date. This is now fixed, too.

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • You can now dismiss the top banner with a simple swipe!
  • Reordering sub-tasks in the task view wasn’t honoring the order, but no more. Your sorting order is restored.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Sharing photos as a task would trigger a sync error. Ouch! This is luckily not the case anymore.
  • Plus, you can add your task using voice input on your Wear OS watch once again.

🔢 Versions

Web 1298; iOS 21.9.2; Android 8538; Android Wear 8249; Windows 1.0.1; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.1

The back-to-school edition: Sept 2 Back to school: Sept 2

As students, educators, and lifelong learners prepare for the coming year, we’ve rounded up our best resources and the latest product changes (like task descriptions, a design refresh for iOS, a makeover for Android, and more).

60+ essential resources for productive learning

From the most effective study techniques to must-have organizational apps (other than Todoist 😉), these are all the tips and tricks you didn’t know you didn’t know. Consider it your cheat sheet for staying on top of it all this school year.

Plus a few more productive tidbits for Todoisters heading back to school:

An iOS design refresh

Ready for a more polished iOS app? The Apple team at Todoist checked a few things off the list to give you an even better, more integrated experience:

  • Pull down any modal to close it, so you can get back to where you were at hypervelocity.
  • Quickly see who’s assigned to any tasks now that you can see assignees right from your Todoist Widgets.
  • Now even the icons in your settings use your Todoist theme color, for a far more customized look!
  • Plus, the design on your iPhone and iPad now looks way more integrated with Apple’s style, to make Todoist feel even more like the rest of your device.

(P.S. A far bigger Todoist update built for iOS and iPadOS 15 is coming to an Apple device near you soon. 👀)

And a new look and feel for Android (in previews)

Easier on the eyes but also on the thumbs, this design overhaul makes Todoist for Android feel right at home in 2021.

Be one of the first to try out the reimagined bottom bar for comfier navigation, new animations to make each interaction more intuitive and delightful, and countless thoughtful design tweaks throughout.

Test experimental features now


P.S. We’ve cleaned up our code, and as a result, Todoist now only supports this text formatting. If you’ve noticed a change in your task names, reach out to support and we’ll convert them to the new format.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • A Karma blip occurred so you might not have seen all of your points adding up. That’s all been fixed once and for all!

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • The ever-present “Task added” banner at the top is now dismissed when you switch between apps. You can also swipe up to get rid of it the moment you see it.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • The Add Task widget is back and it’s working smoothly! No more scary app is uninstalled error.
  • Share any page using the Todoist option to “Add as a task” once again.
  • Your completed sub-tasks are now loading as expected in your task view (and you can see your sub-tasks due dates, too)!
  • Due dates and project names were not showing up in the Today and the Upcoming view. This is now fixed. ✓

🔢 Versions

Web 1278; iOS 21.8.14; Android 8474; Android Wear 8433; Windows 1.0.1; Linux 1.0.1; macOS 8.0.1

New and improved macOS: Aug 25

In order to make sure Todoist is the same everywhere, the macOS app is getting a brand new under-the-hood design. This means that you’ll get faster updates, more features, and more bug fixes.

This also means that it’s time to say goodbye to the existing native macOS app. While there was a lot to love about the previous version, our Todoist community has made it clear that consistency is key.

The new Todoist for macOS will be automatically available whenever you next update your app.

Group edit tasks — now in board view: Aug 4 Group edit tasks: Aug 4

When projects shift, timelines turn, or tasks get reprioritized, a single change can cascade to affect a wide number of to-dos. Manage all of your tasks at once by selecting every last one and then scheduling, moving, labeling, prioritizing, assigning, completing, or even deleting them — together.

If you were taking care of business at once in list view, now you can do it in board view too — whether on your web, desktop, or mobile app!

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Check the activity for your task and you’ll see only that task’s activity — not the rest of the team’s activity on other tasks.
  • Ready to feel like a pro? There’s a new advanced section in your settings. (That’s where you’ll find the option for experimental features.)
  • Add, delete, and change your payment option as you like, now that your subscription settings are debugged.
  • Using your quick add shortcut (the fantastic q key) will let you type your task name out in the order in which you planned it.
  • Plus the usual polish for the app’s design and spacing.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Your task list will update as expected, even when you turn on experimental features.
  • Open your navigation menu to see your projects and views with a single swipe up from the bottom.
  • You can close that menu or any notification with a single swipe down, too!
  • Plus the usual polish for the app’s design and spacing.

🔢 Versions

Web 1227; iOS 21.7.4; Android 8354; Android Wear 8313; Windows 1.0.0; Linux 0.2.4; macOS 1.0.1

Task descriptions & more: Jul 22

Every now and then it’s important to take a step back and contemplate what is working and what could be improved upon. In past big-picture reviews, the team has dreamed up things like flipping the traditional to-do list on its head with boards as well as creating a bird’s eye view of the future with Upcoming view.

This time, it’s a tiny little field that creates really big results. Maybe you’ve already tried it by toggling on experimental features or maybe it’s your first time adding in additional details. Either way, we hope you love it.

It’s all in the details

The task description field is directly under the task name field.

Task descriptions have arrived! They let you add a little extra detail right below your task name — for those extra complex or extra verbose tasks.

You now can add notes, bullet points about timing, and links to relevant documents. Hey, why not drop in some motivational quotes as well? What's great is you can do it all without having to jump over to your comments.

Learn more

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Notifications should work all of the time, not randomly. That’s the case once again.
  • Done with a section? Delete it! (Now that this pesky bug was eliminated.)
  • Uncompletable tasks can no longer be accidentally completed. Because that’s kind of the entire point!
  • Publically share your achievements. Now when you level up your Karma you can select the Facebook or Twitter icon to celebrate on social media.
  • The updated activity log works in all cases and looks great on small screens, too. 💅
  • Updating your subscription is possible once again — now that you can actually access the subscriptions tab! 😬
  • Plus, you can update your payment information to keep your subscription up to date!

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Organizing on the go? You can now move your tasks to a new project and a new section at will.
  • Stay deep in the dark now that a white screen no longer breaks through your Dark Mode when you launch Todoist.
  • Add a task with a due date to Todoist via a Shortcut and it’ll be added to your list for that date — not the date Todoist chose.
  • Upcoming view will no longer jump to next year, because planning ahead is important but you should be in control.
  • You can create a sub-task in a project. Now you can also create a sub-task for an entirely different project, too.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • To-do lists work best when they are ready when you need them. Your Android app and all Android widgets are back to launching exactly when you want.
  • Keep track of all you’ve accomplished now that you can open your activity log without a crash.
  • Order and reorder your sub-tasks via drag and drop — thanks to this bug squash.
  • Todoist will no longer be confused when you use the | key in a search.

🔢 Versions

Web 1201; iOS 21.7.0; Android 8290; Android Wear 8249; Windows 1.0.0; Linux 0.2.4; macOS 1.0.1

Global shortcuts: Jul 7

Say goodbye to bugs and hello to brilliance. Todoist was hard at work destroying issues and adding flourishes.

Global quick add has arrived for Windows

Imagine that every time you needed to launch Todoist, you did it with the push of a few buttons.

That’s now a reality for Windows users. Simply use Win + Alt + s to open Todoist — and close it the same way. Or push Win + Alt + q to add a task no matter where you are on your desktop.

Save time and energy during your day by speeding up workflows with three buttons. Plus, you can feel even more in control by customizing your shortcuts in System Tray > Settings.

Learn more shortcuts

Test new features first

Obsessed with trying things first? You can now turn on Todoist’s experimental features on every device at once. Just toggle on experimental features at Settings > General.

Plus, keep up with every single feature on the testing list on our new Experimental Features page.


🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Import templates to your heart’s content now that the importer is bug free! Stop reinventing the wheel and get inspired by time-tested templates.
  • When you add tasks or events via the integration between Todoist and Google Calendar, they’ll stay put even when you remove the integration.
  • If you accidentally press Ctrl + o while editing a task, Todoist won’t crash. That’s very specific, we know, and now it’s very specifically fixed.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Todoist will stop Google autofill from automatically "fixing" your task names. Bad robot!
  • Seamlessly use your voice with Todoist via your Android Wear device. Those bugs didn’t stand a chance.
  • Set reminders for 1 minute, 59 minutes, and all the minutes in between and you’ll actually receive them. ⏰
  • Select multiple tasks when you want to thanks to some bug extermination.
  • Slice and dice your projects with exactitude. When you choose to group by due date and then sort by default, you’ll see exactly that.
  • Plus a design touch-up or two.

🔢 Versions

Web 1145; iOS 21.6.2; Android 8244; Android Wear 8203; Windows 1.0.0; Linux 0.2.4; macOS 7.5

Bug squishes for reminders, sorting, & more: Jun 23Reminders bugs & more: Jun 23

When bugs attack, Todoist fights back. These updates were all about pest extermination. With this update you can refer to the app as Exterminatist. 🐛🪦

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Make sure your notifications work when you set them by testing them out. Go to Settings > Reminders and hit Send a test push notification.
  • View your prioritized tasks in the right order thanks to a few fixes. When you’re viewing a list of tasks with a certain label, during a search, or in Today view, you’ll see your p1 tasks at the top.
  • You’ll see your highest priority tasks first (or at the top) when you group by priority, too.
  • But if you want to see your lowest priority tasks first, simply sort by priority in ascending order.
  • Get even more granular by sorting by date, too. Now when you have multiple tasks due on the same day, you’ll see your highest priority tasks first.
  • Reschedule your tasks with next week and they’ll end up on the day of the week you chose in your settings.
  • Move a task to a shared project and assign it to a teammate at the same time, thanks to a time-sucking bug squish.
  • Plus, assign tasks to collaborators with long names by typing + and any part of their name!
  • The digital chiropractor made some much-needed visual alignments. Todoist is a bit straightened out.
  • Interested in testing out new features before anyone else? You’ll now find that in Settings > General > Experimental features. And thank you in advance for all your feedback!

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Positive reinforcement triggers a reward signal deep within the brain, making the action that caused the good feedback far more likely to be repeated. This bug squish allows the task complete tone to once again resound in those profound recesses of your cerebrum, cheering on your productivity until it happens more and more often.
  • Todoist reminders aren’t worth much if they don’t show up on your device or in your email. Get every reminder notification you’ve asked for, now that this bug was stomped out.
  • Once you get a reminder, you can snooze it for all your tasks, too — because sometimes they can (and must) wait a little longer.
  • Drag tasks to the top of your projects. They’ll sit and stay where you dropped them, just like the good little tasks they are. 🐶
  • Sort all your tasks alphabetically, now that umlauts appear in the correct order.

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Drag tasks to the top of your projects. They’ll sit and stay where you dropped them, just like the good little tasks they are. 🐶
  • And when you sort your tasks by priority, you can choose ascending and you’ll see your p4 tasks first or descending to see your p1 tasks first. That’s a fix as they were the opposite way before!
  • Your Tasks and Productivity widgets now refresh automatically, so you can get a quick overview on what’s ahead or what you’ve accomplished over the day.

🧪 (Beta) test it out

  • Now you turn on beta testing by using the toggle at Settings > General > Experimental features
  • You can then try out the new Todoist settings by selecting your profile picture then Settings. And make sure to give us feedback!
  • You can now add or update your credit card information in the new settings.
  • Plus, when using Todoist with the Dark theme, you can now use all the dropdown menus without being disturbed by light modes peeking through.
  • Connect your Google Calendar and you’ll now immediately see it appear in your integrations under Settings > Integrations.

🔢 Versions

Web 1119; iOS 21.6.1; Android 7934; Android Wear 7893; Windows 0.4.1; Linux 0.2.4; macOS 7.5

Fearlessly focused: Jun 9

Every Todoist release aims to make checking things off your list more functional, more flexible, and (dare we say it?) more fun. This one is no different. After today’s update, you can expect Todoist to be the fastest, friendliest, fluent-est version you’ve encountered yet.


🧪 (Beta) test it out

  • You can also be among the first to try out the new Todoist settings — now in beta. Go to the Settings, then General, and switch the toggle on for Beta access. And contact us if you spot any bugs. 🕵️

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Uncompletable tasks are now officially counted in the number of tasks due in your Today view or shown while picking a date from your scheduler.
  • The text color in your Android dark theme now looks more polished and legible.
  • Are you sure you want to delete that task? Todoist for Android is now a little more clear when asking you the question.
  • View every bit of a large block of code in any task description, now that they wrap instead of flowing off the screen. (Psst: Want to try out task descriptions? Become a beta tester!)

🐛 Minus bugs

  • Add sub-tasks inside projects at super-speeds once again, thanks to the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + →.
  • Navigate away from your task details quickly by hitting Esc — once to leave a comment and another time to close the task entirely.
  • Keyboard shortcuts with Option + Command (or Ctrl) + space work once again.
  • Move up your list of tasks while editing without touching your mouse now that Ctrl + ↑ works!
  • Schedule due dates and reminders for all your tasks without a crash, no matter what language you use with Todoist.
  • Your navigation menu is the same width on the web and legacy macOS app as in the new macOS app!
  • Sort your tasks by priority in ascending order and you’ll see your lowest priority tasks first; do it by descending order, and you’ll see your highest priority tasks first. Todoist was celebrating Opposites Day before! 🔀
  • Drag and drop tasks seamlessly thanks to a few bugs being completely obliterated.
  • And a few translation touch-ups to keep Todoist fluent across the globe. 🌏

🔢 Versions

Web 1113; iOS 21.5.3; Android 7910; Android Wear 7869; Windows 0.4.1; Linux 0.2.4; macOS 7.5

Pro workflows (for free): May 27

Do you ever feel like organizing your tasks takes up more time than actually completing them? It’s an easy trap to fall into.

With updated workflows, easy-to-use templates, and time-saving keyboard shortcuts you can spend your time managing your work and life instead of arranging your to-do list!

Experience premium workflows (for free)

Try out the real, powerful workflows of productivity experts now that everyone has access to premium features. Filters, file uploads, calendar syncs, and more are all included for every account — including the Free plan!

Learn the real-life workflows:

  • Slice and dice your tasks with priority-based filters
  • Plan everything with time blocking and calendar syncs
  • Coordinate a shared project timeline with boards and templates

See actual workflows on our blog

Go mouse free

Speed up your task management with keyboard shortcuts — which are now easier to learn directly in the app. Just hit ? in Todoist to see them all. Some of our favorites:

  • Open and close the menu with m
  • Quick Add a task from anywhere with q
  • Sort any project by priority with p

Learn shortcuts

Psst … Stay tuned for a secret upcoming keyboard-based feature that makes using Todoist even faster. 🤫

Browse templates more easily

Why start something new from scratch when you already have blueprints for success? Use templates for upcoming plans — whether that’s a job hunt or managing a big project.

Find your template

Use the new Todoist for Outlook

Pop emails into your task list at lightning speed, thanks to a new and improved Outlook add-in. Install it today for a more consistent experience, more frequent updates, and faster bug fixes.

Install Todoist for Outlook

And for the Microsoft users out there, Todoist for Windows 10 has arrived!

Beta test task descriptions

Don't forget to be the first to try an upcoming not-yet-released feature: task descriptions! From adding in extra links, directions, or notes to self, descriptions let you add a bit more detail to all your to-dos.

Become a beta tester


🧪 (Beta) test it out

  • In order to make sure Todoist is the same everywhere, the macOS app is getting a brand new under-the-hood design. And we’re happy to say that the new design is available for beta testing! Get ready for faster updates, more features, and more bug fixes. Just be sure to tell us what you think. 🚀

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Select multiple tasks and make multiple changes to them all, without needing to reselect them over and over again between edits. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?
  • Navigate Todoist faster with your screen reader, now that sections and dates are recognized as landmarks.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • Edit without fear now that Todoist double checks that you really want to exit a task or comment without saving it first. Because you shouldn’t lose a morning’s work with a single accidental click.
  • Plus, add comments to tasks with your keyboard now that ctrl + m works as expected.
  • Use the Esc key to close task view — for times when you need to make a quick getaway.
  • And use a space in your global keyboard shortcuts without any errors.
  • Assign tasks to your coworker Aimee, whether you start searching for their name with a capital A or a lowercase a.
  • Attach files from your Google Drive effortlessly now that … Todoist lets you. 📎
  • Select the three dots icon next to any filter in your navigation menu and you’ll actually see more options.
  • Get all the help you need now that selecting the question mark icon not only opens the help menu but also keeps it open long enough for you to choose an item, too.
  • Instead of getting congratulated for completing your productivity goal for an uncheery and ungrammatical 0 day in a row, you’ll be encouraged to start your next streak!
  • Couldn’t log in from the legacy Todoist for Windows app? That’s been fixed.
  • Close your navigation menu and when you refresh Todoist, it’ll stay closed. Open your navigation menu and it’ll stay open, too.
  • Move a task to the right project a little easier now that sub-projects and sections neatly nest beneath each other rather than being completely out of alignment.
  • And other alignment, copy, and design polishes, too!

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Filter your lists using added by: me and you’ll see all tasks you’ve created — in every project you’re part of, not just your shared projects.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Use Todoist in a different language than your device’s settings without problems, thanks to a bug squish or two.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4. Todoist counts once more! Um, we mean: The task count in your Today view and your navigation menu is the same (as it should be).
  • If you set your automatic reminders to 0 minutes before, you will be automatically reminded of a task’s due time at the exact moment your task is due — instead of an unexpected 30 minutes before!
  • You’ll always see your time zone when picking a task’s due date.
  • Sync your home view between all your devices, now that a pesky bug is gone.
  • Open any task from your handy Todoist widget and you'll no longer be met with a mysterious, nameless task when the Todoist app opens.
  • Check things off your longest lists at literally lightning-fast speeds (which is way faster than the 16 milliseconds it used to take).
  • The only time you should see a comment from somebody is when somebody is your collaborator’s name.
  • See your Productivity view — even on your Android tablet.
  • And a few other visual polishes.

🔢 Versions

Web 1111; iOS 21.5.3; Android 8002; Android Wear 8003; Windows 0.2.8; Linux 0.2.4; macOS 7.5

Small things add up quickly: May 5

Whether you’re working remotely, getting back to the office, or about to take some (well deserved) time off, it’s a good time to get your tasks in order so you can make the most of your precious time. That’s why we’ve made some upgrades, tweaks, and under-the-hood changes that’ll add up to a more reliable, speedier experience.

Task descriptions — now in beta!

The 'create pitch deck' task includes a task description 'Use the new template'.

Some tasks need more explanation than a name alone. Now you can add some extra details using the task description right below your task name.

Try adding a detailed description to a teammate's task or add the number of sit-ups you'll do in your Wednesday workout task. You can even include links and formatting with Markdown!

Try this highly-requested feature before everyone else by joining our beta testing program. Just don’t forget to tell us what you think and how you’re using it afterward!

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • The Gold theme is now available to free users. 🌟
  • We've made a small update to the geolocation section of our privacy policy. It’s now clearer that we only use your geolocation information for location-related services like location-based reminders. Rest assured, we don't store or see your location, and we'll ask for your consent when you access these features for the first time.

🐛 Minus web and desktop bugs

  • When you paste multiple lines of text into a task, it becomes multiple tasks. If you are currently editing a sub-task and paste the multiple lines of text there, the new tasks will properly become sub-tasks at the same level. 
  • If you use an asterisk emoji like *️⃣, it’ll show up just right.
  • When your location changes, you won’t run into trouble with reloading tasks.
  • Sub-tasks will load a bit quicker thanks to some under-the-hood changes.
  • There were a few times Todoist would reload randomly, but not anymore.
  • When it’s time to double up, you won’t have a problem duplicating tasks with sub-tasks.

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • We dropped some excess baggage: The app is now half the size. 🧳
  • When scheduling a task, if you type a time that’s before today’s current time, Todoist will know you mean tomorrow. 🔮
  • The Edit Task pane has all the right colors.
  • It’s more intuitive to change your password, in all languages.
  • Your reminders will properly recur and notify the right people.
  • If you’re using widgets for a Todoist experience on your home screen, it’ll perform better.
  • Your live notifications will show the right details, like which task you completed.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Sometimes when you rotated the device or switched between day and night mode, weird things happened. No longer!
  • For the multi-taskers, you can once again properly save a task when editing a second task.
  • If you get an update, the dialog will now have a more refined look.
  • The color picker will now show up in the bottom sheet.
  • Due dates won’t reschedule at some random times, like during daylight savings time.
  • The little ‘undo’ bar will disappear when you use Quick Add for your next task.
  • A handful of text updates, color fixes, and more to keep Todoist polished.

🔢 Versions

Web 1107; iOS 21.4.1; Android 7860; Android Wear 7819; Windows 0.3.0; Linux 0.2.4; macOS 7.5

Spring cleaning: April 21

Spring has sprung (at least in the Northern Hemisphere). That means it’s time for spring cleaning and making Todoist faster, bug-free, and easier on the eyes. 🧹

Want to join in the fun? We’ve got you covered:

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Reach Todoist Zero? Todoist will celebrate your accomplishment with you — now even when you are using sorting options!
  • A few other subtle design fixes and flourishes to keep your lists looking 💯.

🐛 Minus bugs

  • Add tasks as fast as you can think of them, now that the button works while using Quick Add via your macOS app!
  • A bug was performing a vanishing act on the top bar — making it completely disappear when you tried to use search. Poof, that bug is gone and the top bar is back. 🎩🐇
  • Sections were disappearing, too. Thanks to a little Todoist magic, your sections are back and here to stay (unless you choose otherwise).
  • If you duplicate a task in your Today view, your task will be duplicated while remaining in the same project and section as your original task.
  • Try adding a new project, label, or filter with the + icon in your navigation menu. It’s possible now that the entire pop-up appears, instead of just the top of that pop-up.
  • Then, once you make a new project, you’ll be able to add new tasks to it immediately and dive right in. (Thanks to another bug squish.)
  • Todoist won’t jump around when you click the three dots icon next to projects in your navigation menu. (But we jumped around after this fix.)
  • When you paste a whole bunch of text as sub-tasks in Task view, Todoist always asks if you’re sure you want to add those tasks. If you use your keyboard shortcut Esc to cancel, you’ll remain in Task view so you can try again if you want.
  • Add a due date and due time by typing @ and then the time — as usual.
  • You can also reschedule your tasks on your Android device with the correct due date and time, instead of the correct due date but the current time.
  • Add a task with the dynamic add button and it won’t default to today as the due date.
  • Keep track of your output now that your daily and weekly tabs in your Productivity view are visible and accurate once again.
  • Plus, keep tabs on who reacted to what now that reactions are back up and running on your Android device.
  • Finally, open Todoist for Windows with a single click, rather than a double!

🔢 Versions

Web 1102; iOS 18.12; Android 7826; Android Wear 7785; Windows 0.2.8; Linux 0.2.4; macOS 7.5


Making new plans: Apr 13

The more you use Todoist, the more features you discover. But some of the most powerful features available — like labels and filters — used to be for paying customers only. Not anymore!

If you’re using the free plan of Todoist, you’ll soon have access to previously locked features like filters, file uploads, comments, labels, and more.

Check out our Help Center to read all the details about the new Free plan.

P.S. We’ve also renamed our Todoist Pro plan (formerly Premium). You still get access to reminders, Pro themes, as many projects as you need, and more… but now with a catchier new name.

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Learn even more about keyboard shortcuts now that the pop-up explaining them is a bit more polished on Todoist for desktop or in your browser. Find them all by selecting the question mark icon in your top navigation bar and then Keyboard shortcuts.
  • Inline code and code blocks are looking cleaner and more legible than ever. Try them out by surrounding your text like so: `inline code` or ```code block```.
  • And Todoist’s reds are a little redder on black backgrounds.

🐛 Minus bugs

  • You can once again use Quick Add to create a task, change your mind and discard it, and then change your mind once more and add another task. Perfect for those of us who are a tiny bit indecisive. 🤷
  • If you were one of the lucky few who saw large colored squares instead of the normal project icons, things should be back to normal.
  • Third time’s the charm: Pop-ups and views scroll and resize as expected, no matter how large or how small you make Todoist — for real this time!
  • Add custom sorting (like by project or priority) to any of your filters and you won’t find your tasks duplicated.
  • Labels won’t be temporarily duplicated when editing tasks, either.
  • Plus, when you use custom sorting in Board view on your iOS device, your sub-tasks will remain neatly tucked under their parent tasks (as expected).
  • Scroll to a future date in Upcoming view and add a task. Your new task will appear at exactly that date instead of a random one. That’s because you know your schedule best!
  • Then you can find the present moment in Upcoming view with the Today button, no matter where you’re using Todoist.
  • Select a task on your Android device. You can once again add new tasks above and below that task.
  • And finally, keep track of your Karma more easily thanks to a little resizing of your Todoist productivity view widget on Android.

Bug extermination: Mar 24

We spend a lot of time gathering the latest and greatest feature requests, dreaming up spectacularly streamlined app updates, and picking the most wondrous words to create these updates.

But every now and then we secure the perimeter, set traps, and completely stomp bug after bug, only to gather them all in the glorious display we call a bug report.

As the team has been working towards an exciting, game-changing feature, they’ve also been squashing bugs left and right.

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Markdown got a spiff up. Check out the crisper, cleaner look of quotes, horizontal lines, and code.
  • Todoist can auto-detect even more due dates in task names, like April twenty six and every mon, every tue.

🐛 Minus desktop and web bugs

  • Use the shortcut Shift + click to quickly complete a task forever — even when you’re in task view.
  • Search for a comment, open that comment from your results, and you’ll actually see the comment!
  • Your tasks might have gotten out of order when adding and rearranging tasks in sections. No longer.
  • Edit the names of tasks you’ve added from Outlook. You’ll once again be able to click those tasks and head right back to Outlook — like you should!
  • Get all the details about Karma levels now that you can scroll down in the About Karma Levels pop-up in your Productivity view.
  • Other pop-ups and views also scroll and resize as expected, no matter how large or how small you make Todoist. It’s flexible.
  • Plus a few visual and verbal polishes to keep Todoist vibrant and verbose.

🐛 Minus iOS bugs

  • Complete tasks while navigating Todoist with VoiceOver yet again.
  • Dark Mode stays dark no matter where you roam in Todoist. Because unexpected bursts of light aren’t welcome here.

🐛 Minus Android bugs

  • Try out the all-new customizable app icons on Android without your app crashing. 😅
  • You can once again add tasks with your voice via your Wear OS by Google smartwatch.
  • If you had trouble adding labels or projects to tasks on your Android device due to an eerily transparent pop-up, everything is solid once again.
  • Go to the project and section of your choice from any task thanks to a little behind-the-scenes magic. Just click on the breadcrumbs at the top of your task and select the project or section you want to see.
  • Add a task for the future in Upcoming view and that task will be added to that date, instead of surprising you on your list for today.
  • Plus, you’ll find only tasks due today when you choose today’s date in Upcoming view — not your overdue tasks due yesterday (or the day before). As Mother Teresa said, “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

🐛 Minus Windows bugs

  • Your Windows app will save your changes as expected, whether you were online when you closed the app or offline.
  • P.S. The new Todoist for Windows 10 is now available. Download the new app for a more consistent experience, more updates, and faster bug fixes.

Integrations for focus: Mar 10

Do you sometimes feel you’re pulled in a million directions but never getting anywhere? You’re definitely not the only one. We all lose a little bit of focus every time we switch between devices, tools, and tasks — it’s human nature and it’s called context switching.

This latest batch of Todoist updates is built to help all of us cut through the noise and regain focus on what’s important.

Flip the switch

There are so many Todoist integrations to choose from.

One of the most obvious ways to defeat context switching is to stop switching between apps. That’s where integrations come in. Connect Todoist to all your favorite apps so you can share files, block time off your calendar, and track your time right from Todoist.

A few favorite integrations:

Tip: Wondering how else to stop context switching? There’s a deep dive into context switching on our blog — complete with nine research-proven methods to keep your focus in this distractible world.

Start from square two

Select the three dots icon and then Duplicate project.

Searching for checklists, documents, and timelines scattered across different apps breaks down concentration. Instead, duplicate your most-used projects in two clicks and reuse them again (and again). This means you can now create templates — for your upcoming podcast episodes, yearly spring cleaning lists, or company retreats (fall 2021 🤞).

Need inspiration? Take a look at a carefully curated selection of top Todoist templates — including How to Organize Your Finances by the experts at YNAB.

Make mobile more focused

Stay on track with mobile productivity widgets.

Mobile devices are tools that can be time sucks or time savers. Remind yourself to choose the latter with the all-new productivity widget on Android. It’s now easy to keep an eye on your daily and weekly task goals (plus your current Karma score) right from your device’s home screen.

P.S. There’s a productivity widget on iOS, too!

Get that icon-ic look

Customize the color of your Todoist icon on Android or iOS.

You can now make Todoist stand out from the crowd (or coordinate with the rest of your palette) by customizing the color of your Android app icon. That’s at Settings then App Icon.

Jealous, iOS users? You’ve had your own custom app icons all along.

Tidy up your project list

Hide your favorites when you don't need them with the arrow.

As life gets busy, your list of projects, labels, and filters can get a bit too packed to find what you need (making it easier to end up distracted). Cut the clutter by collapsing your favorites. Of course, you can always expand them to see all your top views when you need them next.

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Get up to speed (or help your teammates do it) with our new and improved Getting Started Guide.
  • See the big picture, even in small windows now that Todoist Quick Add extensions (like on your browser) resize when you open your scheduler.
  • Orient yourself faster on mobile now that you can view the project, section, and parent task at the top of any task view.
  • Todoist is a bit smarter at auto-detecting due dates in tasks, as it now understands things like every other year.
  • And the usual style and word tweaking and tuning (like new icons for attachments).

🐛 Minus bugs

  • Know where you are, no matter how far down a task list you scroll (even while using Safari). The name of your project, label, filter, view, section, and date always stays at the top of your screen once again.
  • Delete a task with an emoji in it and the confirmation message will show that emoji. 😎
  • Head to a newly-created project without your Android app crashing.
  • Swipe through the dates in Upcoming view and pick a day. You’ll see that day’s tasks once again — even on iOS!
  • Check off a task on your Apple device and Todoist will... check it off. 😅

Versions: Web 1086; iOS 18.10; Android 7810; Android Wear 7769; Windows 0.2.7; Linux 0.2.4; macOS 7.5

Mix and match: Feb 23

February 23, 2021

Personalize your app with customizable mobile icons!

Personalize your mobile icon

Make Todoist yours by customizing the color of your mobile app icon — now on iOS and Android! Whether you’re color coordinating with the rest of your mobile palette or making Todoist stand out, there are now 10+ colors waiting for you. Head to Settings on iOS or Android, select App Icon, and mix and match.

Accessibility improvements

Todoist is now more easily navigable via keyboard and screen readers — thanks to incredibly generous users like @justinromack who rightfully demand accessible design. That means you now have more control with skip links, landmarks, labels in the navigation menu, and keyboard support for Inbox links. Have a suggestion? Reach out.

⚙️ Plus improvements

  • Enjoy a smoother, sleeker login experience for Windows (soon to come to macOS and Linux)!
  • Todoist just got a bit smarter on Android — now magically converting task names with later this week, weekend, every weekend, and next weekend into due dates. 📅
  • Some far-out spacing updates in Todoist design. 👽

🐛 Minus bugs

  • Keep up the pace with keyboard shortcuts on your desktop. Make a speedy exit from a Quick Add task comment by hitting esc. (And add that comment back again with ctrl + m.)
  • Open a far-away future task and when you close it, your Upcoming view calendar stays at that fated moment, instead of scrolling you back to the present time.
  • Comments now remain in Todoist forever, even when you complete that task. Well, unless you delete them… because you're still in control.
  • Create a task plus a reminder with Quick Add and that task will actually appear on your to-do list.
  • Add labels to your tasks without worrying that your Android app will crash. 😅
  • View your Todoist tasks in your calendar of choice from Windows once again. Just head to Settings then Integrations.
  • Drag tasks between sections in Board view on Windows. In fact, we just dragged Squish drag task bug from the Doing to Done section. ✅


Versions: Web 1076-1081; iOS 18.4; Android 7772 - 7774; Android Wear 7757 - 7759; Windows 0.2.5; Linux 0.2.4; macOS 7.5


Seeing double: Feb 9

February 9, 2021

Easily duplicate projects

Meeting agendas, blog post plans, hiking packing lists — there are some projects you rely on time and again. Why add the same tasks over and over when you could just copy your existing project and get started? Thanks to a little Todoist magic, you can double your efforts in the click of a button. Just use the three dots icon in the top right-hand corner of your project and select Duplicate project. ✅


Tidy up your navigation menu

As life gets full, so can your Todoist menu. Simplify things by expanding and collapsing your favorites. Oh, and the look of your navigation menu is more streamlined. Can you spot the minor, but still attractive differences?

Plus, it’s much easier to find projects, filters, and labels with long names now that they’re truncated in the middle on iOS and Android. Take a look:

Long names are truncated in the middle.


⚙️ Plus a few more improvements

  • Stay up-to-date on all of Todoist’s latest features and bug fixes, with an easier-to-spot green version update notification in the top right — you might have even seen it before you came here. 🟢
  • Know where you are, no matter how far down a task list you scroll. Now not only the name of your project, label, filter, or view stays at top of your screen, but also the section or date!
  • Shortcut wizzes rejoice! Open your task view on the web or desktop and use A to add a task to the top of your sub-task list or a to add it to the bottom.
  • You can now use the keyboard shortcuts and % to create projects and labels on Android.
  • Up all night wondering about the opacity of your Android widget's Todoist theme? Find that percentile in Widget Settings.
  • Your Todoist icon for Windows is now smoother, sleeker, shapelier.

🐛 Minus all the bugs

  • Emoji in the titles of your projects and board sections might have been a little misaligned. That’s been straightened up. 📐
  • See all your tasks in projects with more than four sections in Board view. After all, seeing all your tasks is the whole point of a to-do list. 😅
  • Your filter and label names should work as expected once again, even if they have “unusual” characters.
  • Todoist will now celebrate your daily or weekly goals after you’ve achieved them — not a moment before!
  • Reschedule some of your overdue tasks without rescheduling all of your overdue tasks.
  • Add a new comment and Todoist will jump you to that comment — so you can see your great and wise thoughts. 💪
  • When trying to reschedule a task to a less-busy day in your future, you’ll no longer be thrown off by the task counter including a tally of your teammates’ tasks!
  • The counter next to the comments icon will once again show the exact number of comments counted, not a number greater or less than the number of comments there are.
  • Not to mention, your task count should be correct, too. Sometimes math is hard! 😅
  • If Todoist showed you “e.scrollTo is not a function” when you tried logging in, you should know that e.scrollTo is also not an error message now, thanks to this bug squash.
  • View your completed tasks, and yours alone, by going to Productivity > View all completed tasks.


Versions: Web 1066 - 1075; iOS 18.1 - 18.4; Android 7748 - 7762; Android Wear 7749 - 7755 ; Windows 0.2.3; Linux 0.2.4 

Customized workflows: Dec 10

All-new themes, oodles of sorting options, and the new sound of getting things done.

The makers behind your to-do list have been hard at work to turn the delight dial up to full blast. Whether you get your kicks from switching the color of your theme every day*, reordering your tasks in a click, or pretending it’s finally 2021 with new goal templates — we’ve got you covered.


*On Wednesdays we wear pink.


Pick the palette of your productivity

There are now more ways to personalize the look of your app. Match your outfit, workflow, or mood thanks to three new Premium themes. Look pretty in pink, feel like blue royalty, or guess the mystery color you have to earn to use.

Want to share your guess? Head to Twitter — you could make 2021 your most productive year yet by winning a full year of Premium.

Gain perspective with new sorting and grouping options

You can look at a task list from many angles. Need an alphabetical list to keep track of everyone in a Zoom class? Got it. What about a project-by-project look at the day ahead? Yep. A view of the top priority tasks broken out by assignee in your work project? That too.

Here’s even more inspiration (and a how-to).

Amp up the satisfaction of checking things off with (optional) sound

Completing tasks is even more satisfying now that your click is accompanied by a cheerful *bloop*. Try it yourself by heading to Settings then General.

Unfortunately there's no sound of procrastination. Unless there's a whooshing sound when I move all my tasks to the next day.

— Mathias (@CrazyDriverSwed) November 3, 2020

Find tasks, projects, views, and old searches so much faster

Most people move to a digital to-do list because paper lists make it way too easy to lose tasks. (Where did that deep cleaning list go?) The same problem shouldn’t be happening in Todoist! That’s why search needed an upgrade. When you next use search, you’ll see recently visited projects, views, and searches — along with far more scannable results.


Hey Google?

Todoist for Google Assistant 2.0 has arrived! Which means it’s way easier to be productive while holding groceries, walking the dog, eating a dripping ice cream cone, and more. When you want to use Todoist with your voice, just say, “Let me talk to Todoist.”

If you can say it, you can probably Todoist it via Google Assistant now that there are so many options to add, access, and complete tasks. To learn more, head to our in-depth article.


Unfinished business stays that way with uncompletable tasks

Maybe you want to make sure you don’t accidentally complete parent tasks chock full of sub-tasks. Or perhaps you have an essential document to share at the top of a group project (like Hype-up coworking playlist). Whatever your reason, just add * and a space before your task name to create an uncompletable task.

Already using them? Make sure that you are using an asterisk (*) and not a colon (:) — the colon was used mistakenly far too often, so it’s no longer supported.

Rename headers in one click

It’s zippier than ever to edit the name of lists on your desktop. Simply click the name of any project, label, or filter and make a change. We’re thinking it’s perfect for that Epic 2020 Vacay Plans project. 😅

A Few More Things

An integrations glow up: An updated integrations catalog makes it nicer than ever to connect your list with all the apps in your workflow. 

Set your intentions: Now that we’re right around the bend from a new year (we won’t miss 2020, will we?), it’s time to think about the future. We make it easy with brand new, better than ever Todoist goals templates. Start a side hustle, organize your finances, cook more from home, and more...

A boatload of bug squishes: We counted 245! We should be called exterminators at this rate. Take a deep dive into our changelogs.

Here’s hoping that more themes, more sorting, and more searching makes the last few weeks of 2020 a little bit easier. And the year ahead better than the last.


Get sorted: Nov 18

Keep your tasks in perfect order with new sorting options


There’s more than one way to look at your task list. Whether you need to see your important to-dos first or sort your task list alphabetically, Todoist has you covered with powerful new sorting and grouping options.

You can now easily rearrange your task list based on the due date, priority, label, and many other options. For example, you can now see a calendar-like view of your project:


Here’s how it works:

  • On the web, press the new sort icon in the top right, and select Sort by date.
  • On iOS/Android, tap the three dots icon in the top right, and tap Sort > By due date.


To learn more about sorting options including a handful of useful examples, check out our the sorting options launch blog post . If you want to learn how to use the feature in depth, you can head over to the How to sort page on the help center, or watch the video below.


Todoist Boards: Sep 23

A more visual way to move your projects forward


Introducing Boards, a more visual way to organize your Todoist projects.

From weekly meal plans to five-year business strategies, this new layout makes it easy to see the big picture of your projects and make progress from start to finish.

Boards flip the traditional to-do list on its head by visualizing tasks as cards that can be dragged across customizable sections.


Open any project in Todoist, press the three dots icon in the top right, and select View as board. You’ll be able to rearrange your sections, create new ones, and drag your tasks to anywhere on your board.

🏃‍♀️ Kickstart your next project with Boards templates to help you write a book, manage social media, develop an app, and more.

Get some more tips, tutorials and examples on the Boards launch blog post or dive into all the details on the Boards help center page.

We hope Boards gives you a new perspective on how to achieve your goals, both big and small.


Sizzling summer: Aug 23

Redesigned task editor, shortcuts for sections, unreads in one place, and so much more

The latest Todoist updates are making staying organized 11.2% easier and 3.5% more fun* — whether you want to move tasks to a section via a shortcut or check all of your unread notifications at a glance.

See every detail with the redesigned Quick Add and task editor for the web


It’s now easier than ever to get a quick overview of what you need to know about a task as you’re adding or editing it. The spacious new layout in Quick Add and the task editor clearly shows the due date and assignee — plus they’re both completely keyboard accessible, so you can swiftly tab through, add, and edit every task’s details.

Quickly add a task to any section with a forward slash


Sections help group tasks together, break up gigantic projects into parts, and give you an easy-to-scan view of everything that needs to be done. And they just got more powerful: You can now type “/” into a new task to quickly add it to any section of any project. The forward slash works when you edit a task name, too!

Not ready for a yearly commitment to add filters, reminders, labels, comments, and more into your life? Todoist Premium is now available for just $4/month — no yearly subscription required.

Keep track of all your unread notifications in one place


Feel confident that nothing has slipped through the cracks, at work or in your shared family project. The new Unread tab makes it easy to find just the comments, assigned tasks, and updates that you haven’t seen yet. You can still switch over to the Notifications tab to see all of your notifications — read or unread — in chronological order.

Smartly schedule tasks with later this week and this weekend options


Since life happens on the weekends too, we’ve made scheduling or postponing a task in one click a little easier with brand-new scheduler shortcuts: this weekend or next weekend. Between Monday and Wednesday, you’ll also see a new shortcut to schedule a task for later this week.

Don’t want to open the scheduler? You can type these shortcuts directly into the task field too. Todoist will automatically highlight the due date and add it when you save the task.

Save time with (even more) iOS shortcuts for Siri


More Siri Shortcuts mean more on-the-go organization and prioritization. You can now ask Siri to open any project, label, filter, or view. Gearing up for a busy day? Have Siri read off what’s on your list for today at work. Want to decompress in the evening? Ask Siri to open your guilty pleasures reading list as you cozy up the couch. Customize your commands to fit your workflow and routines.

Simplify task editing with new context menus for iOS (plus mouse and trackpad options!)


Tapping is good, but long pressing can be faster. On iOS and iPadOS 13+ simply touch and hold any task to open a handy context menu where you can schedule, prioritize, duplicate, delete, and more. A similar context menu will pop up when you long press projects, labels, and filters too.

Using your iPad with a mouse or trackpad? Right-click instead of tapping to pull up the context menus.

Add Google Drive files to tasks on Android


Task and project comments let you add important details right where you need them most. Now that Android has caught up to the rest of the Todoist platforms, you can attach any Google Drive file to any comment for you (or your teammates) to easily reference later. Simply tap the paperclip icon in a task or project’s comments and select Google Drive.

Cultivate collaboration by using Zoho Cliq with Todoist


Zoho Cliq helps streamline your team communication through organized and searchable conversations, instant virtual meetings, and connections with the tools you already use (like Todoist!). Stay on top of shared work by connecting Zoho Cliq and Todoist to easily view all of your tasks and projects, find the files you need in tasks, and add and check things off your list.

Curious about using Zoho Cliq for team communication? They’re even offering Todoist users a deal to try it out — sign up with this link and get an automatic $100 credit.

What’s next?


Boards are just around the corner. Can’t wait any longer? Take a test drive yourself right now. Sign up for our beta program and help shape the feature with your feedback.

P.S. To keep up-to-date about all things related to Todoist, subscribe to our blog, Ambition & Balance. We offer up in-depth guides, productivity profiles, and product tips.



Premium for $4: Jul 10

Power up with reminders, labels, comments, filters, and more 🚀

If you're using these uncertain times to double down and pursue bigger goals, we’re here to help. Todoist Premium is now available for just $4/month — no yearly subscription required.

Boost your productivity and stay calmer with Reminders to keep track of everything, Labels to group tasks easily, Comments and uploads to add important info, and Filters to see custom views.


You’ll also get pre-built templates, colorful themes, automatic backups, personalized productivity trends, calendar sync, and much more.

It’s possible to achieve your goals while keeping your peace of mind — and Todoist Premium can help.


Upcoming view: April 20

Stay on top of all your tasks due today, this week — or any week


Feel in control of your schedule with new Upcoming View: a bird’s eye look at all your future tasks. You can now easily preview your upcoming workload and jump to any date in seconds. Save time when adding or rescheduling a task, too, by simply dragging and dropping tasks to their new date.


To get started, find Upcoming under Today in your navigation menu, or learn more about Upcoming view on the help center.

💻 Plus: A spacious new layout for big screens

In case you missed it, Todoist for Web and Desktop recently released an edge-to-edge layout that works seamlessly with Upcoming View. It gives you more visual space to work with and lets you completely hide the left navigation menu when it’s time to focus. To learn more, catch up with all the latest Todoist for Web design changes on our help center.


Android widgets: Mar 4

Plus: Custom widget themes, preset styles, and adjustable opacity

See a few tasks in Today view in Android widget

Introducing a completely redesigned widget for Android that gives you full control of your tasks while also including a flexible look and an efficient new compact mode.

👆 Manage your tasks with a tap: Add and complete tasks right from the widget. Edit a task by simply tapping it — you’ll open task view and can update the details there.

See any task list: Tap the drop-down in the top left to select any view like Today or a specific project, filter, or label.

📱 See more with compact mode: Have a lot on your plate? With the new compact mode, you’ll be able to see even more tasks at once.

Themes and transparency: Give your widget a custom look by choosing a theme from Todoist red to Sunflower yellow and more. Coordinate with your wallpaper by changing the opacity from fully opaque to fully transparent.

To set up your widget in seconds, long press an empty space on your home screen, select Widgets, then drag and drop the Todoist task view widget wherever you want it.

👉 Set up your widget in seconds with this step-by-step guide in our Help Center.

Bonus: For a super coordinated style, our designer Alex Muench has created some beautiful Android wallpapers that go perfectly with the widget .


Time-saving workflows: Feb 14

See what we’ve been working on since Foundations


After the pedal-to-the-floor launch of Todoist Foundations, our product teams have been hard at work on a handful of smaller Todoist updates. Here’s what’s new:

🚀 Build time-saving workflows with updated iOS 13 Shortcuts


With updated iOS Shortcuts for Todoist, you can save time on repetitive actions. For example, you could create a shortcut called “Add a work task” that automatically moves a new task to your Work project and sets the due date to Monday. (Perfect for keeping your mind in weekend mode 🌞)

⚫ Let Todoist go dark along with your iOS and Android Dark Mode


We’re happy to report that you no longer have to be unexpectedly blinded by your task lists. Whenever Dark Mode is activated on your iOS or Android device, Todoist will automatically switch to Dark theme, too.

📅 Manage your time better by syncing multiple Google Calendars to Todoist


Syncing Todoist with Google Calendar is one of our most popular integrations, and you can now sync multiple Todoist projects to multiple Calendars. You’ll have fine tuned control over which tasks you want to see in Google Calendar, and any updates on either side will be reflected in both apps.

📧 Add emails as tasks from Gmail – on the web and from the mobile app


With the new Todoist for Gmail add-on, you can now add tasks from Gmail on any web browser (not just Chrome!) and from the Gmail app on any mobile device. When looking at an email, simply press the Todoist icon to the right on the web or at the bottom of the Gmail app on mobile.

🗣️ Stay more organized with the revamped Todoist Alexa integration


It’s easier than ever to use Todoist hands-free with our redesigned Todoist for Alexa integration. Simply say “Alexa, add a task” and Alexa will prompt you to add all the details. Check out a few more examples above.

✅ See your progress more easily by viewing completed tasks in Task View


To make it easier to keep track of your sub-tasks, you’ll now see completed sub-tasks in Task View by default. So whenever you complete a task from Task View, the completed task will remain visible instead of disappearing.

📆 See your Todoist tasks in your Fantastical calendar


When you’ve got a lot of scheduling to manage, Fantastical brings all your calendars together in one place (on Mac or iOS). And now you can see your Todoist tasks in Fantastical too.

These updates are just the start: We’re currently working on more features and new workflows to help you save time, stay organized, and accomplish more. To keep up-to-date with everything Todoist, subscribe to our blog, Ambition & Balance.


Todoist Foundations 🎉: Oct

A faster, more intuitive, more reliable way to get things done.


Over the last two years, the Todoist team has been meticulously rebuilding Todoist’s foundation to help you get things done in a faster, more intuitive, and more reliable way. And it’s finally time to share this new chapter with you:

Say hello to Todoist Foundations. 🎉

Todoist Foundations is an inside and out update that introduces useful new features and adds polish to the ones you already use every day. Dive into the details below. 👇

💪 Divide and conquer your projects with Sections

When you’re planning out a project, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tasks. To make life easier, split your project into Sections and take your tasks on in parts.


Split a project into sections so you can take it on in parts.

Add a Section from the three dots menu in the top right of any project, then add tasks by dragging them in or adding them manually.

GIF_HAB_Add_Section_2x.gifAdd a Section in seconds and drag in a task.

Try using Sections to arrange your project by type of task (Copy, Research, Design), stage of the project (Research, Planning, Launch), or by timeline (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3).

Learn more about Sections…

💡 Manage every detail in one place with Task View

The secret to getting things done is to pay attention to the details. The good news is you can now manage everything from one place with the new Task view.

Task_View_Comments_2x.jpgTask View lets you manage due dates, projects, sub-tasks and more in one spot.

Simply tap the task on mobile or click the information icon when you hover over a task on desktop.

GIF_Task_View_2x.gifSee the task info you’re looking for in seconds.

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🔨 Break down your tasks with the Sub-tasks View

Sometimes a task is so intimidating you don’t even know where to start. Make those first steps easier by breaking it down with the new Sub-tasks View within Task View.

GIF_Task_View_Add_Sub-task_2x.gifUse the Sub-tasks View to break tasks down quickly.

You’ll now have a dedicated space where you can add, complete, or rearrange your sub-tasks, so you can keep track of and check off each step along the way.

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➕ Add tasks more intuitively with the redesigned Quick Add (on iOS & Android)

Adding a new task from your phone is more intuitive (not to mention better looking) with the redesigned Quick Add. Keep track of your new task’s details with helpful buttons that display the due date, project and assignee.


Quick add a task with easy access to all the info you need.

Plus, for those tasks that you’ll probably forget like picking up the groceries after a busy day of work, you can now add reminders right from Quick Add.

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👇 Add a task wherever you need it with the Dynamic Add button (on iOS and Android)

It’s always been a breeze to add a task from mobile - but it wasn’t as easy to add the task or sub-task right where you wanted it in the middle of a project list. Now it’s as simple as drag-and-drop, thanks to the new Dynamic Add button on iOS and Android.

GIF_FAB_Add_Tasks_2x.gifAdd a task wherever you need it by dragging the add button.

Simply press and hold the Add button (the big plus sign button), and drag it to the spot where you want to add your new task or sub-task. You can even add a new Section by dragging to the far left of any project.

GIF_FAB_Add_Sections_2x.gifAdd a Section by dragging the add button to the left of the screen.

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✅ See your completed tasks in context

You can now see completed tasks right inside your project. Simply open up a project, select “Show completed tasks” from the three dots menu in the top right, and you’ll see checked-off tasks below where they were completed.


You can now see your completed tasks below where they were checked off.

You’ll now be able to reference and uncomplete tasks in seconds rather than minutes.

🎨 New icons everywhere you look

You’ll notice new icons with a more colorful palette throughout the app, designed to aid navigation and create a more friendly experience.


Todoist’s new icons offer a cleaner, color-coordinated look and help with navigation.

🚀 Faster and more reliable on every device

You won’t be able to see some of the biggest changes in Todoist Foundations, but you’ll be able to feel them. People that have been using the beta for weeks noted that Todoist is noticeably snappier and more stable. Thanks to a major clean up of technical debt (accumulated from ten years of development), Foundations is the best performing Todoist ever, no matter what device you’re using.

And we’re just getting started: These under-the-hood changes lay the groundwork for powerful new features coming next -- including Boards and Upcoming View. 🚀 We appreciate your patience as we finalize our roadmap and make sure to get these just right.

☝ And in case you missed it...

We’ve been building Todoist Foundations brick by brick for the past few years; Here are some handy features you may have missed along the way:

  • 🌙 Dark theme: Ease your eyes with this new theme, perfect for the night.
  • 🧡 Favorites: Keep your most important projects, labels or filters close at hand.
  • 🎯 Templates: Kickstart your next project using templates for all sorts of projects.
  • 🔎 Improved search: It’s now easier to find tasks, comments and more.
  • Due date time zones: You can keep your task scheduled correctly across the globe.
  • ✏ Guide illustrations: You’ll spot beautiful illustrations with helpful tips in all the blank screens in Todoist.

There’s a lot more to Todoist Foundations, and the best way to see it is to dive in yourself. And if you want to read some more details about the release, jump over to our announcement on the blog:


Say hello to Todoist Foundations 🎉 A faster, more intuitive, more reliable way to get things done.