Todoist for Web Beta Changelog

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Since beta versions are shipped out regularly, you may experience an occasional delay with beta changelog updates. We appreciate your patience.

Version 9126 (2020/02/18)

  • ⚙️ Any links in tasks and comments will now be underlined, to make them easier to recognize.
  • ⚙️ Importing your tasks from Wunderlist just got a little nicer with a redesigned front page.
  • ⚙️ The login and sign-up pages received a design and accessibility upgrade.
  • 🐛 A handful of small bug fixes with a focus on completed tasks.

Version 9125 (2020/02/11)

  • ⚙ Todoist now has a redesigned, more secure interface for changing your password. It’s not something you do often, but it should work nicely when you need it.
  • 🐛 When using Todoist for macOS, you can once again uncomplete any Todoist action directly from a notification.
  • 🐛 There is no longer a “Sort by date” keyboard shortcut in the Today view - because it didn’t do anything anyway.
  • 🐛 A handful of small fixes to keep Todoist running smoothly.

Version 9124 (2020/01/29)

  • 🐛 When you typed an abbreviated date like "Wed" into a task name, Todoist would correctly recognize the date. But if you were actually in the middle of typing the word "Wedding", Todoist would still set the due date to Wednesday by mistake. This bug is now fixed. Your wedding no longer has to be on a Wednesday, you can eat fries on a Monday, and go sunbathing on a Thursday if the mood strikes.
  • 🐛 When you’re reordering tasks in a project with sections, you won’t get strange visual glitches.
  • 🐛 A few visual touch ups to Task View and the emoji picker.

Version 9123 (2020/01/28)

  • ⭐If you're using Todoist with Google Calendar, you're no longer limited to syncing just one calendar. You can now sync as many Todoist projects to as many Google Calendars as you'd like. Set it up at Settings > Integrations > Google Calendar, and learn more here. (Note: Please toggle on Beta access in Settings > General to try this feature).
  • ⚙ If you use Alexa to get things done with your voice, try the newly updated Todoist-Alexa integration. You'll be able to say things like "Alexa, what's on my to-do list?" and "Alexa, add buy coffee to my Shopping list.”. Learn more about it here. (Note: Please toggle on Beta access in Settings > General to try this feature).
  • ⚙ You'll now be able to type in No date to remove any due date for your task - useful when you don't know when you want to work on something yet.
  • ⚙ When you add a due time to a task that's in the past, it'll automatically set the date to the next available date.
  • 🐛 Your reminders will now be properly added and synced so you can always be on time.
  • 🐛 When you're editing a task, and you click to add a new one, the task you're editing won't disappear randomly into digital dust.
  • 🐛 When you reorder your tasks on iOS, it'll properly sync to the web too. 
  • 🐛 You'll always see the Assign task option when it should be visible.
  • 🐛 A small scripting code bug fix to keep Todoist running smoothly.

Version 9122 (2020/01/21)

  • 🐛 For some of you, notifications were disappearing. They’re back for good.
  • 🐛 When selecting multiple tasks at once, some modals would be too large. Not anymore, they’re just right.
  • 🐛 You won’t run into recognition issues when typing into the scheduler in IME languages like Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  • ⚙ You won’t see the “archive task” in Task View anymore, as you now only archive sections.
  • ⚙ A handful of updates to spacing, the emoji picker, dialog windows and copy to keep Todoist polished.

Version 9121 (2020/01/15)

  • ⭐ Todoist now speaks Czech. Ahoj!
  • ⭐ You can now set the date to “no date” by simply typing it in to the task name.
  • ⚙ When scrolling through the activity log, the icons no longer overlap the topbar.
  • ⚙ Completed tasks will be sorted by the time they're completed.
  • ⚙ You’ll once again see a subtle animation when completing a task.
  • ⚙ The “Add task" button is always above completed tasks.
  • 🐛 No more crashes when updating a label for a completed task.
  • 🐛 You can now properly type emojis into section names.
  • 🐛 Added some code to macOS notifications so you can do notification actions properly.
  • 🐛 The project picker and right-click menu will now properly close when you click outside it.
  • 🐛 Editor would show a warning when a project and label had the same name, now it won’t.
  • 🐛 The changelog page will now properly open in a new window.
  • 🐛 Project comments will now be included when you print.
  • 🐛 If a translation for your language is missing, it’ll default to English instead of blank.
  • 🐛 When duplicating a reminder, the time will stay the same.
  • 🐛 In-app links in the Gmail app for Todoist will no longer open a new tab.
  • 🐛 No more flickering link tooltips in Task View.
  • 🐛 You’ll be able to indent properly on Windows thanks to some code updates.
  • 🐛 Todoist should sync properly after waking up your computer from sleep.
  • 🐛 Smaller copy updates and bug fixes to keep Todoist polished.

Version 9120 (2020/01/07)

  • 🐛 You can once again move a task to a different project by right-clicking on it and selecting "Move to Project".
  • 🐛 In the activity log, you'll now be able to filter for a specific project again.
  • 🐛 When printing a project, its sections will now show up accordingly.

Version 9119 (2019/12/18)

  • ⚙ The schedule options are now shown in the same order wherever you see them.
  • ⚙ Todoist is a bit more fluent thanks to some translation improvements.
  • ⚙ When you click an audio comment, it’ll play using your browser’s audio player.
  • ⚙ Subtle user interface tweaks to make the left menu and top bar look nicer.
  • 🐛 You can once again move tasks into projects using the task editor project picker.
  • 🐛 All your emojis will render as they should, now.
  •  🐛 If a project name is too long to show on one line, it won’t be cut in the middle - overflow words will move to the next line properly.
  • 🐛 Free Todoist users were incorrectly being limited to 149 tasks per project instead of 150. Make it count!
  • 🐛 You’ll properly see the project activity log in the project details window.

Version 9118 (2019/12/13)

  • ⚙️️ When adding a relative reminder to a task with a due time, you'll now have more options to choose from.
  • 🐛 A handful of bug fixes and improvements to keep Todoist running smoothly.

Version 9117 (2019/12/10)

  • 🐛 After logging in, some users got a pop-up asking them to log in again. This has been fixed.

Version 9116 (2019/12/10)

  • ⚙️️ A few translation touch-ups to keep Todoist fluent.
  • 🐛 You can now properly delete multiple sub-tasks from Task View. Useful when it's time to clear out those tasks you don't need.
  • 🐛 You can once again move a task to another project by typing #project-name.
  • 🐛 Signing out on the macOS app will work properly.
  • 🐛 There were some tasks not shown in projects, even though they were appearing in the total project count. You'll now see them as you should.

Version 9114 (2019/12/4)

  • 🐛 You can once again properly move one or multiple tasks to a new project by holding Ctrl, selecting the tasks, and pressing “Move to project” at the top.
  • 🐛 When viewing a label and pressing "Quick add", the new task will start with the label included.
  • ⚙️️ A few minor visual touch-ups for a more polished Todoist.

Version 9112 (2019/11/28)

  • ⚙️️ When selecting multiple tasks, you'll now have the option to complete them all (instead of archive them).
  • ⚙️️ It's easier to edit a task by clicking it thanks to a wider click area.
  • ⚙️️ A few rendering and cosmetic updates to how Settings look in dark theme and how emojis are rendered on IE11.
  • ⚙️️ A few touched up translations.
  • 🐛 The task menus will now properly open from Task View.
  • 🐛 The scheduler opens without being cut off.

Version 9111 (2019/11/26)

  • ⚙ When looking at Task View, you'll see the first few completed tasks if there are any. It's helpful to see completed sub-tasks, and uncomplete them if you need to.
  • ⚙ Various small style fixes and improvements.
  • 🐛 The assignee of a task is again back being shown in the task's details.
  • 🐛 Editing a newly added task in the subtasks panel of task details no longer results in error.
  • 🐛 Project names in the left menu are no longer cut-off in the middle of words.
  • 🐛 Auto-closing left menu in mini mode is working properly again.
  • 🐛 "Get a birds eye view of your week" intro to the "Next 7 Days" view is now properly dismissed after shown to new users.
  • 🐛 "Every Xth" now works when X > 5.
  • 🐛 Theme change is now immediately applied when selected in the settings. Includes other minor improvements to the dark mode in the settings.
  • 🐛 The quick-comment popup no longer renders partially cut off the page edge.

Version 9110 (2019/11/20)

  • ⚙️️ When you click on a section, you’ll edit the section name.
  • ⚙️️ If you’re using dark theme, the Settings pages will now turn dark as well. Easier on the eyes and more coordinated, too.
  • 🐛 Older completed tasks will now properly be hidden under their parent task.
  • 🐛 When you add a comment, the action will be shown in your activity tab.
  • 🐛 You’ll properly see “Today”, “Next 7 Days” and so on as the tab title on your browser, instead of a filter query. 
  • 🐛 You can now see who added a task: Just look for the the “Added by” info in Task View.
  • 🐛 It’ll be much smoother and bug free when typing out the name of a project for your task.
  • 🐛 When using Twist’s "Add to Todoist" feature, the pop up will dismiss after adding the task.
  • 🐛 The postpone option won’t cause you any more trouble if you’re rescheduling the final task in a recurring sequence, like “Every Monday until January 1”.
  • 🐛 On IE11, Ctrl/Shift + Enter now works properly to add a next task above/below the current task.
  • 🐛 On IE11, sub-tasks will load properly.
  • 🐛 A series of small visual touch ups to keep Todoist looking polished.

Version 9109 (2019/11/15)

  • 🐛 On macOS, it sometimes wasn't possible to parse labels. This has been fixed.
  • 🐛 After moving a task to a project, you'll now have the option to undo the action using the banner at the bottom of your screen.
  • 🐛 When using Todoist in a small window, the navigation menu will now be hidden again after opening a project.

Version 9108 (2019/11/13)

  • 🐛 Certain tasks in shared project didn't load properly. This has been fixed.
  • 🐛 If you mistype a project and label name, it will no longer automatically be created. You'll now have to explicitly select "Create <name>" from the drop-down menu.
  • 🐛 When deleting a task, project, label or filter, you'll no longer see the HTML code around an emoji in the confirmation dialogue.
  • 🐛 When adding a Google Drive file to two tasks in a row, you'll no longer run into an error.
  • 🐛 Reminders are once again added when you reschedule an overdue task with a due time.
  • 🐛 Labels are no longer misaligned under your task names

Version 9107 (2019/11/08)

  • ⚙️️ Added a more accurate link for downloading the Windows app.
  • ⚙️️ Some visual adjustments to keep Todoist looking nice.
  • 🐛 When you leave a task's title blank or type "null" as the title, Todoist will no longer freeze up.
  • 🐛 You won't see an awkward gradient appearing when you hover over tasks.

Version 9106 (2019/11/06)

  • 🐛When using dark theme and looking at sub-tasks, your Task View icon will no longer show a white background.
  • 🐛 When you move a task to another project, you'll stay in your current view instead of moving to that project.
  • 🐛 If you have a task under a section, and move it to another project, it will properly disappear.
  • ⚙️️ A few small updates to copy and links to downloads to give you the information you're looking for.

Version 9105 (2019/10/31)

  • ⚙️️ Your Japanese fonts will look nicer. 
  • ⚙️️ A few visual and copy updates around the app.
  • 🐛 Clicking on a link from Task View was opening the link and also opening task edit mode at the same time. Now it will just open the link.
  • 🐛 When you clicked on the three dots menu on a sub-project, it would scroll up. Not anymore.
  • 🐛 Pressing Escape now closes the left sidebar in small window views.
  • 🐛 Clicking on the three dot icon, and then clicking on the Task View will close the three dot icon.
  • 🐛 "Date & time" and "Before task" reminder icons were switched around.
  • 🐛 Hide sidebar list of labels from Free users.

Version 9104 (2019/10/29)

  • ⚙️️ Several styling and accessibility fixes for the login and sign-up screens.
  • ⚙️️ The multi-select toolbar shows all actions on small screens now.
  • ⚙️️ Created more the space for the task content by making the lists wider and displaying due times below the task name.
  • 🐛 Closing the attachment preview with Escape no longer closes the whole task view.
  • 🐛 For certain languages, the last character wouldn't be applied when creating tasks. This has been fixed.
  • 🐛 Your due date changes should now be immediately updated again.
  • 🐛 You'll now always see the creator of a task shown in activity logs.
  • 🐛 When uploading files from Dropbox, you should no longer run into any errors.
  • 🐛 Emoji will now be rendered correctly again in projects, sections, labels, and filters.
  • 🐛 When adding an email as a comment in Outlook, it should now link to the email again instead of adding it as a file.

Version 9103 (2019/10/24)

  • 🐛 You'll no longer receive an error when clicking on the comment or sub-task icon in the task view.
  • 🐛 You can once again include comments when printing your task lists.
  • 🐛 It wasn't possible to add a task to Todoist from several different apps. This has been fixed.
  • 🐛 When adding a reminder to a task without a due date, you'll now see the reminder icon accordingly.
  • 🐛 Fixed several separator lines display issues.

Version 9102: Todoist Foundations beta (2019/10/22)

  • ⚙️️ Improved visual support for RTL languages in project names.
  • ⚙️️ The maximum task modal nows display the correct number for all plans.
  • ⚙️️ Removed Google Plus as a sharing option.
  • 🐛 When viewing the activity log, you can select collaborators from the drop-down menu again.
  • 🐛 Image previews are now be displayed proportionally again.
  • 🐛 A handful of small bug fixes and improvements to keep Todoist running smoothly.
  • 📧 Remember to let us know what you think of the Todoist Beta by contacting us at Thanks!

Version 9101: Todoist Foundations beta (2019/10/18)

  • ✨ Several icon and alignment updates to make your Todoist look even more polished.
  • 🐛 Tasks names were forced into multiple lines even though they didn't use up all allotted space. This has been fixed.
  • 🐛 It's no longer possible to create labels with the same name using different capitalization.

Version 9100: Todoist Foundations beta (2019/10/17)

  • 🐛 The scheduler would sometimes appear in the wrong place or not show up at all. This has been fixed.
  • 🐛 Some other small bug fixes to keep Todoist running smoothly.

Version 9099: Todoist Foundations beta (2019/10/17)

  • ⚙️️ The color of the karma count in the top bar now matches the Todoist theme again.
  • ⚙️️ Fixed various print mode styles.
  • 🐛 You'll no longer see completed sub-tasks pop-up in Today and Next 7 days.
  • 🐛 When hovering over a task, you'll once again see the task view button.
  • 🐛 A handful of small bug fixes and improvements to keep Todoist running smoothly.

Version 9098: Todoist Foundations beta (2019/10/16)

  • ⚙️️ We heard you loud and clear: You can once again create non-completable tasks by adding an * in front of the task name or a : after the task name. They'll work fine alongside the new Sections and are handy for creating headers. ✅
  • ⚙️️ Several color, icon, and spacing improvements to make your Todoist look even better.
  • ⚙️️ If you're on the Free plan of Todoist, you'll no longer see labels on tasks.
  • ⚙️️ When viewing a task, your labels are now displayed in the order of your label list again.
  • ⚙️️ When adding a comment using task view, the comment counter will now update instantly.
  • 🐛 You'll once again see the name of the user who added a comment instead of "Someone".
  • 🐛 If you're on the Free plan of Todoist, you can now add comments in shared projects again.
  • 🐛 It was possible to add more than 300 tasks to a project, which lead to sync issues. This has been fixed.
  • 🐛 When clicking on a notification, you'll now be taken to your tasks again (instead of seeing "Sorry, we could not load the task").
  • 🐛 A handful of small bug fixes and improvements to keep Todoist running smoothly.

Version 9096: Todoist Foundations beta (2019/10/08)

  • ⭐ You can now see your completed tasks right within your project. Simply select “Show completed tasks” from the web_three-dots.svg three dots menu and you’ll see checked-off tasks right in your project list. You can see them in task view, too. This makes it easier to keep track of and uncomplete finished tasks.
  • ✨ Several color, icon, animation and spacing improvements to make your Todoist look extra good.
  • ⚙️️ If you were using the previous version of sections by using * or : in the task name, those sections will now be turned into regular tasks. You won’t lose any data: They will maintain their sub-tasks, comments, and more. Moving forward we hope you get more use out of the new, more intuitive Sections feature.
  • ⚙️️ To keep things simpler and reduce confusion, Markdown is no longer supported in project names, label names, and filter names.
  • ⚙️️ You can now press the Escape key to remove the focus from the comment editor. Press the Escape key again to close the task view entirely.
  • 🐛 The "Add to favorite" toggle now works again in all languages.
  • 🐛 Sometimes tasks added to a section would show up somewhere else. Now they'll show up in the right place.
  • 🐛 It was not possible to scroll in your list after completing a task sometimes. This has been fixed.
  • 🐛 When trying to add a comment as a free user, you should now see a fitting Premium message.

Version 9095: Todoist Foundations beta (2019/10/01)

  • ✨ Several color, icon, and spacing improvements to make your Todoist look extra good.
  • ⚙️️ Improved the Todoist Zero sharing experience.
  • 🐛 The shared projects icon should no longer show up as a colored square.
  • 🐛 After quickly adding a task to a newly created section Todoist would sometimes crash.
  • 🐛 When trying to move multiple tasks to a section, they would end up in the Inbox instead. This has been fixed.
  • 🐛 When using Todoist in Chinese or Korean, you should no longer see additional characters appear in your task name after rescheduling a task.

Version 9094: Todoist Foundations beta (2019/09/24)

  • 🎉 Announcing the Todoist Foundations beta: A comprehensive update with faster, more intuitive, more reliable ways to get things done. Check out what’s new below. 👇
  • ⭐ You can now divide your project into Sections. Add a Section from the web_three-dots.svg three dots menu in the top right of any project, then add tasks by dragging them into the section. Try using Sections to arrange your projects by stage (Research, Planning, Launch) or by timeline (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3).
  • ⭐ Manage every detail about a task – due date, assignee, labels, sub-tasks, comments, and more – in one place with new Task View. Simply hover over a task and click the web_task-view.svg information icon.
  • ⭐ It’s now easier to manage your sub-tasks right from Task View. Simply click the Sub-tasks tab and you can add, view and complete sub-tasks in context.
  • ⭐ Your Labels list will now be divided into “Personal” and “Shared” labels. Whenever someone adds a label to a task in a shared project, you’ll see it in your Shared labels; All the labels you create yourself go into your Personal labels. For those of you who collaborate in Todoist, this change should keep your label list much more organized and manageable.
  • ⭐ Enjoy a more coordinated look across the app with colorful, redesigned icons on every platform.
  • ⚙️️ You’ll notice a more reliable, more responsive Todoist across the board thanks to a handful of user interface and under-the-hood updates and bug fixes. These also lay the foundation for powerful new features around the corner. 🚀