Todoist for iOS Beta Changelog

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Since beta versions are shipped out regularly, you may experience an occasional delay with beta changelog updates. We appreciate your patience.

Version 12.0 (15713497): Todoist Foundations beta (2019/10/18)

  • ✨ Several improvements to Today Widget on iOS 13.
  • 🐛 When opening Quick Add on iOS 12, Todoist should no longer crash.
  • 🐛 Tapping the comment button would sometimes causeresult in Todoist crashing. This has been fixed.
  • 🐛 A few bug fixes and improvements to keep your Todoist running smoothly.
  • 📧 Remember to let us know what you think of the Todoist Beta by contacting us at Thanks!

Version 12.0 (15712486): Todoist Foundations beta (2019/10/17)

  • ⚙ We heard you loud and clear: You can once again create non-completable tasks by adding a * in front of the task name or a : after the task name. They'll work fine alongside the new Sections and are handy for creating headers.
  • ⚙ Added support for Dark Mode in the Today Widget for iOS 13.

Version 12.0 (15705389): Todoist Foundations beta (2019/10/08)

  • ⭐ You can now see completed tasks in the task view. Simply select “Show Completed Subtasks” from the ios_three-dots.svg three dots menu and you’ll see checked-off tasks right in the task view. We'll be continuously rolling out updates to completed tasks so you can view them in a more intuitive way right across the app.
  • ⚙ If you were using the previous version of sections by using * or : in the task name, those sections will now be turned into regular tasks. You won’t lose any data: They will maintain their sub-tasks, comments, and more. Moving forward we hope you get more use out of the new, more intuitive Sections feature.

Version 12.0: Todoist Foundations beta (2019/09/24)

  • 🎉 Announcing the Todoist Foundations beta: A comprehensive update with faster, more intuitive, more reliable ways to get things done. Check out what’s new below. 👇
  • ⭐ You can now divide your project into Sections. Add a Section from the three dots menu in the top right of any project, then add tasks by dragging them into the section. Try using Sections to arrange your projects by stage (Research, Planning, Launch) or by timeline (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3).
  • ⭐ Manage every detail about a task – due date, assignee, labels, sub-tasks, comments, and more – in one place with new Task View. Simply tap on the task to see it.
  • ⭐ It’s now easier to manage your sub-tasks right from Task View. Tap on a task to open Task View and add, view and complete its sub-tasks in context.
  • ⭐ Add tasks and sub-tasks right where you want them inside your projects using the new Dynamic Add button. Simply drag the add button to the spot where you want to create the task. You can also add new Sections by dragging the button to the far left of the project.
  • ⭐ Your Labels list will now be divided into “Personal” and “Shared” labels. Whenever someone adds a label to a task in a shared project, you’ll see it in your Shared labels; All the labels you create yourself go into your Personal labels. For those of you who collaborate in Todoist, this change should keep your label list much more organized and manageable.
  • ⭐ Adding tasks just got easier with the more intuitive, redesigned Quick Add. You’ll see small tags below the task name that display the due date, project, and task assignee. You can also now immediately set a reminder using the ios_reminder.svg clock icon.
  • ⭐ Enjoy a more coordinated look across the app with colorful, redesigned icons on every platform.
  • ⚙ You’ll notice a more reliable, more responsive Todoist across the board thanks to a handful of user interface and under-the-hood updates and bug fixes. These also lay the foundation for powerful new features around the corner. 🚀