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April 2020: Todoist for Web Design Changes

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In April 2020, we made several improvements to Todoist’s web design to keep Todoist as intuitive as possible. Here’s an overview of the changes and how they’ll improve your experience with Todoist for Web:

Hide the navigation menu

Don’t want to be distracted by the items in your navigation menu? No problem. Simply click the menu icon at the top left of Todoist or press m to hide (or display) it.


The navigation menu has been moved to the far left side of the screen to create more space for your task lists. It is especially helpful in wide-screen views.

Swiftly access task view

You can now click on a task to instantly access task view.


And if you liked the way it worked before and still want to edit your tasks right from the list view, you can simply click the edit icon to the right or hold Alt while clicking on a task.


Several other UI Changes

Increased task lists width

When using Todoist on wide screens, you’ll benefit from extra space for your task lists.


Quick find

To better see and access Quick Find, it was moved to the top left; inside the navigation bar.


Daily Goal

One of the most important benchmarks to keep you going is your daily goal. To help you stay on track, we’re now highlighting how far you are towards your daily goal in the top right.Daily_Goal_2x.png

When you want to view your karma score (which used to be in the top right), you can simply click on your daily goal and select the Karma tab.


Before I was able to click the Todoist icon to get back to my start page, but this has been replaced with the menu icon. How can I easily navigate back to my start page now?

If you want to quick access to your start page, you can simply add your start page project, label, or filter as a favorite. Learn more.

What’s the maximum width of tasks lists?

To make sure the layout is intuitive at any width, the maximum width of the task list is 1000px.