How to switch to the new free plan

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On September 3, 2020, we launched a test to a limited number of new users on the Todoist Free plan. They have access to most Premium features, which were previously only available to users on a paid plan. 

We’re running this test with a limited number of users, but anyone on the original Free plan can participate. If you’re interested, simply reach out, add new free plan to the subject line, and we will switch your account. 

Note: During the test, you may encounter some discrepancies when it comes to pricing and account limits across our website, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Q: What’s the duration of the test?

A: We will test the new Free plan for about 2 months.

Q: What happens once the 2 months are over?

A: During the test period we will analyze the results and we’ll decide whether we’ll introduce the new plan to all new users. 

Q: I’m currently participating in the test but I’d prefer being switched back to the old plan. Is this possible?

A: Absolutely. Simply reach out to our support team, mention new free plan in the subject line, and explain that you would like your account to be switched back. We’ll then put you back on the old plan.

Q: Why was I not selected to participate in the test?

A: We have randomly selected new Todoist users for both the old and new Free plan. If you would like to join the test, please reach out to our support team, mention new free plan in the subject line, and ask to join it.

Q: What are the Todoist limits on this new free plan?


Number of Limit
Active tasks per project 300
Active sections per project 20
Active projects (not archived) 10
Filters 3
File size for comment attachments 5 MB
Labels 500
Reminders 700
Days viewable for activity log 7 days

Please note that the new Free plan does not give access to automatic backups. To have automatic backups, upgrade to the Premium or Business plan.