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Use Trello Power-Ups with Todoist

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Trello Power-Ups allow you to add additional features to the integrations you use with Trello. By adding a Power-Up for your integration between Todoist and Trello, you’ll be able to easily create Todoist tasks from your Trello cards with a single click.

Setting up the Power-Up

  1. Go to Trello’s site for the Power-Ups.
  2. Click Add Power-Up.
  3. Select the board for which you want to enable the Power-Up in the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Add.
  5. The Power-Up is now enabled! Click Go to board to start adding tasks.

Using the Power-Up

After adding the Power-Up to your Trello board, you’ll find an Add to Todoist button on each of your cards that will send a task straight to your Todoist Inbox.

  1. Open a card on your Trello board.
  2. Click Add to Todoist on the right-hand side of the card.
  3. If this is your first time using the Power-Up, you'll be asked to sign in to Todoist and allow access.
  4. A task will be added straight to your Todoist Inbox, with the name of the card as the task name.
Whenever you want to go back to your Trello card, click the link in the name of your Todoist task. This will open the card on your Trello board.


How can I remove the Power-Ups integration?

If you no longer want to use the Power-Up, here's how to remove it from your board:

  1. Open your Trello board.
  2. Click the Todoist icon in the board menu. This will open the Power-Up menu.
  3. Click Disable. The Power-Up will now be removed from the board and will no longer appear on your cards.