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Known Issues

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Last update: August 12, 2022.

Current known issues

The long-press does not work until you close the Todoist watch app from the multitasking tray

  • ⚠️ Platforms affected: Apple Watch
  • 🛠️ Status: We're working on a fix.
  • 💡 Temporary workaround:

    Force quit the app, after that it should work again.

    To force quit, open the Todoist app and hold the side button until you see the power-off screen. Then press and hold the Digital Crown til the power-off screen disappears.

Current syncing issues

Web app does not automatically sync (after waking up device from suspended mode)

  • ⚠️ Platforms affected: Web
  • 🛠️ Status: We're working on a fix.
  • 💡 Temporary workaround: Manually sync (at the top right of your Todoist, click the question mark icon and select Sync.

 Shared projects are not syncing

  • ⚠️ Platforms affected: All
  • 🛠️ Status: We're working on a fix.
  • 💡 Temporary workaround: Identify which user has the most complete and most up-to-date version of the project, and have everyone else leave and re-join the project.

Background syncing not working properly for iOS app

  • ⚠️ Platforms affected: iOS.
  • 🛠️ Status: We're working on a fix.
  • 💡Troubleshooting:

- Check if your app is not syncing 15 minutes after performing the action on another device (e.g. the badge is not updating, reminder notifications are not getting cleared, or the widget is not updating).

- Check that your device has an Internet connection. If you're on a cellular network, Todoist must be allowed to use cellular data in Settings.

- Check that your device is not on low-power mode.

- Check that your device battery level is above 30%.

- Check that Background App Refresh is allowed for Todoist.

- Make sure that you are not force-closing the app.

- Make sure that your device is not hot (it might get hot e.g. when using it for a WiFi hot spot connection).

Please try manually syncing your Todoist account.