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Get an invoice for your Pro payment

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Need an invoice for your Pro plan payment? No problem! It's quick and easy to find and download an invoice.

Invoices for Pro plan payments

How to get an invoice for your Pro plan depends on how you paid for your plan:

Upgraded via the Todoist website

  1. Log into your Todoist account at https://todoist.com from a desktop web browser.
  2. Click your avatar in the top-left.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Open the Subscription tab.
  5. Click Go to billing.
  6. In the Invoice history section find the payment that you need the invoice for.
  7. Click on the payment date. It will open a new page with your payment details. 
  8. Click Download invoice
Make sure your billing information and card details are up to date. Learn more.

Subscription in App Store

If you purchased Pro via the App Store, please follow these instructions to get an invoice.

Subscription in Google Play

If you purchased Pro via Google Play, please follow these instructions to get an invoice.


Can I get a VAT refund and a VAT-exempt invoice for my Pro purchase?

Yes. If you’ve purchased Pro via our website, you can receive a VAT refund and a reverse-charge refund notice. Make sure you’ve added your VAT ID and the associated address to your Pro billing information, and contact us with your request.

Why is the total amount stated on my invoice different from the price of my plan?

In some cases, this can happen when a change was made to your plan or billing cycle between invoices. For example:

  • You changed your billing cycle from monthly to yearly, or from yearly to monthly.
  • You upgraded from Pro to Business in the middle of a billing cycle. In this case, we've issued credit for the unused Pro time to your Business balance, which will be used to pay for future Business invoices until the balance runs out.
  • We may have given you a discount or added credit to your account.

In all of these cases, we prorated and adjusted the amount due, which explains why there can be a discrepancy between the amount on your invoice and the actual price of your plan.