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Private Beta for Teams – Features and Functionalities

Available for:

Curious about what is and isn’t available in the private beta? Read on for a complete overview of all features and functionalities to test and more information about what’s yet to come. 

What’s available

We support the following team workspace actions:

  • Create a new team workspace
  • Update workspace with name and logo
  • Load workspace active projects
  • Load workspace archived projects
  • Invite users to the workspace as members by email
  • Invite users to the workspace as members by invite link
  • Update access level (admin and member)
  • Remove workspace users (admin only)
  • Leave workspace (admin and member)
  • Delete workspace (admin only)

Workspace project actions

In your workspace, you’re able to perform the following project actions:

  • Join workspace projects
  • Leave workspace projects
  • Archive workspace projects
  • Delete workspace projects (only if archived first)
  • Invite workspace members to projects
  • Remove members from workspace projects
  • Invite non-members to projects as guests
  • See project collaborators in the Share menu
  • Add/edit/archive/delete/duplicate section
  • See activity log
  • Use view options

Workspace task actions

In your workspace, you’re able to perform the standard Todoist task actions. In addition to this, you can: 

  • Email tasks to a workspace project
  • Receive push reminders for workspace tasks

Workspace grouping/sorting/filtering

In your workspace, we support the following grouping/sorting/filtering options:

  • Group by workspace in non-project views
  • Sort by workspace in non-projects views
  • Filter by workspace in non-project views
  • Create filters with workspaces “workspace: name” 
  • Filters work for workspace projects and tasks
  • Search for uncompleted and completed tasks in the workspace
  • Search for workspace projects in Quick Find

What’s yet to come

The following features and functionalities aren’t currently available. However, they are on our roadmap and expected to be available soon. 

Workspace project actions

  • Invite external users to workspace projects as guests 
  • Move projects between workspaces (including moving between personal and team workspaces) 
  • Reorder joined workspace projects in navigation

Want to keep up to date with the latest additions to the private beta? 

We’re using a workspace to test workspaces so you can stay on top of what’s new right inside your Todoist!

Check your private beta welcome email for a link to join the private beta workspace. Then preview and join the Feedback project. You’ll be able to:

  • Create tasks for bug reports, feature requests, and general feedback
  • Discuss the details with us in the comments
  • See task progress across the board from reported to fixed

We’ll also share periodic roundups in the “Changelog” task comments so you know what’s new to test out.

Missing something from this list?

Please don’t hesitate to share feature requests, feedback, and bugs via this link. We’re leaning on your feedback to help shape the product and we look forward to hearing from you!