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A full list of all Todoist updates – from big improvements to obscure bug fixes – updated weekly. Made possible by your ideas and bug reports. Thank you! 🙏

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Sep 21, 2023

Web, MacOS, Windows, & Linux

  • You can now choose to display the completed tasks of a project permanently. Go to the project’s view options (the View icon at the top-right) to select if you want to show (or hide) completed tasks. Your settings will sync across devices and – for shared projects – between teammates. (Here are more ways to keep track of your “to-done” list).
  • Thanks to some tweaks to reminder notifications on desktop, clicking on a notification will now open the task in Todoist. Plus, the Complete button will now … well, complete the task. ✅
  • To copy the link to a task, you can now use the keyboard shortcut Shift ⇧ + Cmd ⌘ + C or Shift + Ctrl + C. (Save time in Todoist with this complete list of keyboard shortcuts.)
  • Updating your time zone settings is now much clearer, thanks to some refining and rewriting.





  • You can now choose to display the completed tasks of a project permanently. To show/hide completed tasks, go to the project menu (tap the three dots icon) and select View. Your settings will sync across devices and – for shared projects – between teammates. (Here are more ways to keep track of your “to-done” list.)

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Sep 14, 2023

Web, MacOS, Windows, & Linux

  • In our never-ending quest to simplify Todoist and speed up your workflows, we’ve unified traditional search and our (rather hidden) command menu into one Quick Find bar. Consider it your central hub for finding, navigating to, and doing anything in Todoist – without lifting a finger from your keyboard. Just type Cmd/Ctrl + K, and off you go. 🚀
  • Never lose a comment with our new comment editor. From now on, closing a task won't discard your unsent comments. Instead, they'll be saved as drafts so you can finish and send them at your convenience. Plus, clicking outside the comment field will no longer dismiss the comment you’re working on. There's now a Cancel button for that.
  • Drag & drop keeps getting better and better: You can now also drop tasks into collapsed project sections.
  • When you write dates within code blocks in Quick Add, they will no longer convert into due dates.
  • Printing wasn’t working correctly on the activity log with filters enabled, but now things are back to normal. (Learn how to print your tasks.)
  • We’ve fixed a bug that caused an error to appear when you dragged a task out of the Overdue section in the Today view.
  • Thanks to some multilingual fine-tuning, our Quick Add in French, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian no longer confuses task durations for due dates. (Did you know Todoist is available in a variety of languages?)



  • To change the language of your app, you now have to go to your device's Settings app (here’s how).
  • We’ve fixed a bug that caused the Quick Add button to disappear after you viewed an archived project.

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Sep 7, 2023

Web, MacOS, Windows, & Linux

  • We accidentally removed the globe icon in the scheduler for tasks with a fixed time – it’s back now. (🌏 Tip: Do you collaborate with people across the globe? A fixed time ensures the due time of your task stays the same regardless of your time zone. Learn more.)
  • From now on, when you upload multiple files and one file exceeds the size limit, we’ll only remove that file and make sure the rest gets uploaded as you intended.
  • See your teammate’s avatar photo appear instantly after assigning multiple tasks at once. (Try these batch actions to manage your tasks more efficiently.)
  • Reschedule a task, and you can now jump directly to the new date in the Upcoming view. Just click on the date in the pop-up at the bottom of your screen.

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Aug 31, 2023

New in Todoist: ✨ task durations ✨

Daily planning just got a lot easier now that we’ve released task durations in Todoist! Learn more about this much-requested feature.

Bugs and improvements

Web, MacOS, Windows, & Linux

Check out some of the known issues we're currently working on.

Aug 24, 2023

Web, MacOS, Windows, & Linux

  • While setting reminders, scrolling through the time options with the and arrow keys now actually allows you to select a time for your reminder instead of navigating to a different task in the list.
  • Your recent activities are looking a lot prettier now that Markdown formatting is displayed properly in the activity log.✨

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Aug 17, 2023

Web, MacOS, Windows, & Linux

  • You can now turn off the daily/weekly goal celebration pop-up entirely from the Productivity tab in your Settings.
  • In a customized sidebar, the dragging and dropping of projects wasn’t always working properly. That’s been fixed. (In case you missed it, you can decide what shows up in your sidebar.)

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Aug 10, 2023

Web, MacOS, Windows, & Linux

  • You can again use ctrl/cmd + click to open links that point to other Todoist tasks in a new tab rather than annoyingly taking over the tab with the original task.
  • The "No Due" suggestion in the task details due date picker will now remove the due date like you would expect.
  • It was momentarily not possible to re-enable smart date recognition after disabling it. Now if you find you miss auto-detected due dates, you can feel free to change your mind. (A reminder that you can also easily “undetect” due dates in task names on a case-by-case basis for when you want to write a monthly report and not have it automatically schedule for the first of every month, for example.)
  • For some rare filters, the preview in the new Filter Assist would display no tasks when, in fact, tasks existed. Or would display different tasks than the actual task view. The Filter Assist preview now matches what the filter will actually show. (Uhhh, what’s Filter Assist again?)
  • Task Quick Add shortcuts weren’t correctly displaying projects and labels with certain emojis in the name (e.g., 9️⃣ and *️⃣). We no longer discriminate based on emoji. Even the really weird ones. You do you.

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